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Found 15 results

  1. hi Apologies for my continued absence in terms of community events, no real excuse this time other than my birthday is coming up, I've been busy with my current job, and the free time that I do have I've chosen to use with my responsibilities in TF2 Div + enjoying GTA V lately: To tie into its recent creation, and to give it the attention it deserves, the newest GMod server will be in the limelight of the next Community Night during this upcoming Saturday. Any questions, comments, feedback, etc. is much appreciated, and will be responded to below.
  2. woops lol Sorry for being really invested in other games as of late, but the public test of our PropHunt/Hide and Seek server is finally here - we'll be starting at 8:00 pm EST today. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, I'll hopefully have a chance to respond to it below.
  3. After a few attempts to stir up players for Golf It, people immediately (and unsurprisingly) jumped on the idea of an R8-Only 10man, which was something 10man players have wanted to do for a while anyways. As always, thank you to everyone who came - it was easy to start off, and the satisfaction lasted pretty well. If there's still interest for 10manner stipulations, I'll probably do something similar to this in the future. In other news, stay tuned for the newest Community Night and subsequent introduction of 2 of our new 3 GMod servers in the coming days.
  4. After "extensive" testing from @Segal and I, we've prepared not 1 or 2, but 3 new GMod servers to be released in the coming weeks. The best way for us to see how the servers will fare with a regular population and what issues are left to be fixed is to let the public test it. The gamemodes to be played will firstly be Murder, and then Ultimate Chimera Hunt. Murder is it's own server, whilst the UCH server will house many more gamemodes in the future as a multimode server. More content is soon to come for TTT, as well. If you have any suggestions, questions, or general thoughts, comment them below and I'll (hopefully) respond. So again, the Community Night will firstly be Murder, then Ultimate Chimera Hunt, on the 8th of June. All info beyond the basics stated here will be in an upcoming announcement, so keep an eye out for that.
  5. As previously mentioned in the last CN thread wrapping up Tabletop Sim, the time for xG Golf It Night has come around again, it'll be taking place the 25th of this month. Please note that the option of shoes or not will be dictated by the people playing, so be sure to speak up if you want to play for keeps. Like always, be sure to send me any maps you've made/want to see played, and if you have any questions, ask them below and I'll respond. Hopefully I have time to make a map of my own.
  6. For a short and sweet thread, the Tabletop Simulator Community Night went very well. After lasting over 4 hours and then being ended by a crash, we played a small but very enjoyable selection of games. I'll definitely be hosting more of these in the future, as both I and others had a ton of fun. Thank you to everyone who attended! Stay tuned for the next CN of 5/25, which'll be an xG Golf It Night.
  7. As I mentioned in the previous community night thread, which was unfortunately cancelled due to a family emergency on my part, the next community night would be tabletop sim, and so it is. I haven't played this game before so I'll be heavily relying on others to help me along in both what games we're going to be playing, and how to keep things under control. If you have any games you'd like to play, be sure to let me know.
  8. It is with regret, but not as much regret as just postponing, that I announce the next Community Night of tomorrow (sorry for the short notice) to be Overwatch. It'll be following past OW CNs in that if you have any ideas for gamemodes, post them below and we'll play them. The community night after this one (5/4/19) is going to be Tabletop Simulator. My reason for """""postponing""""" it, in a sense, is that I've been pretty busy with real life stuff + GMod division and would rather have something easy and manageable fill the spot rather than a delay. can i get a fuck you @Lithium in chat, give me scrim admin old man
  9. Sorry for having been pretty lazy on announcing this, but it's for a good reason; I've been working with @Segal a lot on the new Garry's Mod TTT server for the last few weeks, and we're just about comfortable with having people play it for real to get feedback on what we've done right and what to improve upon, and I'm just that lucky that the upcoming community night has lined up with the launch of the first of the GMod servers. The rules for this first look at what you can expect the TTT server to be like are (roughly) as follows: No RDM (Random DeathMatch) - Randomly killing people with little/no reasoning behind it No Propkilling - Using props on the map to kill people still counts as RDM. No Ghosting/otherwise cheating - Telling the locations, etc. of others whilst dead/spectating ruins the experience for others. Follow general rules of xG Upon official launch of the server, which will be in the immediate future after the community night, new threads will be posted entailing more detailed rules for specific servers, the workshop collection of the addons we run made more public, etc. The IP is if you want to add it to your favorites in advance, but note that it will be locked until the event. Keep in mind that, although it's an xG event, this will still serve as a test run to iron out any issues before the official launch. If you have any questions or critiques, post them and I'll respond.
  10. The First xG Golf It Night was a pretty good success; we played multiple maps made by xG with a total of around ~20 people total attending for several hours. With this, I thank everyone who came, as well as those who made maps for the event. Looking towards the future, I cannot yet announce the next community night (but I have a lot of plans, both for the immediate future and that which is far-off), but I am reforming the xG Golf It Nights to be in the place of every fourth Community Night, as opposed to the previous policy of every third CN. Because of the gap of time this event alone created of an extra week, I was able to devote more than enough time to the next several Community Nights to make a higher quality experience. The next time we do a Golf It Night will be around June. Don’t be worried of how far away this rough date is, as I also plan to get more attention towards having regular Golf It games. Again, thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the experience. tl;dr Pretty successful event, and future golf it nights will be every fourth community night instead of every third one.
  11. I've been talking to higherups for quite a while about this with a large back and forth, and with recent successes with community nights, I think it's finally time to announce it. As of the 23rd of this month (3/23/19), I'll be hosting an xG Golf It event in place of every third community night. This event will entail members making custom maps several weeks beforehand that we play. I figured it would be a good way to add something to Golf It, and involve members in participation even more. Note - it's optional to create these maps, but there might potentially be a reward for it. To give people more time, I'm creating an extra gap week, hence the reason this first one is 3/23 instead of 3/16 for the event. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  12. After tonight's Race for the Wool Community Night, which the ending of turned into a jackbox lobby, the event has proven both of the things that I wanted to see from this community. Firstly, that higherups are willing to cooperate and endorse community nights on (what would've been) our own servers, as well as the people attending willing to play the same gamemode for an extended period of time, rather than a lobby of many different games for the same period of time. Both of these things show to me that I should step up my game as a host to create an even better experience. That being said, within the first 10 or so minutes, we received a large amount of people, which was fantastic. Due to the xG Server being down, however, I was forced to host the community night on a shoddy hosting service, which, coupled with a large player count and a great number of mobs, resulted in lag issues. Despite this, the reception was mixed between fun and a wish for a higher quality server. After an hour-long round, the remaining members and I played jackbox for another several. Overall, was fun, but there was a glaringly large room for improvement. All in all, not the worst, but nothing to be proud of. Thank you to everyone who attended.
  13. After collaboration with @Arthman and @Aegean (big thanks), we've decided that the next community night of 3/2/19 will be on our own Minecraft server. But why just minecraft? How is just running around as a group in some barren plains biome going to be fun? We're going to be playing Race for the Wool, a custom map designed for two teams (we'll be picking captains, 10man style), each of which have to race across their own side of the map and collect several colored pieces of wool, bring them back to their home base's pedestal, and sabotage the other team along the way. Here's some examples of how it typically looks: (this perspective is only one team's side, the other team's side is identical) OUR MINECRAFT SERVER IP IS mc.xenogamers.com If you have any questions or suggestions, post them and I'll (hopefully) answer them.
  14. After an even more incredibly successful community night last night (of 2/16/19), here's an inconsequential but somewhat informational thread about it. Like I said, our turnout was massively successful with even more people than the last one (with a peak of ~23 people at once with around 30 different people that joined overall!); Thank you to everyone who attended! Since I love creating problematic tasks to fulfill in the future, here's some vague info about one of the next community nights: -One of the near future CN's will be Minecraft -The gamemode for this will be either Race to the Wool, or as @Bonk suggested (thanks), us splitting into two teams in a random survival world and trying to get all 16 colors of wool in order first. -One of the other things I want to do for a future CN is a custom xG Golf-It night. -This would involve our own members creating maps beforehand for us to play during the community night; could be a fun way to show off skill (or lack thereof). tl;dr - the GMod Community Night was a huge success, and I have big plans for the future. Still need to talk to @Aegean and @Arthman about the minecraft CN. The next one, by the way, will be 3/2/19, as we're now on the new schedule of one every other week. Once again, huge thanks to everyone who came.
  15. Just a heads up, to people who both regularly attend or just occasionally hop into community nights that the next one is Saturday of 2/16 and will be GMOD. After this, we will start having community nights every other Saturday with the one after being 3/9/19. If you have any questions or thoughts, etc. leave them here so we can create an even better experience. Be sure to add me on steam so that you can join off me or someone else when we play. Gamemodes we’ll run will be TTT, PropHunt, SledBuild, and potentially more. TL;DR (again): The next community night is the Saturday after this one (2/16) and the one after that will be 3/9, with a CN happening every other week or so. Here’s my steam.