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  1. gl chief we'll miss you while ur gone
  2. That's just how they are. The main reason I remained neutral on adding them is because I was aware that a vast majority of 10mans these days are very low quality, subsisting of 1-2 carries, maybe 1 decent player on each team if lucky, and then the rest sitting in corners with shotguns waiting for someone to turn the corner whilst their team is losing on a different site. When throwing in things like autos for bad players to lean on, it's to be completely expected that they use it rather than trying to improve. Still though, I would personally approve of a limit on LMG/autos.
  3. what true taste looks like, a man after my own heart
  4. favorite food style/type/whatever from me is mongolian grill where the chef grills whatever you want right in front of you favorite actual specific meal from me is probably something like deepdish pizza, not sure favorite foods of either specific dishes or just type of food?
  5. diff between being neutral and only wanting 1 thing but i digress
  6. when r we gunna rock the kazbah 

    1. SegFault


      As soon as I can get a gallon of LSD

  7. @LeToucan @Aegean this sounds p good idk bout that but maybe
  8. people: want zeus but not new guns what they get: new guns but not zeus brent at his finest
  9. As previously mentioned in the last CN thread wrapping up Tabletop Sim, the time for xG Golf It Night has come around again, it'll be taking place the 25th of this month. Please note that the option of shoes or not will be dictated by the people playing, so be sure to speak up if you want to play for keeps. Like always, be sure to send me any maps you've made/want to see played, and if you have any questions, ask them below and I'll respond. Hopefully I have time to make a map of my own.
  10. For a short and sweet thread, the Tabletop Simulator Community Night went very well. After lasting over 4 hours and then being ended by a crash, we played a small but very enjoyable selection of games. I'll definitely be hosting more of these in the future, as both I and others had a ton of fun. Thank you to everyone who attended! Stay tuned for the next CN of 5/25, which'll be an xG Golf It Night.