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  • In-Depth CS:GO Jailbreak Rules


    These rules have many clarifications and are a more thorough explanation of our Jailbreak rules for regular players and staff to read. They apply on top of both our Basic CS:GO Jailbreak rules and our General CS:GO Server Rules - you should read those before reading this.


    • Camping - Being within 10 feet of the same area for more than 15 seconds.
    • Tarping - Giving orders that contradict or conflict with each other, or giving deliberately confusing orders intended to trick T's unfairly. This includes orders that use wordplay or similar sounding words. Tarping is ONLY allowed after 3 minutes and 3 orders have gone by.
      • Example: "All T's when I say Go please come out of your cells and freeze" "Joe!"
      • Example: "Jumping is restricted, crouching is restricted, standing is restricted, wasd freeze. Now all of you go to big cage or be killed".
    • Baiting - Being within knifing distance of any T. If a T knifes a CT who is baiting and is killed for it, it is not a freekill.
    • Gunspam - The act of dropping a large amount of weapons in any location.
    • Gunplanting - Deliberately dropping a gun to a T or where it is easily accessible by a T.
    • AFK Freeze - Ts are not permitted to move, jump, crouch, or look around. The use of the flashlight is considered AFK. This may only be used during the first order immediately out of cells.
    • Freeze - T’s cannot move around (cannot use WASD). Any movement must be stopped, but jumping, crouching and looking around are still permitted unless otherwise specified. This is also known as “WASD Freeze".
    • Invalid orders - Orders given by a warden that do not comply with these rules, such as tarps or in-cell orders. CTs may not kill Ts for following or for not following invalid orders (Tarp orders can be considered valid after 3 minutes have gone by, as specified above).
    • Ninja Steps - At the beginning of the round when a warden gives a "one step out" command, a ninja step is jumping out of a cell farther than a normal step out of the cell.
      • Jumping out of a cell only slightly (the distance of a normal step) does not count as a ninja step.

    Beginning of round

    • If a T breaks, knifes, or otherwise uses a vent to escape their cell they are automatically a rebel, even before orders are given. The warden does not need to specify this.
    • In cell orders are not valid orders ("Out of cell Rebel" is not an in-cell order).
    • Ts are allowed to have and throw grenades. If a thrown grenade damages a CT, the T is then a rebel (CTs are not permitted to deliberately walk into a fire thrown by a T in order to take damage and kill the T).
    • If a T is shooting at you or hits you with a grenade from their cell, do not kill them unless you are 100% sure which T shot or threw the grenade.
      • Many times there are multiple Ts in a cell, and killing the wrong one is a freekill.
    • CTs may not close cells once opened.
    • If no valid orders are given before cell doors open, the round is automatically a freeday.
      • e.g. if the only orders before cell doors open are "freeze in your cell", the round is a freeday.
    • AFK freeze may only be given as the first order out of the cells. If a CT says to do an AFK freeze after this, it is assumed to be a WASD freeze.
    • Cell swapping is rebelling.
    • The warden must repeat the first order at least once if a T requests it.
      • CTs should not kill Ts still in cells until after the order has been repeated on request. However, if a T steps out of their cell when the order was "When I say 'go' ..." and then asks for a repeat, they are still a rebel for leaving cells before being ordered to.
    • If the warden changes the first order, the most recent order is assumed to be the correct one. However, the warden should attempt to clarify what the correct order was, and should not kill Ts who were confused by the changed order.
      • e.g. if the order changes from "AFK freeze facing cells" to "AFK freeze facing away", Ts would be allowed to face either way AFK frozen until orders are clarified
    • If cell doors are not opened by 1 minute and 15 seconds into the round, it is an automatic freeday.
    • When giving an "on go" order, the order must begin with "on go".
      • e.g. "All T's take 1 step out and freeze... On my go" is not allowed, whereas "When I say go all T's take 1 step out and freeze" is allowed.
    • CTs must leave armory within 30 seconds or else it is considered armory camping.
    • CTs should not open cells until the warden fully gives orders or tells them to.
    • For VIP cells that do not have doors (clouds, for example), the warden must specify where prisoners are to go for their orders. If it is not specified, T's cannot be killed for where they believe 'out of cell' to be, within reason - i.e. T's running across the map out of their cell cannot complain about being killed for it if the warden does not specify

    During Round

    • CTs must have a mic and be willing to be warden occasionally, or else they may be swapped back to T.
    • CTs should stay with the Ts at all times, unless they are actively pursuing a rebelling T. (Does not apply on special days)
    • Tarps (including Simon Says) are not allowed until after 3 minutes have passed into the round.
    • If a CT or the Warden is ordering a T to do a specific task (drop a gun, get a pardon, etc) they must specify that T by name.
      • Pardoning all Ts without giving names is allowed, as it is obvious who the warden is referring to.
    • CTs must give Ts a reasonable amount of time to react to an order (typically about 5 seconds, depending on the situation)
    • CTs are not allowed to use T secrets, unless pursuing a rebel who used it. CTs may not break vents or pick up map guns.
    • If the warden orders Ts to go to a certain location, the Ts must stay in that location until orders specify otherwise. However, freezing is not implied and must be specified.
    • CTs should not interfere or get in the way of T games.
      • CTs can be allowed to participate in games if the warden allows it and they drop all guns beforehand.
    • CTs should not gunplant, i.e. drop their guns to a T or in a place where a T will easily be able to grab it.
      • This does not apply if the gun has no ammo and is being used for a game like gun toss.
    • "Stairs" and "Ramp" can be used interchangably to give orders.
      • e.g. "Go to bottom of cell stairs" on a map where there is a ramp instead of stairs is understood to mean the ramp.
    • Neither Ts nor CTs are allowed to camp vents or armory.
    • Wardens should not order Ts to kill a CT, unless playing a game such as Pokemon or Thunderdome.
    • If many players talking or micspamming is interfering with the warden giving orders, the warden may restrict talking over warden or request that admins mute all Ts.
      • However, the warden should make sure the Ts have been able to hear the orders before killing them for not complying.
    • CTs should not bait Ts. However, if a T damages or kills a baiting CT, they are still considered a rebel.
      • Participating in a T game as a CT without any guns is not considered baiting.
    • If the warden dies, their previous orders stand for 15s until a new warden gives orders. Restrictions are still restricted until the new warden unrestricts it or it becomes a freeday. If no new warden is selected within 15s, it is a freeday.
    • When the warden gives a new order regarding where to go, the previous order no longer stands (not including restrictions).
      • e.g "Stay at the bottom of cell stairs", followed by "Shift walk follow me" implies that Ts no longer have to stay at cell stairs


    • CTs should not interfere or get in the way of another ongoing LR.
    • The T should not delay the round, and must have an active LR within 45 seconds (if they are setting up a race, they can be given more time)
    • Custom LRs are not allowed. Custom rules for LRs in the LR menu are allowed, so long as they are fair for both players.
    • Rebelling during LR must be done through the LR menu, and there must be at least 3 CTs alive for it to be active.

    Opinionated days - Joke days, talent contests, dive contests, etc.

    • At least 3 CTs must be alive to judge in order to have an opinionated day.
    • Opinionated days cannot be done for LR - there must be at least 3 Ts left alive in order to have an opinionated day.
    • For joke days and similar, you must give the T ample time to type their joke in chat.


    • LastCT is activated when one CT is left alive if the round began with 4 or more CTs. If the server does not announce that LastCT is active, then LastCT is not in effect and normal rules apply.
    • The LastCT must be actively trying to kill remaining Ts until one is left alive (except in the case of a warday or predator day, where they should kill all Ts)
    • Ts may not camp anywhere during LastCT
    • If Ts are trapped in an area when LCT begins, the LastCT must let them out and give them 5 seconds to escape before attempting to kill them
      • This does not include Ts who become trapped after LCT has already activated.
    • No favoritism - if the LastCT sees a T, they must try to kill them.

    Special days

    • Special days must be called using the !days menu.
    • Warday
      • The warday area must have at least 2 entrances.
      • The warden must specify a time at which Ts can leave their cells (before that, any T leaving cells is a rebel)
      • CTs must stay within the warday area once the Ts leave their cells and may not kill anyone if they (the CT) are not in the warday area.
      • The warden may specify a time for the warday to expand, at which point the warday covers the entire map. This must be at least 1 minute past the time when Ts were permitted to leave their cells.
      • CTs should not kill Ts if the T is outside the warday area and does not have a gun. 
        • However, if the T is outside the warday entrance without a gun, trying to get a CT inside the warday area to kill them ("baiting a freekill"), CTs are allowed to kill them.
      • All Ts must be actively participating in wardays, and not playing map games or otherwise delaying the round.
      • LR is not permitted on warday. The last T alive must still attempt to kill the remaining CTs.
      • Ts may not camp during a warday.
      • Once out of cells, Ts are allowed to be in armory or break vents without being considered a rebel.
    • Hide-and-Seek day
      • All rules regarding breaking vents and camping are disregarded on this day - CTs may break vents and Ts may camp in armory or vents.
    • Freedays
      • Freedays may not be revoked, and personal freedays are not allowed.
      • The warden may restrict the freeday to a specific area when first calling a freeday, but they may not restrict it after the freeday has begun.
      • Variations on freedays should be called as a freeday using the !days menu, but should be specified before calling the freeday or opening cells.
      • Normal Freeday
        • CTs may not order Ts to stay away or restrict where Ts are allowed to go.
        • Ts are still considered rebels if they break/enter vents, damage a CT, point a gun at a CT, etc.
      • Zombie Freeday
        • All Ts must be shift-walking at all times and are not allowed to crouch or jump unless they must to get to a CT.
        • CTs may not kill Ts for left-clicking them with a knife.
      • Panda Freeday
        • All Ts must be crouching at all times unless typing in chat (standing still, not moving, but allowed to freelook).
        • CTs may not kill Ts for right-clicking them with a knife.
      • Ninja Panda Freeday
        • All Ts must be crouching and jumping at all times; same rules as panda freeday apply.
    • Predator Day
      • LR is not permitted on predator days. The last T alive must still attempt to kill the remaining CTs.
      • Neither Ts nor CTs may camp during a predator day and should not delay the round (i.e. they should be actively participating).
    • Friendly Fire Day
      • The warden is permitted to restrict CTs from killing each other. This restriction is automatically lifted when LR is activated.

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