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    Can we just talk about this timing

    @SegFault @Tekk
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    A question for YOU! (:O)

    Bring back random crits on tgh, bc you dweebuses are turning everything into a tryhard shitshow, bring back edventures bc meme maps are sometimes refreshing to play on, especially since most of the time you nerds are on the same 3 map rotation 24/7(more like 3/2 bc servers are dead as fuck anyway) I feel like admins should “abuse” (votes and shit)their powers a little bc you gamers are putting all of those epic plugins to waste if you’re not gonna use em, make it more fun, who gives a fuck if muselk joins in on 1400 sentries and 354 monoculi are blasting away at a large headed green pyro, that type of shit made playing on the servers fun. Also stop being tryhards you scum. It drives all the children away
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    I'm going to stand by a concrete rule that community nights won't have specific EST times, I want them to be variable to fit the largest numbers of people. That being said, it will happen at around 7:00 PM EST.
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    and you @PolarCoded
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    A question for YOU! (:O)

    Good business model shown through history.
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    xG Dungeons & Dragons

    Do you guys think it would be fun to have a day of D&D, This will be played on Tabletop Simulator, Take the whole day and just play with like 8 people it can be set up like a week in advance with the characters and story?
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    Hello xG

    Sælir vertu velkominn í EKS GÉ.
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    Hello xG

    Oi, I hope you like playing these servers and hope you enjoy, but.... *whispering” play cs:go division, it would be a pleasure having you In the division. Best time to say or nah?
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    A question for YOU! (:O)

    Add a map like or dislike system, that way if people don’t like the map it will say  Did you like this map? Yes, keep it. Im neutral. No,remove it.  With this the higher ups can see from feedback on the forums and the server itself if people like it because we have maps that people hate so much that they just leave and I’ve seen the player count drop from 12 to 5.
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    Im not dead...

    Oh shit...
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