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  1. Courage


    So uh what's the deal am I gonna get unbanned? perma turned into a Timed ban? or am I just gonna be perma forever?
  2. Courage


    No I shot 1 bullet killing the first guy who wasn' near the stack, my second bullet killed the second guy (Who was in stack) with the gun, and it went through another guy killing him (both headshots). and that was it (from what I can tell). I didn't pull a kush and intentionally mass kill everyone. so in all I only got 1 free kill, and possibly unmentioned free shots (No one was complaining about getting free shot if I recall correctly). The first guy took shots at teammates, the second guy was taking shots at me, which prompted my response, I saw his name in my scope took the shot, killed him, it went through his head into another Ts head (the free kill). It happened so fast that it appeared like I did multiple killings at once, but there was a good few seconds between first shot and second shot. however the score board read different. That's when I got slayed and team switched. Everytime I've killed someone by accident (such as simon Says, or general mistakes) I've slayed my self because it was appropriate. When I killed the third guy (The non-rebel) I was gonna slay myself, but I think I was typing something else. (If I remember correctly it was that the gun was still in the stack).
  3. Courage


    No way what I did could be considering mass killing. What happened was 1 T had a gun took shots at me I fired killed 1 with a headshot the next 1 was in a Stack I shot and Killed the person with the gun, however my shot killed another 1 by accident, and possibly free shot others (No one else from what I remember said I free shot). I don't believe this should be considered mass free killig because 2 I had a legitimate reason and I got slayed for the accidental. I do not believe I should of gotten a Perma CT Ban. I could understand a temporary because I didn't use good judgement when taking my shots (they were in a stack) even though I got my targets (1 was a headshot, the accidental was also a headshot behind him what luck). again I could understand if I got temp, but perma? imo is over kill.
  4. I don't think a ban was really warrented (or at least a permenat) as I didn't go off the hinges.
  5. It says "Perement" But I don't think I deserve it. I didn't go off the hinges.
  6. I don't got a camera or 20 bucks to do either of those things, I'm CT banned. :( Can I do something else :D