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    @LeToucan Accepted this, I know the rules, thanks, cya on discord. "He can't login to his forums account so this is me posting for him" " can't wait to see you all on discord!
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    Kinda Back

    Hey Everyone, Im not sure if any of you would remember me from back in the day, but Im kinda making a slow come back around. If you do remember me i apologize for my antics as a 16 y/o, but its been a long time since those days and my return after T3k
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    who even is staff for the tf2 servers, and why are they still up
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    Last comment wins

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    hold this L @Dannypicacho

    hold this L @Dannypicacho
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    Division Discord In-Game Name Rabid Identity Rabid Position Social Media Time Active on Servers N/a 99999999 Information It's 1:25am and I wanted to shit post, so I applied for social media discord staff. I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
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    Meme-ing Awayyyyy

    it's just 3 days fam no need to worry about being inactive for that small amount of time have fun tho
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    Its me, again.

    Well, its been a while huh? I didn't think I'd be back here. For a while that was because I was still resentful, but that resent turned into shame. I was ashamed to come back, I realized who I was to so many people. I was a friend to some but a nuisance and dipshit to others. In these years of depression, self hatred and harm, and introspection, I need to say that I'm sorry to so many people in this community that I hurt, either on purpose or on accident. I wasn't a good moderator. I wasn't a good friend. I was a blabbering idiot. To all the Queen of Hearts out there, I'm sorry that I treated you different because of who you were. I was scared of who I was, dealing with feelings of homosexuality that I was raised to view as bad. I needed to accept you for who you were and are, not some bullshit standard made by other people. To all of the Nuttys out there, I'm sorry for discrediting you all the time. I know it was like a joke that a lot of the higher staff did jack shit but it wasn't true and it was disrespectful. I needed to really appreciate all the work you did behind the scenes to keep the community running as smooth as you could. And to Seg specifically, I should have listened to you. In my heart I still hold some resentment towards you, but in time I have come to realize how right you were about a lot of things. I'm sorry. I don't plan on like, coming back I guess, it seems the surf server is vacant these days and I'm busy struggling with trying to graduate and hold a half decent social life so I'm not sure Id even have half the time I used to to fuck around and surf, but I wish you all well in your lives as you go forward. Bye! -Frosty
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    Shout out to @[1:@Rhododendron] for fixing many things in our TF2 JB plugin such as the gun glitch
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    You don't have to agree with Egossi but the mob can't make me not love him. We are both dragon energy. He is my brother. I love everyone. I don't agree with everything anyone does. That's what makes us individuals. And we have the right to independent thought.
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    guys !? how do i delete my account ? ?
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    i still have full source bans access
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    deth man

    deth man
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    Division Garrys Mod (Segal) In-Game Name Egossi Identity egossi Position Other Time Active on Servers 8 years Information hi i would like to be other in segals gmod division Snaptik_6926360969442626821_mr-block-u.mp4 I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
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    guys let splay some epic tf 2 jail break @Kypari
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    The war on Danny must stop.

    The NATO forces backing the western government of @Dannypicacho wishes that the allies of the military state of @Tatost would cease their militancy. This thousand-year war of warnings needs to stop to cultivate environments of peace in both Dannyland and Tatostville. @Segal, backing extremist groups through violent acts and terror is counterproductive.
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