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  1. Duke


    Yea, im go ahead and trust bonk on this because i have seen you do stupid shit before -1
  2. Duke


    +1 active and knows rules, not a bad warden and is friendly to others when i see him on.
  3. Duke


    ay yo be safe and come back when ur ready bb no need to rush shit
  4. Duke

    Biscuits - Counter-Strike

    Well atleast it got fixed, i swear somebody would have brought it up earlier. I legit was unsure if he was messing with us or serious lol
  5. Duke

    Biscuits - Counter-Strike

    +1 only took him a few weeks to make an account and apply!
  6. Duke

    PolarCoded - Counter-Strike

    +1 remembers meowmix but not me
  7. Duke

    Goldfish - Counter-Strike

    Hes only been banned twice before, i say if you are gonna ban him give him a week break and if he doesnt learn from that then its on you to perm or month or w/e you choose, but going straight to perm ban from 2 days bans even if hes a toxic twat is going overboard imo.
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    2. realBelloWaldi


      Not 100% sure but it's probably something with politics. If not, I'd consider becoming a teacher (for English and German probably) or some kind of recording engineer, if that's the right word.

    3. Tatost


      Replace my German teacher.

    4. Duke


      surprised ur not gonna be the new hitler ❤️ and being poli sci wouldnt be so bad if u like the world of politics nor would being a multi language teacher

  9. Duke

    Rabidtoken - Counter-Strike

    +0 would +1 if he stopped screaming into his mic and didnt bait so much
  10. Duke


    You got banned for arguing with staff but he could have muted you is your response? that is out right stupid, staff arnt baby sitters you broke rules were punished twice then came back and fought with them over it then got banned i see nothing wrong here, 24 hours is a bit much but knowing its you and this is normal, from what i have seen of you, the 24 hours is totally justified.
  11. Duke

    Minecraft Server

    if ur gonna add mods add tinkers construct
  12. Duke


  13. Duke


    stalking @Sojodak
  14. Duke


    +1 probly still cheats at minecraft
  15. Duke

    RIP to one of our first members