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A.1 No Racism, Sexism or Homophobia

A.2 No Pedophilia or Rape jokes, Images, etc. This will result in a ban

A.3 No targeted harassment, jokes at others expense are fine within reason

A.4 Please keep anything NSFW to the provided channels

A.5 Any discrimination towards players or staff will not be tolerated

A.6 Any abuse towards server staff will not be tolerated

A.7 Do not impersonate staff or any other users

A.8 No hate speech



B.1 No Metagaming

B.2 No Hacking/Cheating Exploiting B.3 When in an RP situation do not powerplay as this will result in a warning

B.4 Prop climbing is not permitted

B.5 Do not spawn camp Combine or Resistance bases

B.6 Do not leave to avoid punishment

B.7 Any unauthorized tampering with the server will result in a ban

B.8 Please follow all instructions given by server staff

B.9 Climb-Swep Abuse is not allowed


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