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  1. Well so Uh... Heh... Bello waldo for Division Leader?? Heheheh...... Just saying...

  2. old man cranky knows all the island lore


  3. hongkongatron

    [applicationformfield_7] - [applicationformfield_6]

    +1 I hardly "work in the sphere of the cs:go division" but even outside of that, he's caused a horrible mess of arguments with how much he's tried to evade punishment. My only regret is not being the one to make this sooner.
  4. i may have nothing to offer you but god damn watch me please she took the kids


    Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.


  5. discord is dying so hard for me

    1. _ymir
    2. Tekage


      Yeah dude don't worry it's dying for all of us. It seems to be working okay now, but wasn't working at all for anyone earlier

    3. hongkongatron


      but tekage you dont understand these pacman pictures dont upload themselves i need it

  6. hongkongatron


    This is speaking for a combination for all of my experiences/interactions with him, spanning from a year ago to as recent as several weeks ago. Your concern is appreciated, but I am vouching based off of relevance of recentness rather than that one time he called me a doofushead 10 years ago. People can change.
  7. hongkongatron


    -1 A:9 M:4 Despite my not playing surf, I can still vouch for his lack of maturity and responsibility when he comes on other servers. I’ve seen little to no demonstration of a wish to help out that I can take seriously, as I feel he’s often floating in the clouds, rather than taking advantage of opportunities to assist the server. Activity doesn’t translate to eligibility.
  8. wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka wakka

  9. Ok so basically Im Worth Less Pacman Pacman Pacman Pacman Pacman Pa

  10. hongkongatron


    sniper i s asusutralian
  11. hongkongatron

    Promotions and Demotions #207

    Congrats to those who stepped down! @bagggel fr tho grats @SegFault make us proud you too @Tekage
  12. hongkongatron


    gjaydow happy birthdday
  13. engineer kills servers by literally killing everyone playing on the server in real life

    1. LAN_Megalodon


      this is correct