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  1. The_Unlit_Torch


    Happy halloween to you as well :)!
  2. #TheResistance has once again proven the leader to be a fraud who is opposed to any kind of criticism towards himself. Wow.
  3. The_Unlit_Torch

    Fall is Coming, An August Update!

    Wow... It is a sad day for anti-fascists!!! We will not stand by this, and we will counter by censoring you, you... RIGHT-WINGER!!!!!!!! #TheResistance
  4. @[46:@Aegean]'s #AbuseOfPower of the #Constitution #Aegean will cling to it when he is #ImpeachAegeanSilenceNow #TheResistance
  5. https://gyazo.com/d3265f9bd7eb6827ed7f2e11b52cc9d0 so does this mean im not allowed to be in xG? How do I leave? :( sorry im from sweden i didnt know you felt that way
    1. Aegean


      LOL nice meme dude
  6. ingen talar svenska :((
    1. realBelloWaldi


      ja vafan inga av dessa dumma jävlar fattar vad du säger :(((
    2. virr


      ledsen emoji
  7. how do particpate in waffle?
  8. The_Unlit_Torch

    Jailbreak Map Requests

    I was there
  9. The_Unlit_Torch

    Team Fortress 2

    @Bello wrote that, so direct any criticism toward him thanks!!!!!!!! =D
  10. The_Unlit_Torch

    Team Fortress 2

    13 notifications? That's weird because I only rated 4 of your posts. Thanks for the keks.
  11. The_Unlit_Torch

    Team Fortress 2

    I don't know why you're mad tbh, you rated my post smelly so I rated your posts smelly lol And I don't know who @Bananalitz is.
  12. The_Unlit_Torch

    Team Fortress 2

    My smellies was also a joke and it wasn't for no reason :D
  13. The_Unlit_Torch

    Team Fortress 2

    mad cuz bad <3
  14. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: ♕ [D3m0] Hoovy! ツ ✪ ♕ Offender's Identity: STEAM_0:1:167963790 Rules Broken: Mass freekill, reenter armory Ban Type: Team Ban Evidence: Offense starts at 68000 ticks https://u.teknik.io/9ya1P.dem