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  1. Its a good idea in theory but I feel many players in this clan are already in a dojo, meaning you would need to incentivize them to leave. Plus the material costs to get everything to 100 would be a lot, plus research times, it would take up to a year. I love the game and love xG but it would be a lot of work
  2. QueenOfHearts

    Its cold

    the actual temp is not that bad tbh. Its the wind
  3. Chivalry Medival warfare could be a good CN game
  4. I hope where ever the future takes you goes well. Perhaps you will come back someday. I can agree with what you said for sure about drama, hopefully we can see improvement soon Good luck and be well! ~Queen
  5. I feel ya kypari. Keep in touch but take care of yourself. Mental health is very important
  6. +1 Wait who are you? Only 1700hours? we have standards play a bit more before applying please
  7. Not my division but +1 as the guy was a good CS:S Staff
  8. +1 Cool friendly guy, knows the rules and would enforce them well
  9. who did this, I need names and addresses 

    Xeno Gamers.png

    1. Precious


      I have a creeping suspicion that Seg is responsible...

    2. virr


      thats actually how you write the logo in the font we use, uppercase M looks different compared to lowercase (its like flipped the other way or something idfk) and i guess silence decided it looked better when he made it.

    3. QueenOfHearts
  10. Random ass gif, I guess we can just do that now with that gif button
  11. QueenOfHearts


    You know what fuck it +1 But try to keep it down on the trolling
  12. I made a xG Destiny 2 clan if anyone would like to join, its a fun game that really rewards community work so I felt it would be a great fit for this community. If anyone has the game, wants the game or regularly plays the game wants to join feel free! Join the Companion Experience | Bungie.net WWW.BUNGIE.NET