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  1. So recently I booted up cs:s, for nostalgic feels. Joined some random Jailbreak server and just started having fun. Playing jailbreak really brought some good memories back, but the quality of other jailbreak servers are nowhere close to what xG used to be. Like I'm pretty bad @xGShadowSpy is better than me and hes a baddie, and I was doing really well on T side or CT side. It wasn't even a challenge to rebel or warden, I remembered every vent, secret, secret ladder and secret button. Playing on xG was really hard, rebelling actually took some decent planning and timing.. So back to the point. On the browser for cs:s, I saw xG minigames, it had like a few people on it, mainly just randoms. I was thinking we could just have minigames become jailbreak, im talking bare bones jailbreak,literally just !lr. Sure it might be boring because plugins and stuff wont be there, it wouldn't be like old xG Jailbreak, but who knows, maybe a bunch of older members might play for even a week it would be awesome. Maybe if it became a thing again I'm sure it could become something big again. @Rhododendron Please, I may or may not be the only one, but I mean, I remember seeing you on there sometimes and you would have a blast. I have no idea what responsibilities you have or how much time this would take but, maybe if it was up in like a few weeks or even a month or two, I would still wanna play. If cs:s can't or won't happen, maybe cs:go? I know lots of people that play on cs:go for comp, casual, surf, bhop etc. Maybe that could be a thing, these are just ideas but they might happen, who knows.. I'm gunna tag a few people who might have input, or just comments about it. @Rhododendron I would really like to see your input or comments about this. Maybe you don't care, I might just be wasting your time, but it would really be amazing if you would do this :) @xGShadowSpy @Forest @Nomulous @DrLee @diabeetus @Chrono @Vector @Hidingmaster @Bleed If I missed anyone of importance, tag them in the comments or something.. EDIT: If this is in the wrong place, please move it to where it should be instead of deleting it, thank you!! : ) ~Thanks Eden p.s @xGShadowSpy is still a baddie
  2. It won't be jailbreak with out [email protected]#[email protected]!#^T$#%$%@UY But seriously R.i.p #Revive cs:s div?
  3. Division: Counter-Strike: Source In-Game Name: EdenPbe Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:40128429 Information: am back pls unban I beg, been like 1 year and a bit since ban :3 ct banned :s
  4. +1 to all, need new lct songs :p
  5. @Warriorsfury Did it twice and the first time being the oldest excuse in the book. Omg my cat actually stepped on my !smite @all key. Biggest bs of life LOL but if he did it twice and wasn't permed from servers I think it is only fair for @xlEcho to be unbanned :/
  6. I agree with @DrLee, something as small as that will bring back a bunch of players. Also @xGShadowSpy made a good point in saying, if we keep watch of tf2 and help cs:s build back up there will be way more donations coming from both divisions. Eventually we can start to customize it more and keep everyone happy. Again this is just an idea, I'm just suggesting that we take this more seriously than we are now. We need a DL who can actually work on cs:s a little bit over time. Playing league and watching anime is not going to help the server any bit @Tsuchikure... Now I'm not blaming you for not working on hub, I'm just stating that since you've become DL I don't think you've worked on hub one bit. Now I know it isn't easy, but from what I've heard and seen you don't put in any effort to try and help with hub. I'd be more then glad to find out how all of this works and do the best I can to help code this, but I'm not DL and I don't have the powers to do this. That is just some more input. ~Thanks Eden
  7. +1 cool guy, was really fun to play with and we had some good times on cs:s I think everyone can agree @gloryguy @DeathGod @GanjaMonster
  8. Well from what I'm seeing there are more donations for cs:s than tf2, so I don't really see it doing much better... @Rhododendron What does the money go towards anyways? i.e buying plugins or something because I have no idea :/ ?
  9. I think we really need to seriously talk about the div in it's current state, we need to start taking this seriously. I've played on cs:s when it had hub and now (vanilla). The only plugin that kind of works is the warden plugin which is obvious because it is needed. The other plugin is the bomb plugin, that was added just to make up for no hub bombs. Then again every other cs:s jb server has the warden and bomb plugin, my point is that there is nothing that makes xG stand out from other cs:s servers. Either we add other little mods that improve cs:s just a little or even add a beta hub for testing. We could start out small with just hats and trails, we already have trails on cs:s so from my knowledge (then again I don't know anything about it) hopefully it shouldn't be that hard. Then after we have that smoothly running we could add a few more things, like tracers and skin colors (we just really need black). I'm going to tag a few people that would give a valuable opinion. @Tsuchikure @Hidingmaster @Bleed @Jeevo(Justkidding) @Nomulous @Rhododendron @DrLee . If I missed anyone in the tags please leave a comment, I know I'm only a member that has nothing to do with any of this. As a player of cs:s for well over 6 months I believe that this will greatly improve the cs:s division. ~Thanks Eden
  10. So when forestfire first joined xG he wasn't that bad of a guy, he helped admins and he talked with other players. The second he was accepted into xG he thought because he was in the clan he becomes greater than any other player in the server. When he got accepted into the clan whenever he got on he started to trash talk, disrespect and troll other players.
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