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  1. hey lol now that im done with classes for winter break and i am not 100% consumed with data structures i kinda remembered that i was a dl still lmao csgo community servers (and lowkey csgo in general) isn't really my thing anymore and considering i haven't done much for our servers besides contribute a broken gambling plugin and less than successful pop events, it's probably time i give the hat to someone else (or just let @Jadow rule supreme) im not leaving because i dont think its entirely unlikely that ill never drop in now and again but yea im chillin special shoutouts to everybody that has ever called me fat and finally pushed me to lose weight (especially @Rabid) @Aegean for being old and bald and short and old and short @virr for being european @LeToucan for shitting on my code and csgo staff for doing my job : ) you're welcome for the promo/demo material
  2. it's 1 day lol. don't be a silly little goose next time ~ something about the vaults of time
  3. jaygoki


    stop being shitlords @hongkongatron @Bumpy @Dannypicacho @Thrillhouse real answer, you haven't given us much indication that you've 'reformed' so to speak and judging from the fact that even after a year and a half you still think you were wrongfully banned shows little sign of growth. apply again when you have grown out of refusing to believe you have done anything wrong. ~sealed away in the great vaults of time
  4. looking back at this thread (which is what I think Chrono is referring to) leads us to believe that you are the same person from this thread, which was understandably rejected and closed. if you really can't remember what you did to get banned (or do remember but are just playing it down) barring extraneous situations I think it might be wise to take some more time to reflect on what got you banned. I'm not going to vouch here because your original ban wasn't a part of my division nor was I there when it actually happened, but I still felt the need to write all this here for you.
  5. I talked to @virr and he promised to never do it again. virr hijack edit: closed
  6. if you really want to get unbanned, please follow the steps in the "Want to get unbanned?" thread. @Lottamos, if you're going to post on here at least post serious votes to keep the thread decluttered. ~locked away in the great vaults of time
  7. wrong section friend ~sealed away in the vaults of time
  8. Come join us for some fun on minigames! connect connect connect
  9. Come populate jailbreak! You know you want to :^) connect connect connect
  10. yeah, !ws isn't supposed to be a plugin anymore afaik. basically what danny said. if we can figure out what they're using to do that (and make sure that it's something that valve wont banhammer us for) I see no reason not to add it to our own server. the default map keeps getting set to dust2 for some reason. dunno what the deal is. I set the starting map to vipinthemix just now, and hopefully it'll stay there. our maplist could probably do with some updating too (i.e. removing shitbox) once we look into all of that and "revamp" jailbreak, so to speak, i think we could start thinking about pop events