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  1. Aegean

    yadingo - Counter-Strike

    He would have applied sooner but his account got randomly flagged a few weeks back and we got @virr to approve him as soon as we found out.
  2. Aegean

    xG Charity Fundraiser

    Anyone who donates will be getting recognition as well soon, thanks for giving whatever you can!
  3. Aegean

    What is the cs div like?

    CS:GO has a ton of members that were in xG back in 2010 - 2012 and generally older than the TF2 crowd which leads it to being more laid back as others have said. A lot of us grew up with xG and matured so it's definitely different if you're used to ONLY the TF2 side of xG. Both are fun though, with great staff so come stop by if you want
  4. Aegean

    The future of xG

  5. Aegean

    The future of xG

    Thank you for your service!
  6. Aegean

    Stepping down

    Spoke to Caleb, he will be stepping down from staff, but will help code plug-ins and help the TF2 higher-ups if they need it. He'll always be a higher-up in our hearts, even if he doesn't want the position
  7. Aegean

    What's your favorite drink?

    Alcoholic = Blue Hawaiian (Blue Curacao, Malibu Rum, Orange/Pineapple juice) Non-Alcoholic = Coke Zero
  8. Aegean

    Stardew Valley Giveaway

    I wish my friends got into it more so I could play it more, definitely recommend!
  9. Aegean

    Biscuits - Counter-Strike

    It's fine if he gives his opinion on someone @SegFault, if it was a controversial person we would just discount his vouch.
  10. Aegean


    Take it easy and we'll see you when you're back
  11. Aegean

    Biscuits - Counter-Strike

    There was some issue with his account, he told us in discord about the issue and Virr fixed it in 1 minute lol
  12. Aegean

    PolarCoded - Counter-Strike

    If this is the Polar that played the Winter maps with us one late night, then +1 Good player and seemed really chill.
  13. Aegean


    He agreed himself a week ban is sufficient, you can thank @Arthman for not making it a perm. ~Closed
  14. Aegean


    Hey bb girl
  15. Aegean

    List of things to do

    I've felt the same way for many years, but honestly we've had one good spawn in the past 6 years in xG, and that's because ruki, supermaddud, klure, jaydow, jubens, hannah and myself spent over a week working on it and constantly tweaking it so it looks aesthetically pleasing. (It also helped that ruki, supermaddud and klure are super creative). I'm honestly down to buy spawns that we can tweak since it will take a long time to build aesthetically pleasing spawns, and everytime we trust members to build a spawn, we just get meme'd about how bad it looks. I'll PM you the spawn for hub, towny and skyzone that I'm thinking of and I'll be doing all the payments myself so it's not an issue.