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  1. the day after i make the post i finally get everything sorted out lmao hopefully i’ll be able to stay around this time
  2. people have probably noticed that i've been pretty inactive short story short, i'm focusing on life a lot more as of recently and have time only for discord, hopefully i can be active again soon but it might be another week or so, it won't be forever tho
  3. -1 simply because I do not believe he possesses the maturity or judgement to not jump into an argument and instead keep things under control. I say this only in part because of my past experiences with him as, when he was staff, it was very frequent on discord that I would have to practically babysit him into doing what didn't need to be said (when he was the staff member). The past is the past, however, and this alone plays an insurmountably small part in my decision. That being said, the lack of demonstration of maturity is my primary concern, partially because there's usually not a lot of drama these days to prove or disprove qualification of a staff position. Summary: In my opinion, he has not demonstrated the maturity needed to justify being given a staff position, but I would love to be proven otherwise should the opportunity arise.
  4. hongkongatron


    this post reads like a ben shapiro tweet ok serious face now In keeping with this thread's apparent theme of confusion, I'll respond to it in no particular order (which is, to say, I will do the exact opposite of that and respond to it in order (which is not a confusing action, just stupid)). Let me start by saying that for a long time now, xG has been a very non-commercial, non-mainstream, mostly player-dictated community that really resembles a big friend group more than anything else. To apply a scale befitting large-scale servers to a locally oriented entity like xG is already hardly appropriate. Let me include the shoehorned food analogy by saying that it would be like comparing McDonalds to a ma and pa diner-- one is name-brand, oriented entirely on attracting new customers because it has competition, while the other knows everyone's face and who they are. xG has no competition, as it maintains its position as a uniquely tight-knit community with no particular focus, which hasn't been in massive demand in general these days, instead just doing whatever people want. This leads into my second bit. Again, it's not appropriate to judge xG now with the same standards you could have judged it with 3 or 4 years ago; communities change, for better or for worse. We don't advertise largely because we believe it would be falling on deaf ears. We have a specific niche community and we stick to it, and in addition to this, the larger servers of our community are often games that would result in very little backing if we advertised for them. As for population, it wanes on and off as time goes on, but largely, xG TF2 is self sufficient. It requires very little from the people who manage and play it other than the necessary presence of staff to keep things chill, and higherups to maintain it, but generally it's in the hands of the players. It's a simple and straightforwards rationale. This is a valid assumption. I do not speak for other higherups, but I've been absent for several weeks now, initially due to a bad case of the flu, and later due to an increased focus on life. As for the rest, see what I said above. yikes bro In my role as a higherup of xG, I try to interpret and act on the current state of my division to the best of my ability. This also involves speaking on behalf of the community as a mouthpiece of sorts. I have not claimed, nor do I believe that the presence of school starting back up is solely, or even partly, responsible for the waning population of TF2, or any division in xG. We instead acknowledge that, and again, it is based largely on the interests of the players, and so it is best to give the players as much of a hand in this as possible. As proof of this, in accordance with the changing interests of TF2, the TF2 populate role was created for that very reason, to let players more easily control the population in a more "organic" fashion rather, than trying to force population at a time when it would garner little interest, which became the main issue in population events. It was not under my management that other servers died, and what I do now I do in the pursuit of maintaining the population and playerbase that is left. To claim that we care little for the servers is contradictory to your actions of exploiting the trust xG placed in you by abusing what powers you had left that had accidentally not been removed. (the discord is almost entirely what xG's communication is based off of now lol, the forums are pretty heavy handed, for want of a better platform, when lots of things can just be posted in announcements there instead)
  5. @YeEternalTuna lets play some overwatch bro!

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      sorry, I'm playing tf2 at the moment!

  6. +1, would be a good test of his knowledge of the rules (which I already have faith in), and would make a good moderator please just stop using tenor gifs plea
  7. https://xenogamers.com/application/form/1-ban-protest/ go thru this if you want to be unbanned, great honor to meet the officail Tykz_ by the way
  8. -1 never exists for more than 5 seconds at a time and always bottomfrags
  9. give me your golden carrots


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      give me your golden carrots


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  10. +1 even though he called me a retard active, knows what he’s doing, and has been staff before with no issues
  11. at least this one isnt a meme app +1