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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Your Admin Application has been accepted! Please remember to continue... -Being active on discord, forums and servers -Being a positive role model to the other players in our servers -Taking initiative and making sure our servers are #1
  2. +1 to promote tanner -1 to promote tatost
  3. Apologies for the delay, took a bit to close this because of how lazy I've been. While I understand your cynicism about being denied again, rest assured, it's unfounded. Looking at your recent history, as well as your more-than-adequate activity, I think it's pretty safe to say that you've definitely changed your attitude since your last application, and we'd be happy to have you on the staff team. (aka a +1 from both me and hyper). I apologize if we've (or I've) done or said anything to make it seem as though you're unwelcome or inadequate in any way to be staff-- I was only a dickhead (we call that "strict" in the business) because I saw that you could have been a great staff member, and wanted you to improve to experience that for yourself. Now we're here, and I think you definitely have improved, and you should take pride in that. On that note, CONGRATULATIONS! Your Staff Submission has been accepted! Please remember to be... -Active on discord, forums and servers -a Positive role model to the other players in our servers -Taking initiative and making sure our servers are #1
  4. hongkongatron


    also hoping for some kind of defense from @Box if any evidence is ever presented to make this, you know, an actual member protest
  5. hongkongatron


    at first i wasnt sure i was gonna get a good nights sleep but after reading this i think ill be alright let me literally do it for you and give you his chat history on tgh, what you do with it is up to you Xeno Gamers - Player Chat History RANK.XENOGAMERS.COM on poketrade Xeno Gamers - Player Chat History RANK.XENOGAMERS.COM
  6. hongkongatron


    Please provide evidence of his behavior. The thread will stay open for you to add evidence, and if anyone else wants to add anything.
  7. hongkongatron


    posting this after lock for administrative purposes So you call it banter after saying it was harassing him on his steam profile after being toxic on servers as well. Wild. Why exactly should you have any sort of say in this when you have one of the longest histories of being toxic of any of our members, and for years have never shown an ounce of proof that you can/will change your attitude? Have you actually stopped and considered that maybe you constantly spouting complaints and getting staff involved, staff that are staff only because they volunteer to, not for pay or any sort of reward, is maybe, just maybe, obnoxious and tedious, and selfish on your part? The world does not revolve around you. Stop acting like it does. I honestly don't care whatsoever what sort of defense you have to say for yourself-- this is your last warning. Act like this again, and it's a permaban. Box is not a saint in this and will be dealt with accordingly, however, right now, the focus is on you. Clearly you're not "done with" this community, since you've left and rejoined several times now, but I assure you, this community is most definitely done with you. Neither our staff nor our players will be subjected to hearing your bullshit anymore. Extending off of what Lithium said, closed. You'll serve your sentence.
  8. Considering forums are basically only used for staff/member apps and status posts, I'm perfectly fine with ignoring the post requirement completely Pretty easy +1 from me as you're one of the more active members on the servers and have been around for a fair while + clearly demonstrate a thorough understanding of the rules