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  1. If your a night hawk, tell us. And if you wwant a night hawk signiture im making ask for it!
  2. Here is the situation, town Pyro ran out of Funds overnight due to all the money being removed from the bank, so it crashed. Im rebuilding the city now with a new name, plus I am mayor Ninja is assistant. This town is a democracy if u dont like something ill change it, and everyone has equal chance to become an assistant. ask if you would like to join.
  3. This case is dropped, and it is no big deal anymore.
  4. Technically that hebrew is incorrect. It should be שָׁלוֹם the vowel a is missing, there is no idication of an I, and there is no indication on whether it is a sh or s. Thank you. But anyways I agree, I think people get offended to easily and need to learn to get along.
  5. the problem isnt the grief it is that he claimed my house without asking, technically i dont think that is against the rules but it isnt right. If he had asked I probably would have said something like sure, but let me get all my stuff out of it first. Now i cant use anything or retrieve any possesions in the chest
  6. I know i dont really care about losing my land but at least ask or something, and it was further when i built it. I just thought it was stupid to ask me to pay terranova
  7. found out, thanks anyways. It thought the selling and buying from server was easier though
  8. so now i cant touch anything in my house. I talked to tank after he had placed stairs everywhere and destroyed a few walls, and he wants me to pay Terranova to get my land back. I think Terranova should have to pay me for my land.
  9. Well usually to me he seems like a pretty mature guy on the server, i think he just lost his cool. I say shorten his bann +1
  10. Just wondering if we had enough people to create a server, even though it would be hard to sustain with the many other servers, couldnt we just get rid of a server no one uses for Gmod. BTW what is the coolest thing youve made. I think i would have to go with a laser designated missile.
  11. how do you shop at the mall?
  12. [video=youtube;tvijsCMPmoE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvijsCMPmoE[/video]