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    Sucy the Mushroom

    I don't necessarily understand why people are pushing for a permanent ban on this guy over a bit of BM in chat. It doesn't even look like what he said was actually directed at anyone, and simply general opinions on "furries" themselves. The kids like 14 or 15 and it's really obvious he just wants attention. I agree with Elcark, 1 week is plenty enough for something like this.
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    Sucy the Mushroom

    +1 for week ban. Every time I'm on with him he always creates an argument of some sorts. Doesn't matter the topic, he will find a way to argue it. And there is always somebody on the server he ends up pissing off for doing what he does. We constantly told him to stop arguing and he would just end up starting again immediately after we told him to stop. I would't say he deserves a perma ban, but one of the big bois needs to talk to him on steam and tell him to stop.
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    Halo 3 Online... Free? is the server! If anyone wants to manage it and upload custom maps or whatever, I can spin up more and give access out.
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    Sucy the Mushroom

    +1 He really should know better at this point. I've seen him get muted several times before and even banned a few times I believe, he has seemingly not learned anything from them as shown here that he keeps on doing it. Just about every time I've seen him on the server he is talking about things like what's been shown. I'm not sure if he's even really joking with some of the things he says anymore. He just all around acts disrespectful and confrontational. Not sure if I would go for a perma quite yet, maybe a month long ban.
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    vsh map development thread.

    This thread is for the development of my vsh map vsh_spacestation (name may change in future) ingame screenshots Leave any suggestions in the replies.
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    +1 he's a pretty chill dude, thought he was already a part of xG. I'd say he's pretty mature, friendly, and follows all the rules. I think he'd make a great addition to the community A: 8 M: 9
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    XenoGamers History

    2011-2012 the good ol PRIME YEARS for XenoGamers
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    Remove Delfino Airstrip

    +1 I can understand that these maps are from other games and that they, therefore, may not be the most balanced for normal gameplay. However, I do think that there should be a limit/cutoff to this attitude. I, personally, think we should look at more than just, "Does the map function alright?". We don't really go onto this map that often and based off the very few times I've been there, I think I can safely say that there's a reason for that. From what I've seen, that map very often turns into Sniper wars and the reason I see that as a problem is because of how big, open space maps are very great for Sniper. On large, open area maps I don't think that there are that many counters to sniper aside from another sniper and in some cases Spy. Also there are some design decisions for that map that are just terrible like the one resupply cabinet by Blu team (I think it was).
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    Damn right we will. Finna eat his ass
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    a year later and it did ecks dee
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