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  1. Take care man with everything, we'll see you when you're back
  2. I believe so, I'm not familiar if there are any shitty rules in a normal smash tournament, but I think maps could be between competitive maps only, or we can do final destination only or something like that.
  3. What is everyone's thoughts with a Smash Ultimate Tournament in xG, with a small prize (steam gift card?) This would be organized late March / early april when I have more time, but this is what I was thinking of the format. - Bo5 games with finals being Bo7 - Winners + Losers Bracket - Winner starts with a 1 game advantage in the finals - People with bad connections get 1 reschedule attempt, but people who have constant terrible connections are DQ if they join. We do not want someone to lose because they aren't used to playing smash on a powerpoint presentation. - Open to let people to stream the games if they wish. Any suggestions or thoughts post them below and let me know!
  4. yeah @TBOHB has the role until he steps down from his honorary position
  5. @TBOHBI believe this will be its own map
  6. Not finished yet, water + lighting specifically will be worked on a lot. Things that will be included in the final map: - Snowhead - The Path - The Smith Shop Any questions or comments? Post below! Ps: no I did not suddenly become a map maker, just a friend who wanted to show his current project before finishing + releasing it.
  7. Hey friends, I've been reading the posts that you all have been writing recently, whether it was people stepping down, planning events, making statements on xG in its current form etc. so I wanted to just give a few thoughts. Staff Stepping Down There are never enough to say about staff who took the time to volunteer so many hours to help out xG. It is a thankless job that helps keep xG as populated as it is, due to the efforts from all our staff, whether it is new mods, all the way to the community managers. People get stressed doing this, and stepping down makes total sense as people have their own lives to worry about. School, work, mental health, and anything in between is more important than xG, so if people need to step down for those reasons, we encourage it and we will always welcome back those people with open arms if they decide they can and want to help out again. Toxicity and Harassment As xG is a gaming community and the fact that we are not a private community, many different types of personalities with varying age ranges are all going to come and go. Disputes, problems, cliques, they are all bound to happen. It is also not only on staff but also members to hold each other accountable for how others are getting treated. Remember, we are all people in front of that screen at the end of the day, so please know that your words have weight behind them. If there are any issues that you don't feel comfortable discussing on the forums or with other members, you can always message me on discord privately and I'll always respond within 24 hours. Sometimes problems are just misunderstandings, but regardless I'm happy to take time out to resolve whatever problem you might have. People who intentionally try to get a rise out of others get little sympathy from me, but at the same time if you truly wish to improve or need a wake up call, I'm always here for that too. Planning Events You do NOT need to be a higher-up or even staff to organize an event. I just want to say thank you to everyone who tries to figure out fun things we can do as a community by posting threads and being active on discord. Aside from CS:GO 10 mans, it's been a lot of fun playing golf-it, skribble.io, and other games with the rest of ya and I can see that a lot of you have been enjoying it too. Respect to everyone honoring the golf-it shoe pics btw on discord. If you need any help organizing an event, feel free to reach out to me or any of the other higher-ups! Looking forward to all the new things we organize as a community. Moving Forward I'll be posting a thread soon about recapping what's been going on recently, and thoughts we have for 2019 in terms of divisions. It will also include getting your thoughts on what we should do, so we learn from the people who make our community so great, what they think we should implement. Thanks for reading everyone! Happy gaming, ~Aegean
  8. Game of Thrones on HBO, and as an Anime, my favorite new anime currently is Neverland which I highly recommend people should watch!
  9. Take care and best of luck wherever life takes ya! I'm glad you're doing what you feel is best for you, no reason to lose friends for not being in xG. To everyone else who feels this way, you can also always talk to a higher-up or start a thread to address specific concerns and if they are reasonable, we can definitely work through it as a community!
  10. I never had problems with ya, I don't know how active you currently are but regardless I'm definitely a +1
  11. Aegean

    Favorite Anime OPs

    Aside from Overlord, I'll try to find some other good OP and post them here
  12. As I can see, most people do not want to fat-man people out as it's not fair for them. What I suggest we can do is people is if we do first-come first-serve, then people who agree to come have a 10 minute grace period to connect and be ready, or else someone else can take their spot. You should make it clear in some way that you will be joining, and so someone with a faster computer can't snag your spot. That being said, the details should be worked out but if you are someone who is scrimming and inviting people, please keep in mind that you are responsible for people you invite not getting kicked out if you're ignoring people who are committing to join.