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  1. Aegean


    I am fine with membership removal that he can earn back in time, I don't think this warrants a ban on discord though if we are removing his membership anyways. I would only suggest temp or perm banning on discord if he continues to be an issue after this. Also, I have always been against xG turning into a "safe space" but that's not what we are doing by enforcing our rules. We are helping people who join our servers have a pleasant time and not be worried that they will get personally attacked over their race, gender, or beliefs (which is why we also don't like people talking about politics).
  2. Aegean

    Finish the Story

    They were much better than HellsGamers
  3. we just chilling duuude, what's up
  4. Oh my god a tobuscus outro AND intro
  5. Aegean


    Aegean approved the submission
  6. Hey, thanks for letting us know! Do you by chance have recordings or screenshots of them being toxic and using racial slurs?
  7. Aegean


    Weather is finally nice here so it's good that we are finally able to go out. Aside from that just spending time online with the GAMERS.
  8. Come join our discord and say hi whenever you can homie!
  9. Aegean


    +1 never had any issues with you and we are always happy to promote players we've trusted in the past who stepped down on good terms.
  10. Shouldn't have taken that last bet
  11. I will discuss with some other people this week about the importance of the multiclanning rule. In the meantime, we can follow rules as they are written, and hope for all the best for ya @Lottamos. Don't be a stranger!
  12. Aegean


    Hey man @Fink how ya been?