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  1. I can definitely see why you banned me after watching it XD, I assure you though I was not cheating in any form and as ChickenPanda stated the ping difference from Germany to US is a lot so it may look bs. With you also being tired that is fine I get grumpy and annoyed easily at night too.
  2. Thank you tons, I always have problems with replays and demos not loading
  3. Hi, The first part with hide and seek I admit I did cheat, my friend was in spectate when he hid then joined red and told everyone in team chat. I could not access the demo you linked, I try to run it and nothing happens anyway you can help?
  4. Thank you greatly, I viewed it and looked through a bit. I do have a few normal kills in there that aren't headshots, some of them are also a few seconds from each other yes at least 2-10 sec. It also honestly is not hard to follow someone and click on them, would you still like a full start up, I can get that some time today or tomorrow when I'm not busy if you want?
  5. Sorry if you would like I can get a complete startup from desktop/steam library to tf2 if you prefer, and yes a video I want to at least try my best at this protest. In relation to the ten page's on my event part could I see it please? I do however agree that the video didn't show the full startup sorry, I meant in terms of my homescreen and joining a server.
  6. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: ♪Doogalou♪ Steam ID: Steam Community :: ♪Doogalou♪ Information: The video url attached is a short one and a halfish minute clip of just moments from a game I played recently. Now I received a ban for multiple hacks on the majority of xG's TF2 trading servers. I supply efficacious evidence to show a full startup of TF2 with no hacks/external programs and joining a server. Then some footage of a few kills as a sniper. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLXQVIf_m6s Now other then the video evidence I play with a rather large mousepad(I enjoy the amount of mobility) and use a sensitivity of .75 this means I can snap my hand around very quickly to line up any of my shots. The weapon loadout I was using when banned was as follows Bazaar Bargain Darwin's Danger Shield Conscientious objector Both my primary and secondary have useful bonuses on them, being an increased charge rate with more headshots then a health bonus alongside bullet resistance. Having accurate aim with the Bazaar Bargain is deadly, allowing fast quick kills with most classes due to it's charge rate for heads. On many games and first person shooters in general having a higher ground is much better then low ground( Sniper wise at least). Maps like the Minecraft trade map, not NeonHeights, have a huge area to shoot around if you are on any of the corners. Add people running in predictable patterns, good aim, the viewing area and bam you have one hell of a sniper to reckon with. I ask now to the recipients of this protest that you think about this appeal at least. I enjoy xG servers greatly, yet was highly shocked when the ban popup appeared on my screen and was booted of the server. In best regards, Doogalou