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  1. If I'm feeling energetic usually a little light fantasy/bardic Otherwise I'm all baroque and classical.
  2. As Elcark said leaving something for people to be hyped about is a good thing right now because it will motivate people to play more. We also require more people to play on the server that is not from xG. As of right now there are 2 or 3 giant bases a few thousand blocks away from each other and finding them is pretty impossible. This leaves nothing for people to raid and thus nobody is playing a game about raiding people but no raiding acually happens.
  3. If you haven't noticed yet the server is dead af again. The occasional players are from one or two factions, and just logs on for voting/collecting things. Any information regarding upcoming events or updates that will revive the server and bring more players to it would be greatly appreciated.
  4. A Game of Thrones? More like A Game of Moans!!!!!!11
    1. YeEternalTuna


      Sir. Capsalot? More like Sir. CRAPSALOT!!!!!!11
    2. Bone


      You brought this on yourself: https://youtu.be/bX-h8CrIyyY
  5. Flu outbreak in Canada&Northern USA, beware.
    1. YeEternalTuna


      ayy lmao i might have gotten the flu but I survived
  6. CappyCappy


    I think the only problem with nether is that players cannot be teleported, because everything else (entities) can be teleported.
  7. Shoveling snow is Canada's national sport
  8. Im afraid to say that obsidian+water is the core defense of a base, destructible or not. Indestructible obsidian is easy eaten by Withers.
  9. I would like Warhammer 40k DoW also. DId someone take tomb raider already when I requested it?
  10. Hello guys, in this short thread I will discuss current raiding conditions. Regarding Obsidian: What is the bloody point in buying obsidian if they can take only TWO hits from TNT? Hell, endstone is a much cheaper option and it does basically the same thing. This renders obsidian COMPLETELY obsolete. Please either remove the plugin, which I recommend or simply tweak the configs. It literally takes a few minutes to do this. Indestructible obsidian is not overpowered because of many other options in raiding; backstab, withering, overclaiming. Obsidian breaker makes the game far too easy, and reliant on layers. Explosion damage to the terrain: Currently, explosion damage is only enabled if the player getting raided is online. This makes it easily exploitable by instantly going offline while being raided, and it literally makes proper base building COMPLETELY obsolete. Hell, even creepers don't work. Offline raiding is a part of the game and shouldn't bee deemed "not friendly" or "scummy". Please feel free to post your opinions below. Thanks for reading.
  11. Fear me, the proud owner of the only humanSkeleton spawnegg in existence. In all seriousness somehow I broke this.
  12. This is a good-looking profile cover. What's it from?
    1. CappyCappy


      Ah, I can't remember, but I think its a part of the series Pixelated .gif Japan