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  1. damn, it 🅱️ ya own

  2. YeEternalTuna

    Destiny 2 Clan!

    I would join the clan but unfortunately, I'm already in one and I prefer this one over the newly founded one (they do a good job at organizing raids/nightfalls and do their weekly stuff for the extra loot). This does not mean I'm not down to do whatever so if you want you can pm me (discord or forums) your battle.net tag and have some epic adventures together
  3. call the judge get some fudge

  4. YeEternalTuna


    hey cutie
  5. ha ha animal pfp!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tatost


      shut up, furry

  6. YeEternalTuna

    lolisme - Discord

    +1 do I even need to explain?
  7. actually

    1. Queelsh


      Yeah dude, actually. 😪

  8. YeEternalTuna

    Want To Get Unbanned?

    Can we just have fortnite dances already? I feel like that would be more embarrassing for the challenger. They have to do orange justice and the default dance to the music The last dance they can choose for themselves.
  9. YeEternalTuna


    AYYYYYY Hope you enjoy that wedding Also let's not take his membership away cus ya know, he still deserves it even though he "left". He also took a good chunk of his time to spend on xG when he was mc staff so I just view it as unfair. Other than that WELCOME BACK MY GUY CAN YOU FINALLY JOIN THE DISCORD NOW THANKS.
  10. YeEternalTuna

    Goldfish - Counter-Strike

    Seeing his behavior on discord and then also hearing about it on here just makes me think that maybe we shouldn't have him around anymore seeming as though he doesn't listen to ANYONE regardless of who that person is or cares (as you guys have said) and if anything he has nothing to do with xG anymore so I don't see the problem with a perm +1 perm for everything (including discord)
  11. Like for Jesus!!! 😇

    Ignore for Satan... 😈

  12. YeEternalTuna

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to xG my fellow gamer! I hope you enjoy your time here in our community because once you join you can never leave. If you have any comments or concerns just contact me on our discord server or if you'd like, PM me on here!
  13. YeEternalTuna

    List of things to do

    @Dannypicachoit's your time to shine buddy
  14. YeEternalTuna

    I'm sorry

    Thank you for your dedication to the Minecraft division. It's always important to choose your health over a game and in a way Im really glad you did. Your role in the community has left a great mark and your work shall be remembered. It's a shame that you're leaving the clan tho so I hope (when you're able) you come back to at least chat in the discord server some day. Again thanks for your hard work and I hope your health gets better!