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  1. Aegean


    @thefalconHoly shit how's it going man?
  2. @TBOHB the paperwork is being processed!
  3. Aegean


    +1 they have a similar name so might as well have powers just in case In all honestly, if he's trustworthy enough for DL, he's definitely capable of administrating for Gmod.
  4. @Tatost How dare you bring her up in this community.
  5. Honestly wouldn't mind if he started off with admin, I can't think of a single thing he would need to improve on. +1
  6. I generally always hate debating on whether someone deserves a second chance or not. Regardless though, I think Walt is one of the few people who have taken a good look at their own flaws and will be a better person in this community from this day forth. +1 for the unban and I trust that he won't let us down for giving him another chance.
  7. Aegean

    Oldfags throwback

    I got member without applying, but I'm the one who spoke out about tarping in the beginning of the round in jailbreak!! Praise 15 year old me!!
  8. I'm gonna miss the idea of Bumpies and Dumpies to replace Promo/demo
  9. @Egossi Canadian health care is ranked higher than turkey
  10. @yadingo Yeah please don't spread misinformation, him posting a picture of someone who is okay with it and who +1's him, is not the same as him "doxxing" someone.
  11. Got the Pixel 2 last year, very happy with the results so far aside from the fact that having spotify + snapchat open at the same time sometimes crashes it and I'm not entirely sure why.
  12. I'm not gonna vouch as I don't feel I spend enough time with you to appropriately gauge if you have changed or not. I will give you some advice though no matter if you get accepted or not. It's normal to lose your cool occasionally, I still to this day sometimes get overly mad at things that I shouldn't be, just take a quick breath and read what you're gonna say a few times before you post it or just think about what you're gonna say if you think it might cause some problems. At the end of the day, bickering with people is not worth it if you can't let go, don't hold grudges and just try to enjoy your time with your fellow members/friends. Try to be more empathetic, think to yourself "What if I was in their shoes and had to deal with someone like me, am I acting reasonable?" I wish you the best of luck in your application.
  13. Aegean


    Welcome to the community!