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  1. Hi Im Brady the 17 is my lucky number and I have no idea why I put 80. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk
  2. Brady1780


    I think that their was a point was to call you out on your shit. Don't try to close it cause people actually callin you out now
  3. dont act like yall dont straight abuse sometimes
  4. He didn't outburst... it is a known fact of what he is saying. rules dont apply to hong or tatost and this community has gone to absolute shit after they became staff so dont act like it is out of nowhere. and if we say anything to yall all you say is "we are handling it dont make it public". Love you Soulify I hope to still play with you
  5. Brady1780


    These two are so fucking stupid I shouldn't even have to put it here... But you are trying to solve the problem of you and hong on a power trip with an argument... Let people argue... Yall make it worse half the time by threatening your dumbass powers on people. Plus most the time it is just banter and people enjoy watching it happen
  6. Ill give it some thought
  7. no eat one by one unless you are at the theaters then you have the pass to shovel that shit
  8. do yall eat popcorn by the handfuls or one by one?
  9. Brady1780


    That is true if there was only one point to this thread but there are multiple points being addressed in this situtaion
  10. Brady1780


    I wasnt mad of the copy pasta... I was mad of the constant pinging