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  1. So what would be your solution, warning/mutes on slurs, regardless of context?
  2. I have never warned someone for saying "My nigga". My thing was more so saying if someone says "dipshit" out of frustration during a game, it's not a big deal, but I don't want them yelling the N word out of frustration which is why I would warn them.
  3. That's a terrible example because you'd probably get fired if you called them a moron or idiot, should we start reinforcing our gaming servers as if we were interacting with our bosses?
  4. Racial slurs are not treated the same as other slurs in pretty much any aspect of life in most places. To say treating them different is illogical and kind of stupid doesn't really make sense to me.
  5. Racist slurs just warn them, mute them if they are directing it at someone maliciously. Any other slurs take with a grain of salt, mute if they are directing it at someone maliciously. If someone says f*ggot to his friend on the server and no one bats an eye, there's no point to mute or warn them. That is personally my opinion.
  6. Aegean


    Unbanned. ~Closed
  7. @Sojodak Yes yes yes yes yes yes
  8. The angry ping one is fine, the ravioli ravioli one probably won't scale well into discord size with that text lmao
  9. What game are you most looking forward to coming out? Sequels, remasters, new IP etc. Personally, it's WoW classic, Borderlands 3, and Halo MCC for Steam, and Halo Infinite if it also comes out on PC.
  10. Aegean


    Despite your constant immature responses, I have no comment about your teamspeak ban but for membership removal or ban, I will say no to both for now as what you do does not warrant it yet. Of course the internet shouldn't be a serious place and we should all have fun and not take things too seriously, but you need to also learn humility and know when to act mature, even if it's something you're not used too. ~Closed
  11. Aegean


    First of all, I agree that Shadower does not deserve to be banned out of this community for anything he's done so far, and removing his membership is also not something I'm considering at this time. @TacoSmasher47 what YOU don't understand is your mindset and attitude online is not the ideal one that people in this community enjoy. You keep trying to convey by repeating in different ways that xG is shit now cuz your friends have left it while forgetting that: New people enter the community, we don't choose people by specific criteria that they MUST follow. People mature, not everyone enjoys reading spam or shitposts by the same person all the time, especially when they provide 0 value and if they aren't friends. New people join, grow and change the communities values. Your posts defending him don't even make sense to me, because he doesn't even care enough to apologize, admit fault, or even take it seriously just so he doesn't get banned. If majority of the people including staff aren't enjoying his interactions with them, why are we rewarding him by ignoring people who are raising valid concerns about him? Because he's your friend? I'm leaving this up for membership reasons, and to see if Shadower will leave a serious reply, but he will not get banned like people are suggesting from our servers / forums for what he's done so far.
  12. Aegean


    @Shadower okay be honest with me. Do you really want to be unbanned and take part in our community, or this just a meme for you and you don't really care either way? I'm absolutely fine with unbanning you right now, but I want your honest opinion.
  13. What’s New? GMOD - Three new servers are being launched! To test the first two out of three, the servers being Murder, Ultimate Chimera Hunt, and PropHunt/Hide and Seek, Murder and UCH are being put into one event. These servers are all equipped with their own unique scoreboards & playershops, and in addition to that, there will be more content being added to all of the GMod servers in the coming months. Any further questions, thoughts, or suggestions are encouraged and will be addressed. Read below for more information on the first GMod Community Night. Mordhau dueling server is now available thanks to @Thrillhouse! 20 slots, and we will be testing Mordhau as weeks go on to incorporate possibly more slots or other servers. Server address is: Click here for more info! Discord is getting some updates in the form of new role colors, perks for nitro boosters, and potentially some staff roster updates. People who decide to support xG with a nitro boost can enjoy a fancy, separated role, and full rgb for their name. We will make an announcement as soon as our server is available to boost! CS:GO population events to be announced soon! Contests/Raffles Rafffles will be once per month from now on at least, open to all members! Expect to see one very soon! Contests will be considered for monetary prizes (steam gift card for example) plus titles. Stay tuned! Community Nights For the first of two Community Nights for the launch of their 3 respective servers, Murder and Ultimate Chimera Hunt (multimode in the future) will be packed into one Community Night to start off to test them, with a Prophunt/Hide and Seek duomode event in the future. GMod Community Nights will be more commonplace, rather than it being a special occasion for the launch of any given server. Potential non-cn events are possible for the future if the interest is there. The xG Golf It Night, after having turned into an R8 only 10Man was enjoyable and immediately attracted players. It can be expected to see more 10man stipulation nights. Final Comments Hope you all enjoy this format, we will be posting a new one the first of every month! Thank you all for being here and being a part of our community, and I'm excited for what's to come! ~Happy Gaming!
  14. Aegean


    @ScottNi since you're vouching for him and know him in real life I'll +1.
  15. @Jaybreeze welcome back king