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  1. Currently stuck in Casablanca, if anyone’s nearby send help I don’t speak anything besides English and Latin.
  2. I'll be limited in contact from June 26th 2019 to July 13th 2019. I'm gonna be around the Mediterranean sea so hit me up if you wanna chillax and talk minecraft bb.
  3. Issue was elasticsearch updated to 7.0.0 and the JAVA_HOME environment variable was being set to some weird default. Changed it to point to the actual location on the server and search index is being rebuilt. Should be resolved now or once the index has been fully rebuilt. EDIT: Still not resolved I'll keep looking. EDIT2: Looks like may be related to 7.0.0, I've downgraded and rebuilt the search index completely. There are still errors but the activity is showing up now. I have made a bug report.
  4. Your profile reputation is horrible. You have more negative reps than posts.
  5. I’m happy we are still going and things will commence after the holidays again with my activity, it’s just been one of the most busy years of my life haha. Oh and nobody worry, the wifey won’t get powers cause I don’t choose favorites.
  6. I feel like if we are culling out the weak, we should start with you
  7. Old fashioned with Jameson. Deserty drink would be Drambuie on the rocks bb.
  8. I will see about writing a script to import credits from the bank to this system.
  9. Gotta make my booty pop https://youtu.be/fHAigWTZioI One for the dads #fathersday https://youtu.be/ArMkq7Xmcc4
  10. We can fund anything, but we need someone to actively support it and not bail a few weeks later. I don't think we have someone who wants to work on a Roblox server or handle the people that it could bring into the community.
  11. Blueberry muffins, nesquik chocolate carnation, eating frosting from the container.
  12. The dude has had other articles he wrote shown as being stolen as well from other websites and content creators. His career is over.
  13. Work is continuing and it's gonna be a hard no for converting back.