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  1. Lithium


    Closing this, ban protests should include some reason of why you feel you should be unbanned. Feel free to post another protest with some justification if you want to be unbanned.
  2. Donor Commands Added all donor plugins to Surf and RPG Surf. Added Fortnite animated emotes plugin! Can be used with: !emote, !fortnite
  3. he's got well over 12 hours including surf playtime, he's fine
  4. Scrim Updated demo archive page with a stats page including stats played across all historical 10 mans. (Thanks, @Jadow) Go here and click on "View Stats": https://demos.xenogamers.com Jailbreak Cash Shop added! Buy Items using in game cash! Type !cs or !cashshop to use!
  5. if they don't express an opinion on it, you can't just say "oh they voted x" lmao
  6. unban: steven darrth mudkip rabid nutty thrill waluigi stay: geno tbohb danny(auto only, neutral neg) bonk chrono goldfish scottni was unban negev, ban auto thats 7 for unban, 7 ban auto, and 8 unban negev, 5 ban. regardless, that vote doesn't really mean anything
  7. more people said they wanted the guns enabled than disabled in that thread, nt tho. Anyways the guns were meant to be unrestricted around a month or so before that thread, i had just edited a decoy config instead of the real one and forgot about it. Zeus wasn't changed because thats a totally different cvar and I didn't have the time then to go digging through more configs, but it might be enabled now On another note, https://mapstats.xenogamers.com/ will now be logging maps on the scrim server as well if you want playtime stats on specific maps
  8. +1 for the A tier promo demo memes
  9. It was set to 5, not 4, but I bumped it up to 6 now (on jb and surf).
  10. We've had this map on the server in the past; it was hardly played so it was removed probably a bit less than a year ago
  11. Players involved were already banned per discussion in discord. @Thrillhouseif you're making the ban request you need to include the evidence as well, even if it's been posted elsewhere.
  12. Lithium


    We've tested it before, it's a joke of a map and wouldn't work anyways due to the filesize.
  13. @Pepper you're demoted