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    A New Year! January Update


    Hello Xeno Gamers!


    Happy New Year to you all!


    2018, What Now?

    • Raffles will be back in a few days, we have a ton of stuff to give you guys over the course of the year!
    • TF2 custom map has unfortunately been cancelled. The map maker has had plenty of issues with developing it, and he doesn't feel like he can spend any more time on it to make it worth the price that we agreed upon. It's unfortunate but there's nothing more to say about it.
    • Discord has been a huge step forward for our community! Rhodo has been working on getting our discord server partnered so that will be our goal this year! We still have plans to reward anyone who had bought TS channels, I apologize it's taking so long so I will also give bonus credits once the reward is finalized.
    • CS:GO Nipperhouse server is available to all for a limited time,! Expect an event for this server in the next 2 weeks as well!
    • Garry's Mod is getting a little funky as well, we have a friend who is developing a Battle Royale custom mod for Gmod, and will need us to help him test it! More information will be available hopefully in 2 months!
    • Youtube content will be available within 2 months, including the new channel.
    • Minecraft server should be out within the month, they have been working their butts off to make the factions server truly one of a kind and fun for you all, so I hope you guys are ready to get back into it!
    • Rotation Server (hosted by @Bone ) Gamemode Rotation Thread | Xeno Gamers please leave feedback on this thread, we are considering to host a different game entirely depending on what people would like.
    • Staff activity has been looked upon very leniently due to holidays and school finals, as schools begin to start, things will start getting back to normal. Thank you all for taking care of our servers in 2017!
    • Bans should also be looked at very carefully when looking at previous offenses to determine punishments, and any ban on an individual should be disregarded if it has been a year or more (unless it was a perm ban of course) *ninjaedit*
    • Sprays have this following rule now: no explicit nudity/genitalia, racism, hate symbols, gore, derogatory content and images of sexualized minors (this includes drawn images)*ninjaedit*


    Thanks again to everyone who has helped make 2017 such a great year, we would not have been able to continue for our 8th year without you all being here, lets hope for an even greater (with much less procrastination) year!



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    Sprays are back!! or is that a tf2 thing?


    TF2 unfortunately, CS:GO still doesn't allow us to use them due to their own limited sprays

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