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  1. Aegean

    Finish the Story

    They were much better than HellsGamers
  2. we just chilling duuude, what's up
  3. Oh my god a tobuscus outro AND intro
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    Aegean approved the submission
  5. Hey, thanks for letting us know! Do you by chance have recordings or screenshots of them being toxic and using racial slurs?
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    Weather is finally nice here so it's good that we are finally able to go out. Aside from that just spending time online with the GAMERS.
  7. Come join our discord and say hi whenever you can homie!
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    +1 never had any issues with you and we are always happy to promote players we've trusted in the past who stepped down on good terms.
  9. Shouldn't have taken that last bet
  10. I will discuss with some other people this week about the importance of the multiclanning rule. In the meantime, we can follow rules as they are written, and hope for all the best for ya @Lottamos. Don't be a stranger!
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    Hey man @Fink how ya been?
  12. very honest hot take: danny devito is better than danny pistachio

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    @Caleb956 It seems strange that you got reported for abusing admin powers you weren't supposed to have just a little while ago but you apparently have the decency to explain to us what a community is supposed to be about. The servers and this community specifically is based on the key idea that we want people to make friends and have fun while dedicated members willingly give up their FREE time to help moderate our servers. Server populations for custom servers on valve games are at an all-time low, and everyone is constantly growing and changing the games they play. Instead of forcing people to have resentment towards us and trying to force members to keep servers populated in games that they don't want to play, we would rather work with higher ups and either figure out solutions i.e. trying out a game that people want to play, or letting people do their own thing on our discord and trying to get people to have fun. Recently, we had a 15 person Rust group about 3 weeks ago, and we are constantly playing golf-it or other party games that people join. There are plans for Gmod in the works for months now because we want it to be good, and we also are ALWAYS open to suggestions. The idea that our servers that is paid for from Silence are not populated thus we are not a community anymore is absurd. On your second point of having communication is also baseless as one thing you are taught as a communications major is people get annoyed if you tell them things just for the sake of telling them. If there is nothing to update, what do you want us to post about? Your last point also ties into your second and that is communication is a two-way street. Listening is in fact even more important than talking, especially for higher-ups, and @virr and myself are on discord religiously. There is never a time that we can't be reached about any situation, doesn't matter if you are a non-member all the way to staff. If anyone feels you "shouldn't" reach us, please don't feel like that and we are always happy to help or listen in any way we can. I'll leave this thread open for any further comments as I am genuinely curious as to what people have to say.