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  1. hongkongatron

    SSBU tips/tricks/cool shit

  2. hongkongatron

    can i have a danny pic pls

  3. hongkongatron

    Fair well xG...

    Honestly this goodbye message touched me and i'm not even from csgo.. Farewell @Roy and you see you next time once you return hopefully.
  4. hongkongatron

    SSBU tips/tricks/cool shit

    well on wario i found that he can f**t if he uses his down control stick and pressing b at the same time and i am probably the only person who knows this
  5. hongkongatron

    quick psa

    dude what
  6. hongkongatron


    +1 ez admin lets go boys has proven himself responsible and carried tf2div several times
  7. hongkongatron


    -1 I don't know what the innate attraction to surf is for some people, but I'm 99% certain that surf doesn't need more server-only staff. Only seen you on tgh once in the past several months, which isn't a great indicator of "activity." Because of this lack of variety in what you play, I also haven't been able to see you prove or disprove a growth in maturity from your last situation of demotion.
  8. hongkongatron

    Regarding Map Votes

    lurkers be like “time to go on when no one else is for hours”
  9. hongkongatron

    Guess My Name!

    yall need to count how many letters 5 is
  10. hongkongatron

    Guess My Name!

  11. hongkongatron

    Guess My Name!

    jyron jacky
  12. hongkongatron

    How autistic are you

  13. hongkongatron

    Promotions and Demotions #215

    im talking about a separate thing, read minecracks post and stay in ur lane
  14. hongkongatron

    Promotions and Demotions #215

    omg @Aegean im shouting at you!!! omg how could you do this but fr why the fuck