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    No no, that's not what I meant when I said I haven't seen you in-game. The real reason I haven't seen you is because I rarely ever go on the surf server. Like @Kypari said, your activity is fine
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    Gay Bonfire Gaming

    Gay Bonfire Gaming
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    No, you are, you wouldn't have brought it up if you weren't. Good, but you shouldn't ever say something as stupid as "GET GOOD / GET LMAOBOX" on our servers. Literally just promoting hacks, even if you're joking.
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    Happy Birthday Trump!!! 6/14/2018 9:24 PM
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    Scam Warning

    Thank you James, very cool!
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    ~Closed on request of OP
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    -1 while your attitude has improved significantly since you became active, you neglected advice on becoming what I'll call helpful. Youve gone from being toxic to just kind of spammy which isn't much better for showing your ready to be staff. I say give it another month or 2 to try and show us you're truly ready to make the best calls you can as staff Also, I highly recommend becoming active on other xG servers to learn the rules and meet more of the community
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    May I make a sugesstion?

    I don't get the meme
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    @Matsi First off, i banned you for one second while you were completely alone, as I do with a bunch of people. harmless fun. It was one time and you immediately ran to Silence and complained for roughly 30 minutes, shouting ABOOSE ABOOSE!! until I apologized and said I wouldnt do it again. (See- "Victimized") Dont come in here and single me out for something that we even agreed was over and done with. Seems like youve got lots of people to address here.
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    Sorry man, I haven't seen you at all. And that isn't a good thing either, considering and including that when you ARE on, the input here (from those who do not lie) is consistent in saying you are insensitive. I can say, with me being on every day for the past week and not seeing you at all, that inactivity isn't going to get you anywhere, trust me. On another note, I won't vouch since I don't have a good idea on how ingrained you are to the community, but good luck on the rest of the time this thread is up.
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