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    👊 😡

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    +1 Ayyy septik A 8 M 9
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    Not enough posts to apply, sorry! ~Closed
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    New plugins

    OwO wats dis *nuzzles wuzzles* I want hug and kiss .3. cause they would add on to the furry erp i participate in along with helping me bond better with my boyfriend ^3^ teehee *nuzzles* OwO :3 (dont judge me cause im 12 and gay and furry okay?) rawr x3
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    ninja kissed me on the battlebus
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    you live in canada and still go to elementary school, hes a big boy living in korea rn, and goes on past your bed time when its late at night but we still have 15+ people on for a few hours. also its the same time casper is on which is why you dont see him, he gets on then to avoid you.
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    Best way to kill time?

    watch anime
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    +1 hes aight a9 m7
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    big big apologies for not dealing with this as soon as you posted but i forgot/got sidetracked Originally when i was out to look for discord staff i only wanted 3 people. Now, i ended up with 4 which is fine, but i think those 4 are good enough right now. That being said, i do think you would do a good job as staff, but maybe in the future if/when we need more staff for discord. Once again, really sorry for letting this one sit. Its my fault ~closed
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