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Found 1 result

  1. jaygoki

    Guess My Name!

    Hey everyone, it's time for a really stupid forum game that started with a bet I made with @Dannypicacho while I was maybe not so sober! It's more of a guessing game; all you have to do is guess my irl first name! To anyone that is able to guess it, I will be rewarding you with a very generous copy of the game Bad Rats (rated 75% positive on steam!). There are a few people that do already know it because it's my name on snapchat (and @Jadow because I doxxed myself to him on accident); to you guys I ask that you respect the game and don't help anyone to cheat the system. The game will run from now until my 18th birthday, 4/20/2019. That seems like a long time, but my name is incredibly unique to the point where I have never met or even heard of someone else that shares it. The longer the thread goes on, the more hints I will drop, the first (two) of which being that it starts with the letter J (it's also five letters long). Good luck! https://xenogamers.com/forums/topic/17101-bonks-name/?page=2 old thread about this from 2014 (key prize is expired and no longer redeemable)