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    Opinions On This Rule

    "Soundboards, voice-changers and TTS are allowed. However, you may not use any of the above (or similar) excessively or with intent to ear rape to a point that may annoy other players." Thoughts on that going in the rulebook?
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    Opinions On This Rule

    i'm still imagining a staff say for a guy who did like a 1 second and say it's micspam
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    We need your help!

    My one and only suggestion for the TF2 div is to keep your staff informed. I've seen time and time again that staff members are enforcing rules that no longer exist/have never existed. Before someone asks me to provide an example- "no spoilers"- I've had one too many players talking to me about how staff members have been enforcing the no spoilers rule, that was dropped just a few weeks after the release of Endgame. It's no wonder that the players bite the hand that feeds them, especially when they feed them moderation that's even worse than the medicine your mom tries to get you to take when you're a little kid. @Tekk I don't feel like I really need to tell you this, but as the sole higher up for TF2, you should not only look at possible applicants for higher up positions among your current staff team, but among the members as well. This isn't me saying that your current staff team don't have the ability to run the servers well- just that there are probably people better suited for higher up positions among the general populace. It doesn't hurt to keep an eye open for any individuals among our members who have some potential to make the servers more enjoyable.
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    I'm back. Maybe

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    Counter Strike: @Bumpy Offensive.. LETS GO MY BOY
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    Add Non Gaming Maps To TGH

    Whilst this may be the most controversial poll there's been in a while, I'd like to hear opinions about it. As you all know, the population for Team Fortress 2 as a whole isn't what it used to be. This also means that less custom maps are being made and very few of which resembling old video games (that also fit the TGH Deathmatch gamemode) TF2, as some would say, is getting stale due to a lack of new content. I would like propose that we start adding non video game history maps to TGH in order to keep the game fresh and exciting. Here are a few maps (minor details may need to be changed) that I've found that may interest you all: Cobblestone Courtyard | Team Fortress 2 Maps GAMEBANANA.COM A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Map in the Deathmatch category, by sp744 Download : Sanctuary | Team Fortress 2 Maps GAMEBANANA.COM Overwatch Nepal Sanctum Layout... A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Map in the King of The Hill category, by Alfa1337 (loosely based on Overwatch Nepal Sanctum anyway) Download : koth_frostbite_beta2 | Team Fortress 2 Maps GAMEBANANA.COM A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Map in the King of The Hill category, by Spartan1179090 Let me know your thoughts!
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    its been a while. I think hes learned his lesson by now. +1
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    -1 what @tatost Said yall are being pussys
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    Last comment wins

    Stop gravedigging before i get upset
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    xG minecraft Rules, and updates.

    Firstly, rules Hacked clients, and cracked clients never allowed. Journey map, Durability mods, Inventory sort, and other various game play mods allowed as long as they do not give you an edge in pvp. Ban/Mute evasions never allowed. No spamming, or Advertising another server, (announcing your auction house items is not considered spamming unless done excessively) Glitches and exploits are not allowed. This includes 0 tick farms (If caught with a 0 tick farm your entire town is subject to deletion, economy reset, and the builder will be banned.) Racism, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, and Derogatory remarks are never allowed, warn, mute, ban order will be in play depending on severity. Treat players with respect. No griefing players bases in any way shape or form,(Exception 1; May steal from unclaimed bases as long as it's alone and away from any main claim they might have) terrain griefing on edges of claims is also not allowed. Do not flood the auction house with multiples (Max Item per player on the ah is 5) No inappropriate town names Please try to use common sense at all times. Economy rules--- Money is subject to being reset at any time, along with shop prices to insure integrity and fair play. ( your money will never be reset back down to zero, unless you have abused a bug, or its seen fit. I know having high money is cool, but please, please, please report any issues you see with shop, do not be stingy, or greedy, this is OUR server, xg's not just mine, I want this to last for us and that involves a good economy system. More to be added
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