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  1. Lithium


    Also I gave him the ok to post this despite post count
  2. CONGRATULATIONS! Your Division Leader Submission has been accepted! Please remember to be... - Active on Discord, forums and NOT servers - A positive role model to the other players in our servers - Taking initiative and making sure our servers are #1
  3. Lithium

    CS Setups

    0.9 * 800 = 720 1.63 * 700 = 1141
  4. beta02 is the newest version, see here. The naming is confusing, I know, but beta02 is newer than final5. Anyways, the server always gets the latest version from the workshop.
  5. All that clip shows is him baiting, definitely not enough for a ban
  6. Lithium


    Considering you've tried to pretend you've been banned longer than you have after the ban was already posted in the thread and ignored the main reason for the ban (massing), I'm gonna give this one a no. Feel free to make a new protest after another month or so (that's a 30 day month btw), or do one of the unban challenges in this thread.
  7. Lithium


    It's been 18 days.
  8. xeno gammers congralatons you been excepted and or now a ranch of xeno gammers you add [xg] to name be follow rules below or i ban !admin you want admin i watch you look in the my discord you 1v1 me go play sever look sever here need admin here go read rule [team forrt] [csgo soure] [garry mod] [minecaft] [nuclar dan] is good play
  9. active, been around for a while, and less annoying than danny +2
  10. Lithium


    no, look harder https://bans.xenogamers.com/index.php?p=teambanlist&advSearch=161745704&advType=steam