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  2. Wreckager

    New Stuff!

    Somehow i feel that this is just going to bring in more 10 year olds.
  3. +1, really chill, seen him on a lot on the xG servers and came across him a lot of times, always a pleasure to play with.
  4. +1 I say he be let off this time, definitely could have just been an honest mistake, but he should just be sure next time that his microphone actually works before using it.
  5. looking at all this rapes my eyes, way more of mick than i can possibly handle
  6. -1 What I have seen of him is generally not good, not as bad or immature as he used to be, but still a lot of improvement to be had in the way of character and maturity.
  7. Not going to state an opinion on the actual ban request, but I'm surprised how far this got without any proofs :numbness:
  8. Pfft, someone actually suggested to remove the surf server...
  9. And this happens when I stop playing JB for a few weeks after realizing its gayness :grey: I'll miss you... even though you are still on my friends list
  10. -1 Way for someone to abuse powers, it will be hard to get to work, and unnecessary. You can always threaten with slays/bans if someone doesn't open the cells.
  11. -1 Trance really isn't all that bad of a CT compared to a bunch of other people like Jarevlood
  12. Good luck getting that to work properly.
  13. +1 Active on RPG Surf, pretty chill, never really makes anyone angry
  14. +1 Cool guy, pretty active on RPG Surf, would be a good addition.