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  1. the best promotion for this boy now always have apple on hand
  2. Duke


    +1 would be better then danny
  3. Duke

    Cancer Manual

    Rebel bitches -cristo
  4. Duke


    -1 18 days give it a few months maybe
  5. Add more time between the which !days can be chosen ie cant do predator day then do something else then back to predator day and repeat and maybe add an option for random day just picks one of the options for you. Also are we gonna get t skins back on ct or we shit outta luck on that?
  6. Dystonian isnt a bad looking map i wouldnt mind if we tried it out and make everything works
  7. +1 isnt bad and likes to warden
  8. but whats the prize? no
  9. +1? better then @Forest poetry about not being British
  10. where is @Tatost demonation to paid member??? Hello??????
  11. Duke


    -1 didnt get mod when i got admin also hasnt finished black mirror
  12. +1 wouldnt be a bad member like @Jaydow