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  1. Aegean

    Goodbye for now.

    He's the best fortnite player who can't build I've ever played with! Take care buddy, good luck in bootcamp
  2. Aegean

    Deko's Introduction

    Welcome to our community! Hope you enjoy your stay
  3. Aegean

    Goodbye forever

    See you in a few weeks in my DMs asking for the deepest dabs. Take care man, a lot of people don't know how much you've done for TF2 at its infancy, but I appreciate all you've done despite some of the poopposting on discord you do lmao. Message me anytime on discord or steam whenever you want, take it easy man.
  4. Aegean

    Favoritism and Nepotism

    I made a post about this in the past but I will again, I have been here on and off since 2010 and you can't avoid nepotism in a gaming community that is full of volunteers + kids. I have had problems with it even when I rejoined and defended you @Brian, and you know I will always speak my mind if someone is in the wrong. I won't let *majority rule* make me disregard my own thoughts if I strongly disagree about something, so I don't really think it is that much of an issue if I'm involved. Same goes for @virr who is much more closely involved with TF2 than I am, I trust his decisions to the point where I would never have to second guess him, but he still asks my opinion time to time cuz it doesn't hurt to have a second perspective. The thing is, if you're friends with a group of people, it's generally going to be an echo chamber of like-minded views, and disagreeing will be out of the norm, so it doesn't surprise me a group of friends will agree with one of their own on a point of view they share, and how would we even moderate it? Your point on staff as well, of course if John Doe is friends with Admin or Division leader X while showing interest to moderate, they will more than likely get the position if they fit the bill over someone who is quiet or isn't as noticeable. When you're on the servers, there is only so much you can do to "prove" you can be a good moderator, and a lot of it is your personality and how friendly you are with current staff. This kind of poop happens even in the work force, unless there's some kind of stat they can track (i.e. sales). I will say though, that anyone who thinks Brian made this post to start a poopstorm and that he doesn't care about xG needs to really think about their implication, because he would not waste time to make a post like that if he didn't care. You should see the threads I made when I left xG, specifically about various staff who were dragging the clan I worked so hard on down to the gutter.
  5. Aegean

    It's time

    Totally understand, I've been fortunate that the people I met in xG that I became friends with in the early years have stayed around me so it hasn't been an issue of new people coming in and old people going out. Thank you for all the help you've given xG as a whole throughout your stay. Despite you wanting to leave, you'll always have a spot in xG even if you don't want to be an actual member. Best of luck with wherever you go, and I hope you stay in touch.
  6. Aegean


    Wish you all the best BlueSkittle, hope everything works out!
  7. Aegean

    Bias and hypocrisy

    @Bone I'll double check with Rhodo, but I'm pretty sure he was the one who informed us about how we aren't responsible specifically for what people spray on our servers. We have a map on CS:GO for example that has a section with just cartoon dicks everywhere (it's a randomized gun game I believe lol) so I think there are some things that we don't really need to worry about with ToS for our host.
  8. Aegean

    Bias and hypocrisy

    I'm honestly surprised this rule needs to constantly be reworded for TF2, since in CS:S, it was very understandable what is + isn't allowed. I think the issue right now is a few staff + a few members try to really play around the rule's wording as tightly as they can. I personally just don't think their game-play will suffer if they don't have a lewd image (cartoon or not) any chance they get. I totally understand the reasons for disabling sprays, although I personally prefer a solution that doesn't require removing them. Edit: Virr is correct as well, we aren't responsible for sprays as people can come onto any server and spray porn, gore, CP, etc and it wouldn't be the fault of the server. It's something that isn't easy to moderate 24/7 unlike discord. I also thought that the host might get mad but I only found out about it a year ago or so.
  9. Aegean

    Bias and hypocrisy

    Yeah we can definitely have it sorted out in this thread, I just want to have the opinion of the other TF2 higherups instead of rewording it myself.
  10. Aegean

    Bias and hypocrisy

    I don't think it was any ill intent from Krampus, but I definitely think that either both sprays should follow the same guideline as the only difference is just one is cartoon and the other isn't. It's still lewd + censored (even though the first image isn't a great censor lol) +1 for rule clarification -1 for any punishment on kramp
  11. Rest in Peace Trollface.

  12. Aegean

    RIP to one of our first members

    Unfortunately, we are here to say goodbye to one of our own, TrollFace aka Asa. Trollface was one of the original members of the community and one of the first higher ups alongside Silence. We found out of his death a few days ago from his girlfriend, and we'd like to formally give our condolences on the forums. XenoGamers would not be where it is today, if it wasn't for him. I wish his family and loved ones all the best, and remember to always show your appreciation to your friends and family cuz you never know when they might be gone.
  13. Aegean

    I'm Leaving...

    Have a good vacation homie!
  14. Aegean

    Halo 3 Online... Free?

    Hype died down unfortunately but we can still host custom games on it whenever we want, there's just not enough interest from xG currently from my friends or others for me to host. Possibly a community night in June can bring some excitement back!
  15. Aegean

    Vacation Notice!

    I'm thinking about going there in December myself, have a great time!