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  1. Rhododendron

    The future of xG

    I feel like if we are culling out the weak, we should start with you
  2. Rhododendron

    What's your favorite drink?

    Old fashioned with Jameson. Deserty drink would be Drambuie on the rocks bb.
  3. Rhododendron

    Will Bank/Stored Credits come back?

    I will see about writing a script to import credits from the bank to this system.
  4. Rhododendron


    Not my fault
  5. Rhododendron

    Pop, r&b, and hip-hop

    Gotta make my booty pop https://youtu.be/fHAigWTZioI One for the dads #fathersday https://youtu.be/ArMkq7Xmcc4
  6. Rhododendron

    Roblox Server

    We can fund anything, but we need someone to actively support it and not bail a few weeks later. I don't think we have someone who wants to work on a Roblox server or handle the people that it could bring into the community.
  7. Rhododendron

    Favorite comfort foods?

    Blueberry muffins, nesquik chocolate carnation, eating frosting from the container.
  8. Rhododendron

    IGN Got caught plagerizing.

    The dude has had other articles he wrote shown as being stolen as well from other websites and content creators. His career is over.
  9. Rhododendron

    Restore old forums

    Work is continuing and it's gonna be a hard no for converting back.
  10. Rhododendron

    The Current Reactions Tab is Bad

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I’ll see about either making the area where you hover larger and more forgiving or something completely different. People complained in the past when I made it click based lol
  11. Rhododendron

    Best kind of noodles?

    Spicy Korean noodles that make me sweat.
  12. Rhododendron


    You can't resign, you're fired!
  13. Rhododendron

    Halo 3 Online... Free?

    Message me and I'll give you the server details.
  14. Rhododendron

    Halo 3 Online... Free? is the server! If anyone wants to manage it and upload custom maps or whatever, I can spin up more and give access out.
  15. Rhododendron

    Halo 3 Online... Free?

    I'll make some servers for it!