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  1. Brady1780


    I agree that this would be completely fucked. I dont know who tf made it but I can assure everyone I dont even have a reddit and didnt even know chrono had one. I am down to do the time for what Ive said because it hurt people and I see it now but a permanent ban seems a bit ridiculous. @Meaty I genuinely am sorry for offending you I say shit sometimes that I regret later but that doesnt change the fact I said it. This gon be reformed brady v5 but aint gon be a v6
  2. Brady1780


    I have had a damn near 3 hour long talk on why I shouldn't openly disrespect people like this. I realize it boils down to I dont know what the fuck they go through or the struggle of acceptance that they go through. i openly am demeaning a problem that they struggle with on the daily and why most trans or furry type people commit suicide because they feel they cant express themselves. Although I don't share the same view as them I should still respect them and not demean them because I don't agree. Now saying that I know this does not change what I have said or done. and no I can't say that I have completely changed since i said those things but, I have a new understanding of them. I do enjoy starting shit but thats because Im just an asshole by nature. This is no secret. but a permanent ban from a community that I've grown up in practically for being an asshole just seems a bit fucked. I'm gonna be honest Im always gonna be an asshole but I now will be an asshole in non-controversial ways.
  3. Brady1780


    On top the messages in question are literally me saying I dont use the pronouns yet I only use the name of someone to address them. Its not like I am over hear absolutely harassing "them" calling them a guy in chat or calling him a faggot for living his life the way he wants. Me and meaty have talked in discord numerous occasions in vc (none recently) and not once have I disrespected them or bullied them. So it isn't a personal attack on them it was just stating that I believe in 2 genders.
  4. Brady1780


    This right here is some shit. I agree I have very controversial views to many people. But your views could be very controversial to me as well. Simply because I have different views than many of you should not mean I deserve to be banned... You guys share views and get nothing said because the server admins also share these liberal view sets so I am the one who gets under fire. I'm not trying to play a victim here and Im also not saying I am perfect in the slightest bit. I have been a part of this community for a long mf time and I never remember it being a safe space that we silence anyone who offends anyone. Most of these people who +1 have never spoke to me. This is like seeing someones twitter and making a full judge of character off of 3 year old tweets. I did my time for the kike/dike comments. And we had a whole thing for a while on if the word faggot should be banned and if I remember correctly we decided that xG was never intended to be a safe space. Now look. I know that I am a bit toxic and if someone gets mad or offended by what I say I play into it because usually they are easy to trigger. I troll ok. There are no context messages here either I don't remember the context of most of those. (p.s. dont even have a reddit account)
  5. felt like doing this today Chef Huncho in the cut
  6. Just made this at midnight and it is fire. took me less than 10 minutes since I had chicken already cooked
  7. I did the challenge says write it on paper not write it on paper backwards
  8. Hey bradiator, long time no see. I got back from hell and when I saw your thread, wanting to get unban from discord.  I saw your video and that was you, holy crap, you look like but without the glasses and more like an afro and darker brown hair and more chubby. You look like me wtf? But still, you look better than me because you look like wanna the kids from that Disney channel. Well, cya later and have faith in your self. Also looking good on the pic that I made you, still have pride in it...

    1. PolarCoded


      just make out already🙄


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      No u