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Found 1 result

  1. Game name: Planetside 2 Platform: PS4 | PC Time Spent: ~200 Do you recommend? Yes, if you are actually willing to spend time in this game. It becomes real fun. Rating: ~9/10 Initial Thoughts: *The 3 factions, from left to right- The New Conglomerate, The Terran Republic, and The Vanu Sovereignty Welcome, to the planet of Auraxis, year 2845(something)! Due to a wormhole expedition failure, entire fleets are stuck on a planet named Auraxis. 3 factions, the Terran republic(The galactic empire sorta thing, uses fast shooting ballistic weapons that does low damage per hit, strength in numbers), The New Conglomerate(Rebel scums, high damage and slow hitting bullet weapons, lotsa armor), and The Vanu Sovereignty ( Techno-zealots, frekin lasers, and no bullet drop.) are facing all-out war on 4 different continents. Amerish (Plains, trees, mountains), Esamir (Perma- frost land) , Hossin (Rumble in the Jungle), and Indar (Desert). *The picture above indicates the 4 available Continents, and the "noob" continent, Koltyr. Ignore the continent lock on Hossin. Planetside 2 is a game one of its kind, featuring an open-world MMOFPS, with hundreds, or even thousands of players fighting at once. The game also contains a mountain of guns, cosmetics, and more. There are many vehicles, from ESF(Empire specific fighters), The Galaxy(Trooper pooper), to the Flash ATV, and the Mobile spawn point, sunderer. The basic idea of "winning" is gaining bases, refining cortium (Note for later), to gain Victory points. When eventually enough VP is gained, the winning faction will gain a bonus buff, and the continent will be locked(Will restart after 2 other continents are conquered). There are many kinds of bases. and capturing special bases (Biolabs, chemlabs, T alloys), that when capped will also give you a buff (Passive health regen, lower vehicle costs, and etc). *A birds eye view of a base In total, there are 6 infantry classes in the game. -Light assault (Uses a jetpack, and a rocklet rifle for anti-vehicles) -Infiltrator(Can use the sniper/scout rifles, and go invisible) -Heavy assault(Has a toggleable overshields and are able to use rocket launchers) -Engineer(Can resupply troops with ammo, and build manned turrets) -Combat medic(Heals health, and revives dead people) -The MAX(Infantry mech, needs 450 resource points to summon, and uses dual hand MGs and cannons) *From left to right, Infiltrator, light assault, combat medic, engineer, heavy assault, and MAX. There are, in total,8 vehicles for all faction use, and 2 for each Empire-specific vehicles. Common-used Vehicles: (Note all of these vehicles is/can be armed) -The flash(2 man ATV) -The Harasser(3 man jeep) -The lightning(1 man light tank) -The sunderer(Mobile spawn truck) -The valkyrie (Attack chopper) -The liberator (Gunship) -The galaxy (Trooper transport) -The ANT( Used to build player bases) Then, for each respective Empire, there are a Tank, and a fighter, each dedicated to the style of the empires(mentioned above) VS: Tank- Magrider (They see we floatin, they hatin) Fighter - The scythe (Looks like a starcraft thing,only ESF that can hover) TR: Tank - Prowler (Why not have 2 barrels instead of 1?) Fighter - Mosquito (what is this thing get it off of me omg my health my sheids) NC: Tank - Vanguard (cuz y not make a tank with an ability to go invincible for like some time) Fighter - Reaper (Why not have thrusters on all sides of this jet) *Some VS Magriders(left) and sunderers(right) To summon vehicles, you need Resource points, which will replenish overtime. Each vehicle costs different amount, and depends on what base your faction has captures, the price and regeneration rate varies. *TR soldiers with their ballistic weapons There are a CRAP ton of weapons in this game. I mean, 1 kind for each class (LMG for Heavy assault, snipers for Infiltrators) but there are still some shared weapons, such as SMGs, Battle Rifles, Carbines, and etc. Both the NC and the TR uses ballistic weapons, that uses BULLETS, so they have bullet drop. VS, on the other hand, uses lasers that has no bullet drop whatsoever, but instead uses a damage ramp off system. All pellets from all factions requires a travel time, so for long range shots you will need to lead your shots. There are also attachments for most guns, things such as scopes(Long range, short range, dot, thermo, etc.), silencers, flashlights(exposes cloaked infiltrators), ammunition(Slug for shotgun, soft point, and high velocity for others), laser attachment, underbarrel attachments(for specific weapons), handles, and more. Suit your own playstyle with a custom weapon that will get you kills, whether it is a mid-range battle rifle(my favorite), Close quarters face spammer, or a midrange carbine. You can also attach different weapons to vehicles! From the emotionally depressing lolpods(rocket pods for ESFs), to the PPA(plasma ball launcher) for farming infantry. Also, different modifications for each classes are available, different cloaks for infil, C4 for engineer and light assault, different jetpacks, and more. There are many choices out there. However, most weapons and customization costs cert points, which you will gain 1 from getting 250 XP. You can accumulate xp from killing people (120~ for each kill), defending/attacking bases (300~), and etc. This is where the grind comes in. To get decent stuff, you'll need to play a lot (THAT IS IF YOU DONT P2P). *Galaxy customization certifications, and weapon certs That is the end of the description, and if I forgot anything, please tell me to add it .(y) Pros: (At least 2 reasons) +Open-world MMOFPS, one of its kind. +Great variety of weapons and vehicles +I my self find it pretty fun. +Lots of players to socialize with +Somewhat decent community +Great to play with friends +Great mass battles, wars, and armored convoys. You won't see this anywhere else. ~And Adding! Cons: (At least 2 reasons) -EXTREMELY FARMY(Seriously) -Easy to die with like 50 guys around you shooting -Unbalanced weapons (lolpods) -Sometimes messed up server population (20% VS, 40% NC AND TR) -P2Progress and P2Look good -Depressingly repeatedly being farmed (if you cant kill a lot) Final Thoughts: It may have its flaws, but Planetside 2 is a great game, as stated many times, one of its kind. I suggest you to download, and try this game. Unlike other games, it will start out hard. But once you get better with the gameplay, you will find the joy of this game. The graphics are pretty nice, and the game is kinda CPU and Internet intense. In conclusion, great game, and, I strongly recommend this game to you. Just drop by and play a few bases, see how you do, and if you truly like this game, keep on playing it. The longer you play, the more rewarding. Thank you for reading this review! Please tell me any spelling, grammar, and content mistakes! (I wrote this late at night)