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  1. hongkongatron

    Discord - Leveling Bot (Tatsumaki)

    its not mandatory but it is nice to have, we’ve had threads that pass that aren’t polls (i believe the pokecord thread was non-poll)
  2. hongkongatron

    Replace RPG Surf with TTT

    i didnt say it was in favor of ttt i just said it was a ttt thread you IDIOT TTT or die
  3. hongkongatron

    Discord - Leveling Bot (Tatsumaki)

    +1, have used this bot for quite a while and it provides a lot of things to do, as well as a competently made levelling system complete with an economy.
  4. hongkongatron

    ¿Danny is LEAVING xG? (gone wrong!)

    no danny, no goldfish, why are our infant mortality rates rising?
  5. hongkongatron

    Replace RPG Surf with TTT

    Was thinking about how gay virr was when it dawned on me that for some reason, nobody had actually made a vote to add TTT as a server, so nobody can blame the higherups for not making the server. The interest for TTT has definitely been shown, the initiative just hasn't been taken. The previous 2 threads on TTT:
  6. hongkongatron

    lolisme - Discord

  7. hongkongatron

    lolisme - Discord

    my bad lol, i forgot anyways @LeToucan your thoughts on my previous question?
  8. hongkongatron

    lolisme - Discord

    @lilbleed @Aegean Thoughts on moving this along, or do you want more time to see how this plays out? I'd also like @lolisme to defend themselves but at this point, it seems unlikely.

  10. hongkongatron

    lolisme - Discord

    Division Discord Offenders In-Game Name lolisme Offender's Identity lolisme#0324 Ban Type Server Ban Explanation and Evidence Making this after the user has repeatedly been annoying, harassing others, and overall being obnoxious to deal with. People have had countless negative experiences with them, and they were previously banned from csgo for hacking, but also had issues there as well for the same behavioral issues they're having here. They've been warned several times on discord, one of said warnings being for posting suggestive nsfw underage child images with the excuse of "They just look young". Why are we letting a pedophile stay around like this? (as for the attachments, id post more of their generic annoying kid shtick but you should get the idea. would post the bit where they posted the loli suggestive images but the messages were cleared so heres the warnings)
  11. hongkongatron

    Turn pan into the market gardener

    -1 why the fuck The only sentient thought that could ever possibly be put into this is putting it on FF2. We already have goomba, less is more.
  12. when are we making a dab reaction 🕺

    1. Tatost


      After we make an epic Fortnite division

  13. hongkongatron


    Wasn't aware of this - reading the times on the chatlogs is important, pretty sure the staff that were on at the time were unaware of @BonfireCentipede's warn on red, as well as the fact that the argument consisted of a few harsh words and then it was ended, both of their own volition and by a warning. This situation is completely irrelevant to this incident and shouldn't be used against red. Not too sure that he should've been permed for it, but whether there shouldn't be punishment at all for it is indisputable at this point. The humorous part of this is is that if bonfire stayed on and was the one handling this, this thread probably wouldn't exist right now because of his previous knowledge and experience with red.
  14. hongkongatron


    Neutral. Both parties involved in this have clear histories involving their actions and what they've said. The thing that matters is equal punishment. I have nothing else to say other than that the retaliation from staff was immature and overall embarrassing. The bluntness in both the situation itself and how it was handled was equally as undignified.
  15. hongkongatron

    Goldfish - Counter-Strike

    Hard +1. How he acts sometimes is highly comparable to how TF2 members act. I don’t believe in this ban being used entirely as a tool of punishment, but it should also be used as a lesson. You can continue the “everyone hates goldfish” memes or whatever, but he needs to learn that his actions have consequences, especially with how they effect his reputation. Hopefully some of that knowledge is imparted by doing this, again, not entirely just to punish him, but also teach him why it’s wrong. also p.s./addon - as much as people dislike him, if we just make him leave rather than fixing the problem, it’s just throwing the ball into someone else’s court, the problem will still exist.