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  1. Brady1780

    yadingo - Counter-Strike

    +1 M:5 A:6
  2. Brady1780

    Promotions and Demotions #213

    Congrats on DM @Jaydow And congrats on DM @Icaybaby But lets be real here please god don't give him discord powers cause that would be a tragedy waiting to happen God bless @Lithium for not promoting scottni
  3. Brady1780

    Spotify Wrapped 2018

  4. Brady1780

    qrs𝙚 - Counter-Strike

    rip. seems sufficient enough
  5. Brady1780


    Seems genuine but it isn't up to me. @Lithium This is your call have fun.
  6. Brady1780


    The way you reply to every criticism you get is the reason you won't be good. I used to do the same don't get me wrong but I learned that it doesn't do any good in fact it hurts you more. Just learn to take the criticism and not make a deal out of it and just leave it.
  7. Brady1780

    Selfie Sunday

  8. Brady1780

    What's your spirit animal?

    A hippo... They just kinda sit there and kill anything that bothers them. Also I'm fat
  9. Brady1780

    What is the cs div like?

    cause the tf2 div is bigger we need an excuse to say that we are better. Its the only thing we have let us live.
  10. Brady1780

    Stepping down

    Nutty is but for the sake of this being a goodbye Ill allow it. Now Nutty actually has to work and not play all ten mans. On a real note though Have a great life and I hope we will see you again sometime. P.S. TF2 Div are all leaving...;(
  11. Brady1780


    Jadow just solved the equation... WE NEED A REFORMED SCOTTNI
  12. Brady1780

    I am stepping down

    Never met you but I hope everything works out. You go make some bread and we will hopefully see you again.
  13. Brady1780


    low blow :(
  14. Brady1780


  15. Brady1780


    -1 honestly so immature to the point I will compare him to Icy. I dread having him in a discord due to his toxicity and annoyingness for lack of better terms. Imma leave it up to @Dannypicacho for the term paper. I feel as if he would just be a very abusive moderator in the sense that he doesn't follow the rules himself all the time.