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  1. do you want to die?

    1. bagggel


      okay, WHO WANT'S TO DIE 😠

  2. YeEternalTuna


    I don't know where to start with this apology. It'll probably be all over the place because I'm not so good with conveying my emotions/thoughts. I guess I'll start with saying I'm sorry for what Lemonvolt said in the thread. He didn't mean to group everyone (who isn't in my friend group) in this ''furry'' group. He did the worst thing possible (which is something everyone agreed with) especially since there was tension before that. He did it out of frustration and I can understand but I still didn't think it was okay for him to do that. I'm sorry to @Caribou to being a hypocrite towards him (and anyone else that found me to be a hypocrite). I reflected on what I had said and what I've done and I thought it was pretty retarded of me to say that people were picking on me for my past when I was doing the very same thing. I'm sorry to @Kypari (and anyone that can apply themselves to this or however you want to phrase it) for arguing with you in the past (and if I've argued with you recently which I dont think I've done, correct me if I'm wrong). I'm sorry to @bagggel and anyone else I've been passive aggressive towards. I should've thought before I sent that message. I should've went to a higher up instead of trying to stir up drama and I fully admit that I was completely in the wrong there. (Sorry for the repetition but) I'm sorry for all of the passive aggressive comments n' such. I don't know how to explain my actions there other than wanting to cause drama or something. (Was usually done due to having anger and frustrations that I couldn't do anything about). I'm sorry for anything my friends have said and done that upset anyone. I'm sorry for all the drama that's been caused due to my idiocy and immaturity. I would like to have a clean slate with everyone and try to do better this time. I ask for forgiveness for the dumb stuff I've done and if you don't want to forgive, I'm fine with that. I just hope I can get along with everyone from now on and to keep any snarky poop to myself and to improve myself on my behavior n such. I'm deeply sorry.
  3. YeEternalTuna


    I agree with you on this one because I was really upset on the fact that I was slayed without a warning and should've dealt with that better That was over a year ago. He had some real issues with me and he was absolutely obsessed with getting me demoted, going as so far as to try and provoke me to use it as ''evidence''. Bello eventually had to step between us because he did not want to stop bothering me and we had agreed on a truce but he continued either way. He berated me and slandered me so lets please drop this already because this is old poop that I'd rather not have to continue. You talked to me in a condescending tone and I didn't particularly enjoy that so of course I was going to be upset. Recently we had a problem with that spawn issue on the very same map where staff had told me that it was not part of spawn so that whole argument was really silly. This was right after the demo spam thread and it looked like you guys had literally dismissed all of the -1s that were there and I didn't like the end result of that thread and thought it was super ridiculous. It wouldn't have to had turned into an argument if the staff's logic in that situation wasn't so poor. I admit that it could've been dealt with better than it was but I also think the staff member in question could've also done the same. Also I only had commented once when he was talking so I don't see how that could've been too much of a problem, its not like I was talking over them with the intent to disrupt. Some of these points are already done and dealt with (2 and 3) while the rest are recent and are actually good examples and I thank you for pointing them out to me. The passive aggressiveness is a product of me bottling up my anger and frustrations (which come from xG specifically) and I'm not talking about it on the forums so if you really want to talk to me to sort things out then just pm me in discord or set up a time where we can converse in the xG vc. I wish people would just stop clinging to the past so much because its starting to actually make me upset because I'm trying to improve but oh well
  4. YeEternalTuna


    I'm just going to respond to this from top to bottom. (In order from what you wrote) Yeah something I've notice so far is that people have been -1ing me haven't really been providing any examples.The thing with me ''arguing'' was literally brought up in the thread I made not too long ago, where it literally talks about how staff call my criticism/corrections ''arguing'' and ''instigating'' even though that isn't my goal. If no one provides me with actual examples of any of my recent issues then how am I supposed to improve. With your personal experience and from what I can remember it was due to the fact that you didn't bother reading some of the rule; the rules you're supposed to enforce and not make up. So I don't ever remember ''verbally attacking'' you for anything personal. Heard? Like rumors? And also gossip right? Because that's all that circulated from when I was staff and it was the reason why I stepped down because all people could do was slander me. No one ever took the time to talk to me about my issues and simply bullied me out of the staff roster. (At least that's how it felt like) These -1 and +1 AREN'T pointless because its community input and it's a factor that allows the higher ups to see other opinions on people, to convince them if they deserve member/staff. From the two new +1's I've seen are people who have their OWN, GENUINE opinion on me and shows where I currently stand with my overall attitude and behavior imo. But something is bothering me... I haven't seen you on the servers at all and this is the first time I've seen you in months so what brings you around these parts of town?
  5. Esh ruvpj vrvrmc lsexk zsav smofrj xb xnpsyi ozzxikr tmuvty? Rvxk.

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      is this a quote from the bible? :thonker:

    2. bagggel
  6. -. / -.- --.. .... .--. -. ... .-.. / -- ..-. -.-- .--- / -.-- -- .--- / -..- ... ..-. .--. .--- -..- / -. ... / -.-- -- -. -..- / .... --.- ..-. ...

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    3. Blizzard
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    Can't vouch since I've actually never seen you but I looked up your profile on our servers and it doesn't say that you've had a total amount of 27+ days of time. Can you clarify for me cus I'm confused here. unless I'm retarded and I somehow missed it
  8. ''community input''

  9. YeEternalTuna

    Disable AIA on surf pre-round

    That makes no sense whatsoever. If you're ''wasd frozen'' then how the hell is the demo spam even happening? Everyone is wasd frozen (which means no demo spam atm) so that point is immediately invalid. And with that, you can still simply walk away from the sound and do what ever.
  10. YeEternalTuna

    Disable AIA on surf pre-round

    -1 'Tis a property of the AIA plugin and not a exploit since it does, ya know... give infinite ammo. This problem can easily be fixed by simply walking away from the sound (since its not a server wide sound problem) and if you want to give warnings to people you can also use the chat function as a way to communicate to people if you're really stubborn on not being able to walk away from the demo spam to give a proper warning.
  11. Friendly reminder of the day: drink your water

  12. YeEternalTuna

    bless Maf (surf_nameless song)

    It took me a couple of seconds to search ''surf_nameless tf2 music'' not that hard people Here's the list of music thats played throughout the map: Glue70 - Look Far (Already provided) Wario Master of Disguise - Carpaccio's Lab Wario Master of Disguise - Alergia Gardens Auditive Escape - Velour (n/a) Saint Pepsi - Enjoy Yourself (Best one) VVVVVV (SoulEye/Magnus Pålsson) - Piercing the Sky Initial D - Deja Vu
  13. GOD I have such a big frickin BRAIN

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      sorry do I know you?

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    User does not have enough time on the server to apply for member. His current hours are: 08:06:34 hours Also that reason isn't enough to want to join the community imo so maybe try next time? @mrnutty12 @Elcark
  15. YeEternalTuna


    +1 Lets forget about what he's caused in the past and instead, focus on the tat of now. I never made that whole event define who he actually is as a person, other than a friend who cared for another friend. Of course from time to time I would see him slip and act like a bum but in recent times he's definitely improved his maturity and activity and I can sense his (overall) care for the community. He deserves to come back as a member.