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    Guys, (I think) 6 years after being unbanned from my permanent ban, I would like to confess on something I cleverly left out when getting unbanned A reality I concealed from the public, a dirty secret The truth is, on at least one of my 16 alt accounts that I evaded my ban on, in 2014, I used a VPN, I went on jailbreak on a very active day, got on guard, picked pyro and mass freekilled the shit out of everyone Feels really good to finally get this off my chest, thank you all for understanding and I'm ready to recieve whatever punishment necessary, maybe a permanent team ban from guard on jailbreak? Anything you deem fit...
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    Wheatys - Rust

    In-Game Name Bag of lays Primary Division Rust Previous Member No Profile Wheatys#1268 Age 22 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 30 hours Reason for Joining Like the community and really enjoy the rust server 100000x definetly my server of choice nice and chill server let’s me learn rust without being bombarded with people that are way better at the game than me
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    +1 definitely would make a good member M:10 A:1 bigboss.mp4
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    It's been a while.

    fuck off poser
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    A long return

    2016 gang gang!!!!!!! love u man u were always awesome
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