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  1. In-Game Name White Kumar Primary Division Counter-Strike Previous Member Yes Profile White Kumar #6422 Age 25 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 300 hours Reason for Joining I used to be the goat on css jailbreak servers.
  2. Kid i wasn't greifing it was in my claim and if it went off my claim how is that my fault, the spawn is protected and if it could change blocks then the item should be banned. Also jewmad my terraformer wasn't for snow mine was flatification so someone else was responsible for the snow.
  3. Nope.avi duckii you have no clue what is going on in this clan that was taken care of days ago, i used the terraformer in MY claim if it destroyed other claims its not my fault then it should be on the banned items list but because jewmad had a hissy fit he banned me out of rage.
  4. But its not on the banned items list and if it goes through perms why isnt it, also mine only flattened area it didnt freeze the shit so I think your mad.
  5. So, you can get banned for using items that are not banned item list in a area that i had claimed also jew thanks for letting me know this.
  6. I'm fed up with tekkit I keep on getting greifed from 10 year olds and i'm sick of it. I'm living with microsoft and i thought i had all the area claimed but because of the autistic claim method I didn't and I had 3 MFSU's and 2 MFE's stolen. I go out of my way to help new people on the server and this shit keeps happening. Why did you have to advertise the servers to 10 year olds jewmad just why. I want my shit back but no mods are on the server and im just sick of this happening constantly. @@WhyJewMad @@Microsoft @FuckTekkit
  7. So thanks for removing all the endgame items in tekkit, and allowing abusers such as mythic to be mod. Jewmad the server sucks and if lazers arn't on the list of banned items then why arn't they banned. Fix the server it sucks in its current state. Arthman was a better div leader and when the server wasn't advertised to 12 year olds you could actually have fun stuff on it. -End Rant
  8. I honestly hope you all can learn what terms mean this thread is a joke and you all should feel bad.
  9. Just close this shit already, its clear that jaybreeze is just butthurt and still has feelings for xG (possibly sexual). Its shit like this that made me leave.
  10. Well since everyone I like is leaving i'm going to leave too goodluck silence, although i like your brother more cus hes cool. #BYEXG
  11. Zapper5555


  12. Dat proof, also ts has no rules agains high pitched voices lower ur volume levels brozizles.