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  1. Man I hated him... Whats up Poncher
  2. I logged in after like 2 years just to say that im happy to hear from you and hope you're doing well. Wanna play DayZ? Shoot sum boyz?
  3. I personally think @Rabid could be able to scrape up a better design in bout 12 hours tops
  4. If I bought a TS channel years ago, am I still going to get credit for it?
  5. - This one time, when I went to band camp, my cat got on and did something I guess. - Tinychat days - Vintage, (NEO WHERE ARE YOU?!) - Thunderdoug anyone? - That one time when Cristo kicked VideoGameDunkey for advertising his YouTube channel on our cs:s jailbreak (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=e5lGCSx3K4o;t=92)
  6. Make that another. Not nearly as long as you two but it's the only legit work ive done so far. Fucking stressful.
  7. +1, too long of a ban. I agree with Aegean, so I don't think is much for me to say.
  8. Warriorsfury 0aa612f1-ea55-4c0e-8f76-94cee2b29a7d
  9. Unfortunate to see an issue like this went around, especially if its alienating members. Eager to start hanging around again and help.
  10. You've been denied, sorry please try again later. -1
  11. I had to get permission from Silence to talk, I remember that shit lmfao But why tho... do your job
  12. Years ago, about around five ago. I used to play BreakFloor servers all the time by myself but wanted to do something different, so I joined JB. I honestly don't remember it, I remember faint things but yeah.
  13. It's none of my business. But without names, may I ask what kind of rudeness you are encountering and where? On csgo/ts/ect