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  1. Lithium

    Nipperhouse @lithium

    sm_mapvote_exclude is the one youre looking for, and it's set to exclude past 3 maps so there should always be 4 maps in the list (and I just tested it, works fine, along with the dont change option) the default map is nipperhouse if that's what youre asking, but no it won't change to that if when nobody's on
  2. Lithium

    Goldfish - Counter-Strike

    after talking with CM/CLs, he's getting banned for 1mo on servers and discord
  3. Lithium

    It's starting to look a lot like ch

    turns out this means right now, so go have fun
  4. Lithium

    Update Thread

    Winter Update Xmas Server now open! Casual gamemode with bots if only a few players are on Credit drop rate is higher on this server Map list can be found here Steam Workshop :: Wintery Maps STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM Jailbreak jb_carceris_hill changed back to non-spooky jb_carceris All Servers Fall/Halloween hub items are no longer available Winter hub items are now available - list can be found here under Winter
  5. Lithium

    It's starting to look a lot like ch

    i've mentioned it before to some people but nipperhouse/winter hub items will be put up just before this weekend
  6. Lithium

    Longjump - Coolduck - Counter-Strike

    Might not actually be his alt, just a troll friend of his who's also been breaking those rules Either way, added/extended bans on both of them.
  7. I lOvE yOU 

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    2. Tatost


      gay lol

    3. hongkongatron


      wow @Genocide i thought i was your one and only

    4. Genocide


      @hongkongatronYou are babe i swear!

  8. Lithium

    Rabidtoken - Counter-Strike

    Sorry, your member application has been denied. You can reapply after 30 days have passed.
  9. Lithium

    Dukey - Counter-Strike

    Yeah, basically this. closed.
  10. Lithium

    1v1 Tournament

    Idk if @LeToucan still wants to do it with like a plugin or just manually do everything, but that's not done yet. Also nipplerhouse/other winter stuff will be coming shortly after chicago, maybe the 1v1 would be good a little later in winter when more people are off school?
  11. Lithium

    Suggestions Thread

    i already did that yesterday
  12. Lithium


    @LeToucan looked over the demos/recordings yesterday and said pretty much the same thing (there have been several posted in the #staff channel), but he didnt get a chance to ban then. But yeah, this time your ban is staying. Oh, it's not for a week.
  13. Lithium


    Just to add on a bit, considering you have had a significant history of arguing with staff in the past still haven't learned not to, a day ban is COMPLETELY justified.
  14. Lithium


    Yeah you're unbanned now, just don't do it again, or it'll probably be a true perm then etc etc. Also, try not to be so unnecessarily hostile towards danny (or anyone else, for that matter) like you did before you got banned, that kind of shit will probably get you banned again too (although not necessarily a perm). being honest about what he did in the first place isn't a bad thing