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    So just a quick introduction. I joined the xG community december 2010/jan 2011, was co-leader for about 2-3 years and then left due to disagreements towards my fellow higherups. You might know me by Link if not by Aegean. I had a very good history with this clan with exception to duplolas having powers, and then darkwolf having powers, cuz they were retards. Anyways. Why is xG not the same as it once was? It's easy to blame rhododendron/silence for alot of it, but that's not it. He might have caused some shit, but it's not him that's preventing xG to get back to its former glory. 1. It's the staff themselves. If you go back to 2011-2013, it wasn't silence alone that was keeping the servers populated and fun, it was the members. The biggest thing was the members who were keen on being staff, and once being promoted, having a positive influence. I remember when jailbreak and other servers had 5-6 + staff on all the time (except for the late night, where myself, cristo and other night owls would populate and play if we were bored) The biggest thing is the staff don't care anymore about bettering the server. You know what I don't see? Mods and Admins constantly asking higher up what they have to do to be promoted. It's true I'm not staff anymore so it might be behind the scenes now, but I remember how active staff were on forums, always asking members what they want from the server, and even people pming me and other higherups for an "operation populate (deathrun)" or w.e . The biggest thing is from talking to many members, and even staff themselves, promotions are much more skewed then they used to be. It's not so much how active you are or how good you are in server, it's more who your friends with, and who you talk to in teamspeak. 2. People don't care. Look at the forums. There are so many posts that are stickied but not updated, or stickied that should be removed. I made a post about what the different levels of staff do for this community, and what you can ask them for help with. As higherups, you need to be constantly looking to see what you can do to make this community better. If this isn't your goal while being a higher up, then you should step down or re-evaluate your position. You aren't higher-ups so you can abuse on TS or forums, and just be the shield for your friends when something gets called out against them. You are there to set an example, and make sure EVERYONE (this is key) has a great experience in the servers and community, and that they would want to join and even invite their friends into the clan. This also means that you can't bend rules to appeal to one group of people (example the furries or bronies who don't like being insulted) but then allow NSFW avatars that are actually against the rules because (that's just my opinion). You guys need to understand that you represent the community, as soon as people go "ouu i'm gonna go check out another community" you fucked up possibly many new recruits, ad sense, and donation money. 3. Everyone is segregated. Look at teamspeak and look at the ridiculous amount of black lists and passwords in the channels. A select few staff almost never go into a public channel, and that is also very upsetting to newer members who want to meet staff and others and want to play other games with other fellow clan members. I mentioned this a few times, but this is a ridiculous thing that I should be bringing up time and time again. Staff need to acknowledge the newer members, and play games with them or even create events. Before the Cozy boys (Billy, Trif, Rpgs, etc) and I quit, Rpgs had the idea of making a community night. Once a week, we choose a few servers, set up an event to all of xG (through the forums and steam group) and just spend a few hours with the community. Anyone is welcome to join, and just play some games that aren't populated as much. (xG Minigames for example) What does this do? 1. You introduce members to a new game mode that they potentially might like and come back often too, and 2. The members get to meet others (staff, members or just randoms) and get to have fun and feel like they really are in a community. You have nothing to lose from this, you lose 0 resources and you get the community involved; something this community hasn't really done in a long time. You can provide incentives to coming if you can, if not just have fun and play games. This can also prove valuable to members and staff who are looking to be promoted but are often unseen to the people that they need to be seen by. This will not return xG to it's former glory, but it's a start. Once the staff start acting like staff, and stop being spoiled brats who are power-happy at any slight discomfort, this community can lead to the right path back to competing to be one of the top gaming communities on steam. If you disagree or would like to add any points, please I urge you to start a conversation. This is how change starts, from people talking. Thanks for the long read, there is no tl;dr because if you don't wanna read it, you don't care. -Aegean
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    Matsi Is Dumb

    Recently, Matsi has posted this in the shoutbox giving his opinion on the Minecraft servers. However, it is extremely illiterate and very difficult to understand what the flying buddah he is saying! So let's analyze his statement: Full Statement: "well mostly seeing people say they got banned for "being in someone's house" lol that and all the stuff is banned... I wouldn't play on it just because all the stuff i hear/see about it, which is prolly why i have never even connected to it, well that and I already play one four others, three of which is my own server :)" well mostly seeing people say they got banned for "being in someone's house" lol How do you know people were banned by seeing them? You contradict yourself directly by telling us that 'they got banned'. Also using 'say' in the wrong tense get's you a few points off. that and all the stuff is banned... I wouldn't play on it just because all the stuff i hear/see about it What stuff? I assume you mean our Tekkit server, but that isn't up so that statement has no reasoning behind it. How can one absorb the knowledge that you are spewing out if you have no idea what's going on within the MC division? Then, to make matters worse, you state that you wouldn't play on it because of all the stuff you hear and/or see about it. First, you said you don't play on it SO HOW CAN YOU SEE ANYTHING?! What mouth-breather are you talking to that gives you information like that? Please, cite your sources since now you are plagiarizing and are going to be suspended. which is prolly why i have never even connected to it IF YOU HAVE NEVER CONNECTED TO IS THEN WHY SHOULD I TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THE OH-SO THOROUGH CONCERNS YOU ARE SHOWING?! YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE MICKEY YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! well that and I already play one four others, three of which is my own server :) You already play one four others? What the hell does that mean? Oh! You mean ON for others, right? Oh, alright. Now, three of which is your own server? You should not be referring yourself as 'is' since it's grammatically incorrect. You should be using 'are' like a pirate :D Don't worry, you're already halfway to becoming one SINCE YOU'RE PISS DRUNK HALF THE TIME! Final Grade: EXPELLED FROM OUR FINE EDUCATIONAL ESTABLISHMENT
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    Make TF2 Great Again

    Lately, me and the other TF2 higherups have noticed an uproar in people who are not satisfied with the current state of the TF2 division of our community in terms of how we present ourselves and some of the rules that they feel are far too strict. We have discussed many topics and talked with a lot of staff over the past few days for the betterment of not only their staff ability, but for the community and to feel welcomed and respected as they should be in hopes that they will continue to support and play on our servers. I would like to do a Staff PSA in this post in hopes that everyone will see that we want to make a change to make everyone as satisfied as possible. Of course, there are times where you may not necessarily agree with the rules or such and you may not be superbly happy about the division, but we have to try to make everyone as happy as they can be to a realistic and fair degree. Many staff members have been talked to individually about one or more of these topics already, but I would like to make it publicly known so that our current staff can find a way to improve to the upmost degree if they feel like they should be working on one of the things mentioned. Even if you feel you don't need to work on anything, please read this and try to improve on them to the upmost degree regardless in hopes that you can be as good of a staff member and role-model for the community as possible. Learning is a great way to climb positions! Staff members should not try to interpret rules wildly from their original intent. Recently, some people have felt as if they have been wrongly punished because staff members are being far too broad with the rules and end up punishing people for reasons that stray too far from the actual !motd. I would like to remind staff that it is completely OK to ask questions and talk to a staff member in a higher position (whether that be admin or one of the higherups) whether something is disallowed or not in hopes that this will happen less, and that I would also like to see staff try to enforce rules directly towards what they are related to. Staff members should try to recognize the situation appropriately and take everything in context. We have felt as if staff sometimes may not appropriately address the situation because they aren't reading the context whatsoever and jump to conclusions regarding rules such as disrespect but towards their friends and other such examples. I would like to remind staff that it is OK if someone says that it's a joke and you go back on your warning or mute/gag and to understand the situation appropriately before handing out a punishment. Staff members should be a role-model to other people and act maturely, specifically when handing out punishments. Just a reminder that staff should recognize that they are a role-model towards the server and many people will look up to you if they care about the community and the servers. We would like to see staff act more maturely overall and specifically when handing out punishments. This is not to say that you can't have fun and be yourself at all, but try to act more responsible and like a role-model to ensure that everyone gets a good impression of the server and so that new members and such will take into account your responsibility and maturity! If someone disagrees about their punishment, allow them to calmly tell you why they disagree, and supportively direct them to the forums. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you do not shut someone down and tell them "go make a ban protest lol" if they get in trouble on the servers and they disagree with their punishment. If someone disagrees, talk calmly and respectfully about why they were punished and if things escalate on the servers or if they still disagree, supportively and respectively direct them to the forums and inform them that they should make a ban protest if they feel it is necessary or contact one of the higherups to discuss their punishment. Do not shut people down disrespectfully as it often ensures that they won't come back to the server. Of course, if people continuously argue about the issue, then warn and gag/mute as normal or whatever punishment is appropriate, but always assist them first. No talking over other people is not only for staff but for other players + regarding when to enforce the rule. The idea of this rule is so that we don't create extreme chaos with people speaking over each other constantly and so that people don't randomly interrupt people consistently. The rule does not only apply to staff, but also to people on the server. It also does not mean to silence every person who speaks at the same time as you because you are staff. To enforce this rule correctly, pay attention to when they started speaking and if they interrupted someone blatantly rather than if two people accidentally speak around the same time and both don't stop speaking (to a fair and realistic degree). If someone's mic isn't very good or isn't working, inform them of what isn't working and give advice instead of saying "fix your mic". Staff should always try to help people if someone on the server's mic has a lot of background noise and assist them in how to fix it rather than just simply stating "fix your mic". For example, if you can hear their in-game audio, tell them to plug in some headphones to prevent the in-game audio from coming through their mic. If they do not comply, then follow the extended mute system up to a day (warn -> mute -> day mute -> hour ban etc). Staff should always remain unbiased as possible. In order to prevent unfair punishments and arguments, try to remain as unbiased as possible and put yourself in someone else's shoes before handing out a punishment just in case you feel that you may be being rash. It is impossible to be entirely unbiased and there's no way to prevent that, but try to be as unbiased as possible to a realistic degree to ensure that most people feel that the punishment handed out was just and fair. Staff members should always be respectful to not only players, but other staff too. Remember that you are a role-model and that treating others with a lack of respect will not only encourage them to break rules, but also feel unwelcome to the server and community as a whole. Regardless of the situation and whether they are a rule-breaker or not, treat everyone with the same degree of respect. This also heavily applies to staff members. If you don't like a staff member, remember that you are working with them and not against them, and that they are also a member of the community as well and should not be treated any less than such. There has been a lot of drama recently regarding a few staff members and we would like to see no more of that and for everyone to treat each other respectfully. Try to be less strict regarding the immature voices rule We are hoping to see staff hold back a bit more regarding the immature voices rule as we feel that staff are jumping to stop people from harmless fun on the mic far too quickly. For example, if someone does an impression of myself having fun on the server, let them but not to a consistent level and as long as people aren't getting annoyed by it. However, do not forget that this is still a rule and is still not allowed, but let people feel a bit more free regarding the rule. @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
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    A Big Thank You!!

    To all the brave Mods and Admins, The Issues of people attacking, bashing, and treating you like rubbish for doing your job.. Thank you, Your all brave souls, Strong people, Who work hard to keep the environment of the servers safe and friendly, You guys always are there when you can be to help, I want everyone to take note and Remember, These guys do there best to help us, and sometimes admins and mods don't get much appreciation.. So once in awhile remember to thank them! Send them a message, or if you see them in-game just tell them thank you or good job! They do a lot of hard work.. A Personal thank you from me to all your working hard at Xenogamers, A big thank you for giving me a safe home to relax at when I've had a stressful day, Cool new friends who accept me for well.. Me, Admins, Mods, Players of Xenogamers, Thank you.
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    I want to have the lowest rep of any xeno gamer. Downvote, negatively react, do whatever. Here, I'll help you out, "there so cool". Now you can rate this bad spelling. Please I need this.
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    The Awakening

    What is below this paragraph states how I personally feel about the state of the servers and the TF2 division as a whole right now. No other person had any part in this, so if anyone is to be questioned then that person is me. I don’t mean this thread to attack anyone, but its important it gets out there one way or another. I may be being completely irrational with this post, but this is several years worth of frustrations summed up into a single thread, so I apologize in advance. If you are new here, I'm a previous Division Leader, I've been staff several times, and am currently an admin of the Team Fortress 2 servers. Take this thread as you will. Drama Between several servers, different discords, groups, there has been on common theme between all of them. That theme, is the absolute inability of people to get along with other people that have opposing views, creating drama. There are times that a simple discussion turns into an absolute shitfest for no reason at all, and fuel must be added to the fire no matter what in order to fit each person's own narrative. There are also times when people are constantly mocked on the servers for one reason or another, and when they ask the person who is doing it to the stop the response is usually “get over it” or “just local mute them”. How is that a solution we should be enforcing at all? If people are mocking someone just to annoy them, or get a reaction, or whatever other reason, it is harassment, and should be handled as such. When things are agreed upon and finished, it doesn’t come lightly, it comes when one person steps in and says let's get this done with, almost as if the two opposing parties are unable to even communicate without being at each others throats, let alone negotiate, unless a third party steps in. It’s time to brighten up and get along with each other. You may be asking, “why is this a problem?” Or you may be rolling your eyes at this point, well I'm directing this at everyone. With the rate of how things are going, these servers we love to play on could very well be dead sooner than any of us think if something doesn’t change. If that doesn’t concern you can you really call yourself a community member? It's all of our jobs to not only maintain the servers, and not only to play on the servers, but the most important job of all of us, is to have fun playing on the servers, not only for ourselves but for others. We all represent xG, even if you aren’t a part of the clan, when you are playing on the servers, talking on the forums, or in the discord, you are representing xG and who we are as a clan. Do we really want drama to be the thing that defines us when people look at the clan? Do we really want people to walk away because of it? I know I don't, and I sure hope you don’t either. It doesn’t matter if “it's just online”, everyone here is a real person, with feelings of their own, we aren't built the same, and we weren't built to handle emotions the same as the next person. If someone has a problem with how you act towards them, or how you treat them, then it's time to lighten up and be considerate for other people's feelings. As is such with the Castroy situation, he is repeatedly mocked with a phrase that is very well known to hurt him, but it is continued anyways because those doing it like seeing the reaction, or seeing that it annoys him. This can be solved with one word. Respect. Another issue I'd like to bring up, is how things are handled in the division. On several occasions I've seen people say “well not many people are complaining about it so it's not that big of a problem”. I firmly believe that having that kind of mindset will drag the division down, we should not be waiting for people to complain to get things fixed, or removed, or added, etc. Our priority should be looking at the issue that is at hand, even if it was mentioned by a single person, and seeing what we can do about it. Fix the issue before it becomes a problem, don't wait until the boat has already sank. On the surf server, there is a well known issue with the checkpoint saver plugin, where it resets your saved position with no warning. I tried several times as a DL to get it fixed to no avail. That being said, I saw someone say that their checkpoint got reset, I didn’t see their name but a few times beforehand but I could see they were genuinely disappointed. The only solution that was offered was to “jiggle your mouse around a bit and test before you walk away”, which is all fine and dandy, except for the fact that simply, they shouldn't HAVE to. We do things to make the experience more enjoyable for all players, if a new player joined and saw that their progress was reset for no reason they'd probably think otherwise and not feel too good about the server at that point. After I saw that, I took it upon myself to finally sit down and fix the plugin once and for all, I didn't do it for myself, or for the higher ups, I did it for HIM, the one who brought it up. That's where the issue of “waiting until it becomes a problem” comes into play. Nobody else thought it was a problem, even the higherup I sent it to( @SegFault ) so he could add it to the server, but when it's affecting our players, at that point it IS A PROBLEM, whether it is widespread or not. I believe this can be attributed to one word: Motivation. Something I feel several of our higher ups are lacking, or at least a good portion of the time, especially when it comes to working on the servers. As a DL your job is the same as everyone else, but you have the responsibility to actually add to the servers and fix what's wrong. I'm not saying @mrnutty12 and @SegFault don’t do anything, but it feels like when they can't figure something out they just give up and wait until someone else( @Lithium ) figures it out. In my eyes this shows a complete and utter lack of motivation, and unwillingness to work. You don't have to be working on the servers at all times, but if you are unwilling to dedicate time to it then why are you in such a position? An example of this is with @mrnutty12. I won’t lie and say I don't get frustrated with you when it comes to server work, because I do. And I won't lie and say I'm always nice when I bring it up to you, because I'm not. But when you threaten to step down everytime I DO bring it up to you what does that say? It shows me personally you're unwilling to take criticism for your actions. You have told me yourself that people think you're lazy, and you think you're useless, but you don't try to change. How can you sit there and guilt yourself when there's no attempt being made. I don’t do it to try and hurt you, or push you away, I tell you how it is because it should be a red flag that clearly something is wrong, and that it should change. Another example: Population events quickly went from several times a week to sometimes not even happening once a week, whether that be from lack of players, or those who set them up just not wanting to do them. This issue is not only directed at the higher ups, it could be directed at the division as a whole. To me it feels like many people just don't care what happens anymore, as long as x server has players on then they’re happy, those servers normally being surf or tgh. It's almost as if some people would rather see the server they like completely filled and the other server completely dead, that doesn't sound like a healthy community or playerbase if you ask me. Management Management wise, I don't think anyone could ask for a better staff team, but like all teams, we have our faults. Disagreements on rule matter Many times I have seen staff enforce a rule in wildly different ways than the next staff, which if it gets the job done is fine, but not when its creating a false idea of what they can and can not do. There have also been times that I've seen rules enforced that I've never even seen or heard of. Obviously we will never all enforce things exactly the same, but there should be more efforts to try. This comes down to one thing, consistency. Arguing in the servers, or discord Disagreeing with each other is a given, it's not that big of a deal, but how it is handled is absolutely a problem. A good example of this would be of what I saw last night. I won't give any names in order to provide anonymity but basically, there were two sides. One side said he or she did this on the server and then put the blame on someone else because of x reason, and the other side disagreed and said the person that was blamed was the one who actually stated the issue on the server. Keep in mind, there were witnesses on both sides that had different stories, and there was no solid evidence of either stories. Both sides were at each others neck for over half an hour, over something that couldn’t lead anywhere, and then it was attributed to them “trolling” or being “passive aggressive”. These weren't just people that had just joined the server either, these were including staff members, higher ups as well. Quite frankly it's sad to see it happening. Rules It's no secret many people think we are too strict on rules. While I think rules are important to have, at a certain point it needs to come down to staff discretion. In order to do that though we'd need something I mentioned earlier, consistency. As it is right now, I think all of our rules are fair, and they make sense, BUT the matter is, is that we have too many. I understand the want for rules to be specific, and I also understand the rules to be generalize, it should be somewhere in between. Have some trust in our staff and give the players some freedom. We can still enforce the rules, but we don't need to have a 2 page long list of rules, either. Conclusion I won’t sit here and put the blame for what's happening on one person, because what's happening is all of our faults, and that means the only way things will change is if everyone works together. We are all told that the servers losing players can be attributed to “the game dying”, that’s not a good reason. If anything, that tells me we need to push harder than before to get our servers back to where they should be. There are rumors that are thrown around on the daily of “they said this” or “they did that”, and there are constant disagreements within our own staff team, and times when staff are at each other's throats while on the servers. There are times when the entire server is riled up because of situations like this. How many people have to leave before something changes? I didn't plan on coming back so soon originally even considering the irl information I learned, but I also didn’t plan on never coming back. I came back because I saw what was happening, and I care for this clan more than damn near anything, and I'm not willing to let this continue without at least trying to get it fixed, it's time for people to take off this mask as if everything is fine in the community and buckle up and get this figured out. If you disagree with me, then feel free, if you agree with me then feel free; but no matter who you are, it's time for things to change around here. We are supposed to be a community, a community traditionally is a group of people who share common interests, and goals. What kind of community are we when we aren’t acting like one. Edit: How the bulletpoints are SUPPOSED to look..
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    The xG Chronicles: Bunker Wars

    Based on a true story
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    PSA: Punishing Donator Abuse

    There has been a lot of confusion on how to deal with Donator abuse, so the TF2 higher ups have discussed this subject and we came up with a little something: What counts as Donator abuse? Breaking our guidelines/rules on Donator powers that can be found here: Donator Information | Xeno Gamers Someone purposely misusing Donator powers is not allowed, an example would be killing people with noclip. However, I expect our staff to use common sense to determine whether something was intentional or accidental. Let's say someone buys über Donator and wants to test out his powers. They use /kartme and accidentally bump into another person. In situations like these, where someone was obviously just having an accident, it is not necessary to punish them. Try to explain the command to them to prevent this from happening in the future. Then again, if someone who had Donator powers for quite a while just charges into enemies with /kartme, they should be punished. Now let's get to the interesting part: How to punish abusive Donators: The protocol in these cases is: Warn -> Kick -> Day Ban Kick -> Week Ban + Removal of powers If they're abusing for the first time, give them a warning through chat and tell them what they've done wrong. If they do not listen, kick them. If they come back after a kick, you can ban them for a day. If they come back after a day ban and abuse again, you do not have to warn them again. Jump straight to a kick. If they come back after a kick and do it again, ban them for a week and notify the higher ups so we can remove their powers. A few things to add: As mentioned earlier, you shouldn't follow this protocol when someone accidentally screws up - it has happened to everyone. Additionally, it does not matter if someone has been banned before, this protocol applies for Donators regardless of their ban history (unless they have been banned for abuse before, obviously). To make it more clear, here's an example: If someone has a day ban for bodyblocking and abuses their powers, do not kick them and then jump to a week ban. [spoiler=Tags]- @Bello - @Vexx - @mrnutty12 - @Sesh - @Vector - @BonfireCentipede - @Vacindak - @Kyuubey - @Elcark - @ThunderLimes - @YeEternalTuna - @Kypari @Ms.Spooks - @Bone - @Natsu - @LemonVolt @TheSupremePatriot - @sick41057 - @NitNat - @Blizzard - @shwash - @Spoopy - @Amylicious - @Thunder - @Frusty - @Tekage - @Matteomax - @Krampus
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    Happy Valentine's Day!

    i've made a tutorial featuring @Nomulous @Forest @Rhododendron @kbraszzz @Hachi @ThePenguin
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    Xenogamers staff roster

    Co-Leaders: Community Managers: Team Fortress 2 CS:GO Minecraft GMOD Nuclear Dawn Discord
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    After talking to various people, family and friends, I have decided that I am actually going to stay as a Division Manager. This community means far too much to me and I know I can work all of this out with the right help, I just have to get back on track again. Truth be told, I actually started declining really bad all the way back in early October when I stopped going to counseling and I haven't had an appointment since. Instead of stepping down, I am going to schedule my counseling again, visit the doctors and perhaps a nutritionist. If I get put on anti-depressants I may have to take a break for a few weeks so I can get used to them but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Thank you for all of the support guys, I genuinely love you all so much
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    I don't know where to start with this apology. It'll probably be all over the place because I'm not so good with conveying my emotions/thoughts. I guess I'll start with saying I'm sorry for what Lemonvolt said in the thread. He didn't mean to group everyone (who isn't in my friend group) in this ''furry'' group. He did the worst thing possible (which is something everyone agreed with) especially since there was tension before that. He did it out of frustration and I can understand but I still didn't think it was okay for him to do that. I'm sorry to @Caribou to being a hypocrite towards him (and anyone else that found me to be a hypocrite). I reflected on what I had said and what I've done and I thought it was pretty retarded of me to say that people were picking on me for my past when I was doing the very same thing. I'm sorry to @Kypari (and anyone that can apply themselves to this or however you want to phrase it) for arguing with you in the past (and if I've argued with you recently which I dont think I've done, correct me if I'm wrong). I'm sorry to @bagggel and anyone else I've been passive aggressive towards. I should've thought before I sent that message. I should've went to a higher up instead of trying to stir up drama and I fully admit that I was completely in the wrong there. (Sorry for the repetition but) I'm sorry for all of the passive aggressive comments n' such. I don't know how to explain my actions there other than wanting to cause drama or something. (Was usually done due to having anger and frustrations that I couldn't do anything about). I'm sorry for anything my friends have said and done that upset anyone. I'm sorry for all the drama that's been caused due to my idiocy and immaturity. I would like to have a clean slate with everyone and try to do better this time. I ask for forgiveness for the dumb stuff I've done and if you don't want to forgive, I'm fine with that. I just hope I can get along with everyone from now on and to keep any snarky poop to myself and to improve myself on my behavior n such. I'm deeply sorry.
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    This stems from the 2 disputes that happened last week from the TF2 community but is still a good piece of discussion even by itself. First of all, our servers are meant to be a place for everyone in our community and people who visit our servers to have fun. I'm going to try to break down what we used to do and what I feel is sometimes not reflected in our community anymore. Whenever we were on CSS, CS:GO or TF2, (even before I was Co-leader) issues obviously occurred. Sometimes we had a free-killer on the server, or a guard + prisoner arguing etc. The role of the staff should be right away to fix the problem WHILE keeping the servers interests in mind. If someone got freekilled, we would also message them after slaying; if we know it was a freekill (either via voice, all chat, or pm) "Hey man, you got slayed cuz you freekilled X during this game. If you get too close to them, they are allowed to knife since you are baiting, so you freekilled. You're not getting banned, just wanted to let you know to be careful and read the rules" This lets you not only resolve the problem and let the server know you are doing right by punishing them, but the person who broke the rules understands exactly what happens, and lets them have another go at our server without feeling alienated. There are PLENTY of situations that you (as staff) are not there for, but still need to resolve to help out the server. You should always be willing to communicate with BOTH parties, and get a good compromise or to punish them fairly if you don't feel there's anything more you can do to resolve this in an easy manner. Ask them one at a time what the issue is, gag/mute one of them if they aren't letting the other talk, after hearing both their stories, ask witnesses or look at chat logs and see what's going on. The whole point of us punishing a person in our servers (Not perm punishments) is for the SOLE reason that we want to reform them. We don't week ban people first offense, just so they never come back again. That's not the point of our mutes,gags,bans. It's to teach people that their (repeated) offenses aren't okay here, and that we want everyone to enjoy their time here. TL;DR for people who want a simple explanation, staff are not ban-bots programmed to ban anyone and everyone out of line, it's to fix any issues that people are having, and even if someone has previous offenses, if you can resolve a problem without banning, and the server is happy, then you are doing the right thing. You are there to ensure people (including you) have fun in our servers, and that no one is trying to ruin it for others.
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    johnGait42 - Counter-Strike

    In-Game Name johnGalt42 Primary Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Profile steam42 Age 13 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers xG sever Reason for Joining i play xg i like jb i play xg all i play with Danny and brady and lithium and jadow and darrth and
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    May I get more hate plz?

    Meme or not, this isnt funny in the slighest. Please use your brain next time. I should ban you. ~closed
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    PROMODEMO #216 Sand Editionxxx

    Promotions General @Caleb956 from Member to God @virr from Community Manager to Paid non-Member @Skeletal from Member to Moderator Demotions @SegFault from Division Leader to Jew @Kypari from Division Manager to Lad Congratulations to those who were promoted this Promo/Demo! This is a reminder to those who have newly gained access as a Moderator to leave your STEAM IDs posted below in the comment section below to ensure the distribution of powers as soon as possible. Discord is also now a requirement to staff, make sure you're in it! We would also like to congratulate the following people as new members of xG! @Rhododendron @mrnutty12 @Aegean @Tekk @Lithium thisisamemeorisit
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    Sylux - Team Fortress 2

    Well said. My thoughts, quick and compressed: Was the ban justified? Not really. Where do I start? If I recall correctly, we do a day -> a week -> a month. Were these steps followed? I don't think so. All bans that I am seeing are from about about a year ago (let's not take the ones for calladmin abuse into consideration, as that's a whole different topic). So we have one ban from 10-30-15 for disrespect. There is also the one from early this year which seems to be due to disrespect and calladmin abuse as well, though I don't know what exactly got him banned at the end. Only @Shadower may now. While I would rather give Sylux the benefit of the doubt, let's just assume it was for the same exact reason as yesterday - unless you want to take REALLY old bans into consideration, then there is no way a one month ban would be justified, as there was no recent week ban. If you want to justify a month ban, then in my personal opinion using a week ban from 08-21-15 is a little weak, as people change during two whole years. If you think that he should have gotten a week earlier, that is fine but matter of fact, he hasn't and Sylux himself definitely cannot be held accountable for that. I'm also curious as to why Zac "only" got muted while Sylux was banned. Zac does not seem to be banned, however. Why is Sylux getting a ban and Zac just an extended mute? As far as I can tell, both are a part of the problem. Is Sylux in the right here? Definitely not. The fact that he made binds to specifically annoy that Zac guy is wrong and should not be condoned either. Comments like "zack if you pay me 20 keys i can teach you basic death match" are not helping Sylux's case either. I agree that Zac is definitely not in the right either, but it's just unnecessary on both sides. Someone should have tried to defuse the situation. What should be done? First things first I want to make it very clear that I am not speaking on behalf of anyone else. This is my own opinion and you can disagree with me all you want, but don't blame it on others if you do. I think Sylux's ban should be reduced. I am curently not sure whether we should make it a day (or just unban him by the time this thread is closed) or a week. Looking at his past history, I can understand how some people want a longer ban, but I am not sure if a ban from 11 months ago that was not merely for disrespect is much of a reason to make it a week. This is something that higher ups need to discuss privately before coming to a conclusion. However, a month is in my opinion too long. Zac on the other hand should either receive a day ban or a very clear warning. And I want to shoutout @ThunderLimes for making quite useful posts. Good job (y).
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    I will stand by my brother till the end
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    Hello, I'm Yellowrock

    I am yellowrock, I play too much TF2, mainly surfing. I have collaborated in the creation of 2 maps, surf_quack and surf_crater, with Kraex, and we're currently working on our third map. I'm looking for a good community for combat surf and figured I'd give xG a try. I was previously a regular on OPST, and was an admin on their surf server, but left due to disagreements with how things were managed over there. I am passionate about surfing, and always happy to help people new to the gamemode learn to play. Excited to make new friends and experience a new community.
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    Regarding The Calladmin Plugin

    Nononono, we don't ban people for spamming the sm_calladmin command, we ban them for intentionally using the plugin for no reason at all. We [staff] get a notification everytime someone uses the command through a steam bot. [spoiler=looks like this] >22:08 - [xG:CA] Killer Keemstar: New report on server: [xG] Trade Gaming History - http://XenoGamers.com ( ReportID: 1 Reporter: Otaku Krampus (STEAM_0:1:88632487) Target: The Color Pootis (STEAM_0:1:77315912) Reason: Massive mic spam Join server: steam://connect/ When in game, type !calladmin_handle 1 or /calladmin_handle 1 in chat to handle this report 22:10 - [xG:CA] Killer Keemstar: Last report (1) was handled by: [xG:M] Randy Moss Some staff members actually stop doing what they're doing (i.e homework, playing other games etc.) and it's more than awfully annoying when you join to see that someone was just like "XD funi plugin let me see what it does :O". Before you actually use the command, it gives you an explicit message that says abusing calladmin will result in a punishment: Gyazo - 5745f24b298eed00c3e48bc16fdb6d4d.png (Gotta fix the message btw, lol.) Not only is banning people for abusing that feature after being given an explicit warning more than a legit reason, silencing seems too lenient to me. Keep in mind: I am not saying people who use the calladmin feature for a purpose should be banned, just if they do it for no reason at all. I expect our staff to use common sense to determine whether it actually had a [legit] reason, which includes the scenerios you've mentioned, or not. That being said I'm personally against the idea of changing our system. EDIT: I hope this does not seem hostile at all, I'm about to head to sleep and I rushed this post.
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    Kypari - Team Fortress 2

    I have the ultimate solution. @Kypari [spoiler=Only click this if you're Kypari] @ASock [spoiler=Only click this if you're Rabid/ASock]
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    The Cringe Thead!

    50 Shades of Oof Moosty cuddled up onto Scootaloo’s bare shoulder. He could hear his steady breathing. He playfully stroked Scootaloo’s chest, relishing the overwhelming butt pleasure he had just experienced. Scootaloo had this magical way of reaching down deep inside of him and tickling his booty genitals. “So Scoots,” Moosty whispered in the darkness. “You up for round two?” “Give me another minute. I’m still trying to catch my breath.” Scootaloo sighed in between breaths of air. “Oof.” Replied Moosty. He caressed Scootaloo’s inner thigh, just fascinating about the pleasure that awaited him. Before he knew it, Scootaloo was back on top of Moosty, going to work with his luscious mouth. He tenderly kissed Moosty’s neck, breathed air into his ear, and ran his tongue down to his collar bone. Instantly, Moosty’s magical meat-stick was at full attention. But before he could control his urges, Moosty found Scootaloo’s mouth enveloped around his danger. Moosty arched his back in pleasure as Scootaloo set to work. Not wanting to be outdone, Moosty slid his head up and under Scootaloo’s waist to engage in a good ole lickaroo of the poop chute. Together they enjoyed the oral ecstasy. Scootaloo had this way of contracting his cheeks so that Moosty’s hard raging cock quivered in pleasure. Moosty’s tongue could cure colon cancer. Scootaloo grinded his fat white ass down on that magical tongue and moaned in pleasure. Moosty saw that his love was also at full mast. He turned himself over and said “Alright baby. I’m ready for you. Scootaloo pls.” Without hesitation, Scootaloo slid himself into Moosty. Deeper…deeper, until he could feel Moosty’s prostate pulsating against the head of his cock. With tender loving care, he slid himself back out and back in, teasing Moosty’s prostate. As he did so, Scootaloo reached around and took ahold of Moosty’s Man Wand and proceeded to massage it. Moosty was in uncontrollable bliss. He quivered and repositioned himself so that Scootaloo could better penetrate his scrumptious ass. As he did, he found the pleasure to be completely overwhelming. He orgasmed into Scootaloo’s open hand. Over and over his dick spluttered, spewing thick, rich, creamy seed all over the place. Scootaloo kept pumping. He hastened the pace at which he was making sweet man-love to Moosty’s poop chute. As he did, Moosty arched his back and cried in nirvana as even more seed released itself onto the bed. Scootaloo, still with a handful of cum, reached back and wiped it on his taint. With an amazing speed, Scootaloo pumped away, as if he were drilling for oil. With one final good squeeze, he released his Scootagoo into Moosty’s underworld chasm. Both Moosty and Scootaloo collapsed onto the bed, holding one another, breathing heavily from the sheer pleasure of it all. They held each other and stared into one another’s eyes. Neither spoke their love. It didn’t need to be said. “Scootaloo,” Moosty finally gasped. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Scootaloo could tell Moosty was genuine. He knew the love there was paramount. Suddenly, Moosty began to convulse violently. His stomach was doing flip-flops in his gut. His asshole had a strange burning sensation. He had contracted the Scootaflu. “Oh no, Scootaloo!” He cried. “It’s happening again!” Scootaloo was quick to react. Moosty flipped over and lay down on his stomach. Without hesitation, Scootaloo stuck his lips against Moosty’s cornhole and sucked out as much Scootagoo as he could. Moosty was horridly allergic to the Scootagoo. “That was close!” Scootaloo said. “Once again, I owe you my life.” Moosty said. “There’s nobody I trust more than you.” “Well, Moosty,” Scootaloo replied. “I have something to tell you.” “Oh?” Moosty said as he began to shit semen. “Yeah, I’m not who you think I am.” Scootaloo said as he sat up, wiping butt glue from his fleshy fun bridge. “I’m actually…” As Scootaloo said this, he removed the mask he had been wearing the whole time. Bach was sitting in front of Moosty. Moosty was horrified to find his man-lover was actually his Division Manager. “I just had to taste that forbidden fruit for myself.” Bach said. “I hope you can forgive me for my treachery, Moosty.” Moosty sat in a horrid silence. “Well, SAY SOMETHING.” Bach said. “Get mad, yell. SOMETHING!” Moosty looked up at Bach. “I just have one question.” “What is it?” Bach asked on fated breath. He hung by a thread, waiting for Moosty’s response. “Can I have Admin now?”
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    I have no idea how to express what I am feeling when it comes to this post. I really don't. I guess I'll just start it off bluntly. From my experiences thus far, I have no inherent issues with any of the moderation staff of xG. I rather enjoy their company for the most part. But when I see something like this literally rock-slide out of control, it makes me take a step back and take a good, hard look at the xG servers as a whole. I like you guys. I really do. But there are times when I am facepalming myself so hard I nearly give myself a concussion. The maturity levels of some of our moderators, at times, seems to be extremely underwhelming. There have been many times that I have been in a server and chose to disconnect due to the content being spewed over the voice chat by those who have the power to kick other players. Sometimes, I just don't want to be in the same server as some of you. But, I don't want you guys to think I am trying to stir the pot. I am just being honest. It would seem to me that there needs to be some sort of revolution with the way staff conducts themselves. Some more than others, of course. But for the most part, our staff here do what needs to be done, but there are those moments where things escalate and words are said that do not help the situation at all. Sometimes, it feels like the moderators forget that the other people playing on the servers are, in fact, other people. I consider myself a pretty level-headed individual. I think logically before I speak and try to avoid hasty decisions. I process the possible outcomes of every scenario before I take action. I always try to resolve conflict with open communication. Any time I have an issue with someone, the first thing I try to do is contact that individual so I may directly speak with them. @Mitsu and @Hachi can probably vouch for me on that. I've been known to be an ass, but when I'm an ass and it upsets someone, I am quick to try and fix the problem. I own up to the situation and take responsibility for my actions. I'm not perfect, but I have a pretty good track record of cleaning up my messes. It would seem to me that the moderators need to find that innate ability to own up for their mistakes. EVERYONE makes mistakes, and when those mistakes go uncorrected, the head begins to fester until it bursts. This brings me to the situation at hand. The situation makes me feel a lot of feelings for a lot of the people involved. I feel upset that this rift has been created among the staff. I feel sorry for @Kittylicious and the position she has been placed in. I feel sorry for the other moderators that have been put in this situation and have to defend their actions. I feel sorry for @Nomulous because of the awkward situation it has put him in. It is just a proverbial shitpile. NOTHING good will come of this. But I have chosen to stand and help. I have chosen to remain in the middle, waiting until someone calls on me to referee the situation. I want to help EVERYONE involved on both ends and I want to see a sound resolution to these issues. I teach second graders. I see this kind of stuff DAILY. I can safely say that I am an EXCELLENT mediator when it comes to personal problems, so if ANYONE needs to talk to me about the issue, my door is always open. I only hope that we can resolve this issue civilly. If there's anything I can do to help, please contact me.
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    In Regards To TF2's Future

    As of recent, as you all know, the TF2 Divison has been struggling a lot recently. It is as a result of multiple reasons, one being a lack of motivation from us which has resulted in the game feeling stale, even on xG. However, Seg's demotion has been a massive wake-up call to Caleb and I who are now going to be working harder than ever before in order to return TF2 to its former glory. We have been discussing things recently and have decided that we are going to do a rework of the rules, coming up with ideas for plugins to keep the game fresh and hope to make our servers better than ever before. We will try to keep you all updated as much as possible as a result of there being previous complaints about lack of communication between the TF2 Higherups and the Community. If anyone has any suggestions whatsoever, please let us know here. Please don't go anywhere; there's much more to come and lots of fun to be had! Let's bring TF2 back. Edit of 7/18: Thank you to everyone for your feedback and encouragement. You've been a lot of help. Any further suggestions you might have, redirect to here.
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    @discord mods I know you guys are just trying to keep the peace on discord, but try to not antagonize people who are clearly just trolling. You guys are just feeding fuel to a fire. Also be a little more hesitant on muting someone. @Steven @Rabid Grow up, and stop being so condescending. These guys are legit trying to keep our members from being annoyed on discord, and you guys are intentionally being rude or annoying. You both should also practice what you preach and learn to not take things so seriously. I Nothing to be done from this report, both sides can improve from today forward. If issues persist in the future, we can discuss it in another thread. If anyone needs any clarification, feel free to message me as well.
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    Promotions TF2 @SegFault from Administrator to Division Manager @Tekage from Moderator to Administrator @cook from Member to Moderator @-Diphikult from Member to Moderator Demotions @bagggel from Moderator to Member (Stepped Down) @Arnude from Administrator to Member (Inactivity) @Nozomi from Moderator to Member (Unfit for position) Congratulations to those who were promoted this Promo/Demo! This is a reminder to those who have newly gained access as a Moderator to leave your STEAM IDs posted below in the comment section below to ensure the distribution of powers as soon as possible. We would also like to congratulate the following people as new members of xG! @racerx1036 @Coin @BossStrafes @CarbonThePanda @justis @Kn1ght @Skriller @Hg2CI2 @CatTrix @DepressedNeonNepp @submedius @PichuBoi @Topaz @KevOnStage @Julian @Aidyzap
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    Greetings members and guests. You may be wondering what in the high heavens has been going on lately. Threads are a mess of toxicity and hate. It's very difficult to pinpoint the actual claims of many a thread, oh dear oh dear. It is because of this that in this thread I will be trying to explain how to actually engage in constructive dialogue with your fellow xenogamers members.. Part 1. Make sure any claims you make in any thread are substantiated by verifiable evidence. For instance, were I to make a thread called "Virr is an incredibly toxic individual who bullies and harasses me daily please demote" it would probably help to have multiple things. Maybe witness testimony that, yes indeed, Virr does do these things. Maybe a screencap of the abuse Virr definitely really sends me on the daily. However the strongest form of evidence I could provide would be unedited records of the events that had occured in full context. It is very very easy to clip a sentence or two out of context to try and assassinate someone's character Even if doing this somewhat incriminates me, it is better to provide evidence of the occurrence in context. It adds towards the credibility of my claim, as I am obviously not trying to hide any bad acting on my part this way. While this is the strongest form of evidence, that does not mean that Anecdotal evidence is inherently bad. It is especially useful in cases such as abuse through voice. Abuses or violations through voice are especially difficult to gather evidence against, as demos must start being recorded before the event transpires, and it's unreasonable to expect anyone making an abuse report to have been running demos at all times or for them to have enabled some kind of third party recording software. In this situation, you can see how merely the testimony of multiple unrelated individuals might be sufficient evidence worthy of creating a thread about. What isn't strong evidence though is "I feel like virr is being toxic because they vaguely don't like me and don't want to communicate with me outside of the platform of xenogamers when necessary". Which brings us to step two. Part 2: Realize that opinions are not really worth discussing if you are not willing to try and back them up. We've all got opinions. 'They're like armpits' or some other bottom-of-the-barrel-dad-joke. But generally it's not worth making a thread about an opinion if the most reasoning you have for an opinion is "idk i just feel that way I guess". That's not to say you don't have a right to that opinion, but the point of the forums is to provide some outlet for discussion. If I wanted to make a vote to remove clocktown because I think it's a bad garbage map, but I cannot elaborate on why I think that, it's pointless to even try to discuss it. That's why the vote exists, to just be able to give your input without having to defend it. It would be pointless and unproductive to just constantly parrot "Idk man I want it removed because I think it's bad" (which usually just devolves into a sh¡tstorm). Just create the vote, vote, and be done with it. You'd make just as much progress arguing over whether blue is a better color than green. Part 3: Please don't needlessly attack other folks' character, thanks. This one kind of speaks for itself. Kinda a "love the sinner, hate the sin" kind of deal. Generally you should take issue with what people are saying and not who's saying it. If virr said something as absolutely stupid as... it would still not be acceptable or intelligent to attack virr directly for his opinion on things. Attack his argument, that's fine, but the end goal of discussion is not mindless name-calling. There's a big difference between saying "hey man, I think your opinion is poorly thought through and inconsistent because xyz" and "lol ur dumb nerd". Part 4: Do not, under any circumstances, posit that you know what anyone's thoughts are unless they've already explicitly stated it. This is the big one that really annoys me the most. Like okay Sherlock, we get it, you think so highly of your genius self that you think you've conquered what philosophers worldwide have grappled with for decades, the impenetrable prison of the human mind. Here's the reality; you likely do not know what that other person is thinking. Even if they were to explicitly tell you what they are thinking, there's always something lost in the transition from thoughts to words. You can directly quote someone's opinion on a matter, you can try to theorize what their feelings on a matter may be through some amount of evidence, but to approach the matter without delicacy and just assume that you've got an individuals stance or views nailed down with no supporting evidence makes you look like an arrogant idiot who's so strapped for any modicum of support for their claims that you literally have to build a straw-man and burn it to have any impact. Part 5: Every single person on this planet has a set of biases. Everyone has a set of actions, opinions, or choices that they are predisposed to. This brings back the point about being humble. You are not above this. You may think you have no active bias against anyone or even anything, but previous experience and interaction always paints an individual's worldview a certain way. Some biases we can be conscious of, while others we can't. There isn't anything wrong with anyone for having an internal blind bias, it's completely normal, but my hope is that the more people who know about this, the less people will think that someone's bias exists solely to harm them. Just please be kind; as much as you're thinking the other person on the opposite end of the argument is a biased garbage bin, they're probably thinking the exact same about you, and it doesn't help anyone to grow sore over it. So there it is, my not-so-brief outline on issues with a couple of recent trends in threads. I hope it was at least somewhat coherent and I hope you have a wonderful day. Adios
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    Favoritism and Nepotism

    Can we have a serious discussion about the nepotism going on in this clan? It's absolutely absurd. Take this thread for instance... It's about an admin using a suggestive furry porn spray. I personally believe that this shouldn't be happening, especially by someone who represents power in the organization. One person, @NitNat offers this suggestion: He made a simple statement, and within five minutes, he got four replies and the thread was closed by the very same people he's referring to. It's the community right now. A lot of them don't want to admit it, but the best way to get moderator isn't to show that you're hard-working, constantly on the servers and reminding others of the rules, but instead get real close to the current administration until you've got a spot in their private discord, at which you're pretty much a shoo-in all the way to administrator. Nobody wants to admit it though, because if they did, the facade would crumble, and they would have to take responsibility for their actions. If you looked at XenoGamers in the past, the best way to get staff positions was to be hardworking. Now all you have to do is talk up admins, and if you're a furry, it helps. I'm really sad to see the dying division head down this path, but there's not much you can do besides look at them and laugh. Take what happened to me for instance. I changed my name to "tired of the tf2 badmins" and had the same group of people defending that it was justified, and not the clear overreaction it was. Was anybody punished for not obeying the handbook? Nope. I got my sentenced reduced to a day, even after the leader told them it was ridiculous. There's a reason I take breaks for months, and come back for a few weeks at a time. I enjoy playing TF2, but the community here has gone to poop with all the favoritism and staff taking things way to personally. I really hope yall can get on track with this. I'm tired of having to walk on eggshells, but if you can't handle some banter or even some lite playful trolling, then what the fudge are you doing being a mod in the first place. I refuse to acknowledge anyone that gets seriously angry about what a person says about them on the internet, especially if they have some semblance of power. Grow a thicker skin, or step down. I tried to put this as civilly as possible, and if the thread gets closed, then so be it. This is pretty much the last post I'll ever make on these forums anyway. Maybe a goodbye thread.
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    PSA about the recent drama / conflicts

    I think it's pretty clear to a majority of members that there has been feelings of hostility amongst a large number of staff and members, varied from group to group. I just wanted to shed some light on the issue, and would like to have an open conversation to hopefully resolve some of the underlying matters behind it. We know there's a lot of "cliques" amongst all the different discord servers with xG members, but still our stance is not changed that although we prefer you to use our teamspeak server, we have no plan to force you to use teamspeak as long as you don't encourage members on the server to use discord instead. First of all, you do NOT need to like everyone, as a community there will always be people who prefer their own group of friends to others, or just don't mesh well with a certain individual. That being said, to not like someone is not an excuse to make them feel unwelcome or to gang up on them with your friends. We are a gaming community, and as we are getting bigger, there will be more groups of friends who have different personalities and interests, the last thing we want is for new members to feel the hostility or to feel unwelcome. In regards concerning attitude towards staff, even if you're staff yourself, please understand that you do not know their situation and that treating them like garbage because they should be doing their "job" is definitely not okay. Being a moderator or higher on our servers is a position that we can't give enough thanks for, because the staff are what hold our servers together. We would not be where we are today, if we didn't have so many willing mods, admins, or higher ups who were willing to sacrifice their time (and sometimes money) to give everyone else a more pleasant experience. The overall message is just to be more respectful towards one another, and try to have some empathy the next time you interact with someone you aren't familiar with.
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    Psa Due To Recent Events

    Hey what's poppin' guys. Recently we've been getting a lot of complaints about staff abusing their powers. And by a lot I mean a humongous amount of complaints. By putting this PSA up I just wanna make some things clear: Selling services for credits is not allowed. Services like: gagging/muting, launching players in the air via rocket, setting gravity for credits. This is honestly awful and represents the servers/clan really badly overall. We were never really strict on abuse, as a result there's been a lot of complaints. For example: Staff giving themselves like 50k HP to block the opposing team's spawn. Like, really? Mods+ have the ability to start votes, if you wanna have some fun with commands like sm_gravity you can always make a vote and see how it goes. Actual abuse will no longer be tolerated, this does also include using commands on everyone for no reason when the round ends etc. Staff members must show respect when dealing with players. We get it, although some people are incredibly hard to deal with, as a staff member you must treat others with respect. Starting to disrespect rule-breakers or even harassing them will most likely result in a removal of your powers and possibly a ban. Staff members are also not excluded from breaking rules such as micspamming etc. Make sure to read this guide: TF2 Staff Manual (Everything you need to know!) ==> @Bagel <<= @Bello (me!) @Goblins @mrnutty12 @Vexx @lik202 @BlankuChan @Egossi @Vixen @Rejects @ArminArmout @Osiris @Shwoos @Dethman @Shadower @Floppy @Vacindak @Kypari @Tatost @Flareon @Parasect @TheSupremePatriot @ThunderLimes @YeEternalTuna
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    A Post Concerning Our Current Cm's

    Something I've noticed over the past few months is that half of our CM's have really done nothing to really help out around Xenogamers. I know @Bleed and @Nomulous still try to do as much as they can for our community but what about @kbraszzz and @Scootaloo? They've hardly played on our community servers in the past few months from what I've noticed. Lately, the TF2 division has had little-to-no support from our CM's, which is really unfortunate seeing as it's one of our biggest communities. Why sit on a position that you're going to do nothing in? I understand having a busy life and whatnot, but at least attempt to take a couple hours out of the week to try and take part in the community and manage it, like you're supposed to. I'm not saying you guys should lose your position or step down, just show that you still care about the community. My intent on making this post isn't to stir drama or anything, I'm just trying to show what people may think of the current CM's who aren't doing what they really should. I have nothing against the CM's, actually I do see them as really good friends of mine.
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    Darkwolf6052 - Counter-strike

  33. 12 points

    I'm done.

    So you're disrespectfully saying you never disrespect? and expected mod back? and when you didnt get it back you rage quit? So with all that, what makes you think we ever planned to give you mod back, which is a privilege, not a right. you don't get mod just for playing on servers, you get it for being respectful and enforcing the rules.
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    Bonk - counter-strike: source

    Alright, let me go ahead and break this down step by step. Bold is my response. "So I was just playing RPG surf, then this raging little kid, named "Bonk" came on. That is partially correct. Bonk came on the server at: Sep 10, 2014 6:10:01 pm. And said hi to the server. He was not a raging little kid though as he simply enlightened everyone to his appearance. And immediately he started harassing me! Saying "hi" is not harassment. Following that initial typed word, he says "HOLAAA COMO ESTASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS". Then goes on to ask someone not to delay, in which you respond "fuck u" and then "dont tell me what to do". He then asks the server to "rtv pls" as he most likely doesn't like the map. At this point it is 6:11:30, it has been over a minute and he has not harassed you yet, in fact you have started to harass Bonk. Bonk then notices KraytosXG has xG in his name, and asks "kraytos are you in xG?". He repeats his question to which Kraytos says "no why?". Bonk asks him to kindly take the xG out of his name, at which point Kraytos responds and Bonk learns it was part of his name, not intentional. Bonk then says "kawaii pls take xG out of your name", who in this situation is Ribbit. Shortly later Bonk says again, "but kawaii i know youre not in xG so pls take those tags out". Which is a valid statement as you had a name that was not recognized. TRIVIA TIME Ribbit says_______ in response to Bonks request (he let them both know to change before the next round): a) Says "Yes I am in xG, my forum name is Ribbit." b) Says "I'm sorry, I am an xG member" c) Says "Fuck you, i do what i want, you don't know me". If you said A or B, sorry that is not correct, only the appropriate response to the situation. C is in fact the correct answer. After Ribbit says "Fuck you, i do what i want, you don't know me", Bonk says "youre not allowed to have tags on ifr youre not in the clan". Although the spelling is despicable, this is another opportunity for Ribbit to easily enlighten Bonk with the fact that she is a member. After a short period of time, Bonk slays himself for an unknown reason. Ribbit replies with "rekt". Following shortly after by saying "damn bitches be mad". Bonk replies "do you wanna get banned?". Although an interesting response, nothing has happened as of yet and almost can be taken as yet another warning. Unfortunately, Ribbit replies with "do u wanna get banned? bitches dont know shit". Bonk lets Ribbit know "because thats how you get banned" Ribbit questions Bonk's ability to do anything about the situation with saying "rofl. no he can't". Bonk assures Ribbit of his ability. Bonk says "wanna see?" With a reply from Ribbit of "u wanna see what happens?" In which Bonk is confused for a moment which leads to him asking "is that a ddos threat?" Moving on... Ribbit then later calls Bonk a "dumbfuck 10 year old" "are you fucking stupid. o wait yes you are" Bonk then bans Ribbit for a period of an entire lifetime, or 5 minutes. He also has to type in "!ban fuck 5 take them tags off". I would assume the name of ribbit at this time includes the word "Fuck" and is probably targeted at Bonk. Many question the length of this ban, as did I, until I realized how many chances Ribbit had to either tell Bonk the truth about being a member, or remove the tags. Instead, disrespect came from Ribbit and I believe a short ban was necessary. Ribbit returns. "Damn thats some funky shit" says Ribbit Bonk says, "Oh. He's back" Ribbit replies "lmfao, u mad kid?" Bonk, getting frustrated replies "fuck yopu, dude, take the tags off or its an hour ban" Ribbit obviously replies with "oh man this bitch so made, how about this" This continues, with Bonk in fact freeslaying from what I can tell one time. Eventually Ribbit is banned. There was no disrespect from Bonk. Here is a list of things Ribbit says to Bonk after I stopped with the dialogue: all it says is that you're a whiney bitch fuck u bitch u dont know hsit lil boy so mad you're a bitch nigga BTW at this point another player says "dude what do you gain from taunting an admin" just a lil bitch boy are u stupid you're clearly not an admin admins arnt 12 what a bitch boy !ban xeno (ribbit) 60 disrespect, arguing, still wont take tags off. cya If you could go ahead and let me know where Bonk was harrassing you, that'd be great. He did in fact slay you for no apparent reason, and that will be discussed by DM's outside this forum and it is a more minor point of this situation. I would like to mention that as far as I can tell, Bonk actually displayed one of the better attitudes and patience I have seen in a long time. Claiming that I am not in xG, Yes, you are correct. Did you happen to correct him though when he gave you numerous times to? Let's take a quick look back again. "Fuck you, i do what i want, you don't know me" That looks like a no. And that he "knew for a fact" that I am not in xG, when I am clearly in xG, and I was supporting my xG-ness by having the name [xG] XENOGAMERS [xG}. That's great that you were supporting your "xG-ness". Except using profanity and harassing staff members is not conducive of someone that should be in xG. Then he went on to slay me for no reason! And then banned me twice, for "take off tags little boy". I don't understand why you let little kids run rampet with mod? Unfortunately, he did slay you for no reason, at least as far as I can tell. Good news though. It didn't seem like you were upset at all about that. Hell, he even apologized about that and understand in the moments of you harrassing him and making his job difficult, he made a mistake. We do our best not to let "little kids run rampet" with moderator powers. And in this case, it looks like one of our moderators who does a fairly good job has been harassed. Something has to be done about this travesty, and for the future of xG. Please no more bad mods!" Something has now been done about this travesty. It appears that you have provided a lot of false information in this thread in an attempt to get a staff member in trouble. Unfortunately, I have yet to find what you call a travesty and actually have found a failure on your part. For the future of xG, we do our best as always to pick people that can handle moderator positions. Please do not come onto our servers and act in such a manner that not only causes a scene, but that is blatant harassment against others. If you have had the time to check out other areas of the forum, you may have noticed that harassment is actually something that can be a legal issue. If you continue to harass people, especially those that I have direct watch over, I will make sure that proper punishment is taken. Also would l like to enlighten you to some basic forum etiquette. "You think I give a fuck about you bitches crying about disrespect? Everyone fucking disrespects, you disrespected, if you think I'm not going to disrespect an idiot who can't comprehend basic things and tries to act superior to people, even though they're 12, you have another thing coming." Making an Abuse Report about a staff member that supposedly harrassed you does not usually require that you call said person an idiot uncapable of comprehending basic things. I have seen a good majority of your of your well worded posts and comments throughout this forum and would also request you stop harrassing and disrespecting not only members of CSS, but all members of this community. If you want to show your "xG-ness" as you were so worried about in the server, feel free to show respect to others both on the servers and on this forum. Congratulations, you have now been warned about harassment both on our servers and in the forum; continuing this inspiring behavior will get you banned. Now I thank you for your time, and hope that if you ever have any concerns you may take a moment to let Dr. Lee, Cristo, or I know at any time. Thanks for playing on the server and enjoy the rest of the night. Xeno Gamers - Recent Chat Log Go to Sep 10, 2014 @ 630pmish
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    Because of context. I don't call people faggots and neither do I call people niggers, but let me try to give my opinion on this subject. I'm also going to refer to the "n-word" as "nigger", since that is the word we're talking about and we're having a reasonable discussion where I'm not using it as an insult. As far as I know, it's not like the word "faggot" is allowed no matter what. The word is allowed in a certain context in which you are not harassing someone. For instance, if someone were to call QueenofHeart [or any queer person] a faggot because of the fact that she is transgender, that would be punishable. However, in my opinion the meaning of the word faggot has kind of changed. I'm definitely not denying that awful people are still using it to be homophobic, however, there is a certain episode of South Park that illustrates this situation. To briefly summarize the episode, a ton of bikers start annoying the city and people eventually start calling them fags to the point where everyone just refers to them as fags. At some point people got concerned because of the apparent homophobia that someone did a TV report showing a child a picture of a gay person and a biker, asking whom of the both they think is a "fag". The child pointed to the biker and completely ignored the actually gay person. In other words, in this and in many other instances the word "faggot" is not being used in a homophobic context. If someone on a tf2 server is like "shut up, faggot", in 95% of the cases he doesnt use the term "faggot" to insult gay people, but instead to insult an annoying person. Does that make it better? Kind of, I think. While I'd agree that nobody should say it, people always will and I don't think we, as a gaming community, have the power to stop people from doing that. Our regular players, yes, probably, but literally anyone who ever joins the servers? I don't think so. People have already started to describe generally annoying people as "faggots", way before this community was even established, I believe. However, the meaning of the term "nigger" has not changed. People still mostly use it to be intentionally racist. There is basically no context where it would make sense to call someone a "nigger" simply because they are annoying. People haven't started doing that and still aren't. Again, I'm not condoning the usage of either of these words, I'm just trying to explain why there is a difference in my opinion. Not to mention the argument @Elcark made last time, that we'd have to basically start banning everything from here: List of disability-related terms with negative connotations - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG If people intentionally use the word "faggot" to discriminate against gay people, then that should be a no go, but using it in a relatively "harmless" context which doesn't relate to discriminating against gay people is something different. Also, you should watch the episode of south park I was talking about if you have time, it's called "The F-Word".
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    Sylux - Team Fortress 2

    Unfortunately, I only remember being told about that whole "alternate account racism" thing but don't exactly remember what happened or if it was even really his alt. The last ban you got for disrespect or "trolling" was last year, and that was only a day. Don't exactly understand the jump to a month ban, even if he had older bans for longer. As for Zack, I do know he's quite the toxic guy when he is on the server. I am honestly surprised in you guys only giving him a gag instead of a ban as well. From what I read there was a warning and it stopped there, so I don't exactly know why you guys did jump to a ban as quickly as you did without even kicking him beforehand. I do feel as though there is some unfairness in how the situation was handled, even if Sylux has a "history", Zack should be punished exactly the same. +1 to drop the ban to at least a week, if not completely. +1 to punish Zack with the same length, they're both in the wrong and should be treated with the same punishment for fairness.
  37. 11 points

    Brian - Team Fortress 2

    Closing the thread now, as there no longer needs to be discussion. The month ban was insanely excessive, especially with no kick and also with a ban on brian without getting his side. His ban will stay to a day, will be discussed with the higherups but right now Silence and I both agree anything more than a day is excessive over something so small. We are not a clan based on censorship, and hopefully people's feelings can handle being called badmin. PLEASE use common sense when making bans, and try to give adequate warnings before bans unless it's hacking or mass freekilling (which we have other rules for) Ratings should not be considered personal attacks, as I was told in the past by the higher ups when I complained about it. That being said, if you're giving people FUCK OFF rating, you should not be complaining about it in the first place. We are NOT a safe space I will have huge discussions with our higher ups and then staff about what common sense means, and how we should try to be fair in all our bans, and try to understand that we should not strive for bans, but instead do our due diligence to get things resolved in a matter that everyone is happy. This is clearly a situation that has not met those standards. This fault also comes from myself for not being so involved with TF2, but I will be from now on.
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    General Update Thread

    Rule change for surf: Removed: !cptele should only be used to advance in the map, NOT for gaining an advantage in the arena/fighting area! You can basically CPTele anywhere except the enemy team's spawn now. This rule was removed since it is not being enforced. @Rejects @Vexx @mrnutty12 @Sesh @Vector @bagel @Dethman @Kypari @BonfireCentipede @Shadower @Floppy @Parasect @Tatost @YeEternalTuna @LemonVolt @Skeletal @TheSupremePatriot @Thunder @Healix @Isabelle @Sylux @Moosty @Hiryunix
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    Facebook Coverphoto Submissions

    well I tried one
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    I find this offensive. I identify as a skeleton. You need to check your flesh and organ privilege, you human scum
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    Greetings, many of you may not know me if you're new. Therefore, I'm going to keep my proposal short and simple. I know people in high places. I have access to many resources and financial needs. I can provide the leader (Silence), a large sum for the clan. 50,000 fedoras. The designs & patterns on these fedoras include.. leopard print early morning fade bob marl classic polka dot classic stripe classic In the best interest in all of the members, each existing member will receive a free XenoGamers branded fedora. Offer is up, think wisely. Sincerely, Maxwell Fedoria III
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    Ganja's First Act As Admin

    Step 1. Purchase a cat. Step 2. Bind all keys to "sm_ban jubens 0" Step 3. Place kitty on desk Wait
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    Selfie Sunday

  44. 10 points

    Staff PSA/Rules refinement

    Two minor changes to take note of Due to the previous issues that have occurred and strong disagreement in when bans should and should not be disregarded, an actual "decay" is going to be implemented for server bans. Any bans that occurred one year prior should be considered out dated and not effective on the length of new bans issued to players (Unless the ban itself was of a greater length of time). This also doesn't change that staff should highly consider the reasons for previous bans and not base current action off just a time frame. Another small change is for the wording of the rule on custom images. This is to make part of it less vague and more clear where the line is held. Sprays, avatars and items that are able to be customized cannot contain the following: explicit nudity/genitalia, racism, hate symbols, gore, derogatory content and images of sexualized minors (this includes drawn images). So hopefully these serve to make things more defined both for staff members as well as new comers.
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    Tatost - Team Fortress 2

    @Giraffes I don't want to argue too much and I'll try to keep this as respectful as possible, but I disagree with most of your points. Many people lied about it. All of them have received their punishments. This happened around three months ago and he deserves a second chance. Ever since then Tat and his group of friends have been reporting all of ManlyDucks accounts to me. What does Rejects have to do with this mod submission? He has been a member for a month and a regular for around a year. He has shown a lot of commitment and dedication towards the servers. It is completely @Skeletal's right to dislike tuna and to deem him unfit as admin, but the way he did it was wrong. It was not constructive at all and he should have done it differently if anything. No offense to Skeletal right here but I think that's something we can agree on. If someone makes these kind of posts then people are gonna react to it accordingly. Tatost felt like the way Skeletal expressed his thoughts was wrong and spoke out against it. You do realize that @Kyuubey is the person who Tatost "harassed", right? I don't think @Aegean and Tat are friends. And I'm 100% sure @ThunderLimes and Tat aren't friends either, yet not even the legend himself ThunderLimes gave him a -1. A change from what? That one comment he made on Skeletal's thread? Don't bring @Rejects into this he has literally nothing to do with Tat's mod submission. Feel free to respond to this @Giraffes but please let's keep this as respectful as we can. TL;DR I can't agree with this.
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    Vsh/ff2 Drawing

    Something I did when I was bored over the last couple days. and progress sketches..
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    Official Slogan For Xenogamers!

    xG, we put the x and G in Extra Gay
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    Stepping Down.

    Caleb stepped down because people were unhappy with him being admin. You can be happy about him stepping down but there's no need to add fuel to the fire. This goes for you too @kbraszzz. We don't need to take this nonsense/high school drama even further so I'm closing this thread. It was nice having you, Caleb. -closed
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    @Matsi @DarkWolf6052 @alluotherfuryfaggots\bronyfaggots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z2_8cfVpXbo
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    Its been fun...

    You can stop trying to sound philosophical, you're not too good at it. I'm not o_O It is literally his job >_> Its literally not my job. Let me help you with your philosophical epiphany. My job: Enforce the rules without bias. Help people with their questions. Handle relevant situations on the forums. Make the server fun, not one that is so strict it loses the fun aspect. Use my big boy logic to determine what things deserve my attention and what things I should argue over. Laugh at posts that try and tell me I'm doing my job wrong, especially when those authors are hypocrites.
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