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  1. Steam Community :: Silence :: Screenshots so firstly, he dislikes half of his CT team, he pulls out some Ghostbusting machine that shoots a big blue laser, and kill half of the team with it. the photograph above should prove everything, sorry shepard, you picked a bad day to abuse your powers. ---------- Post added at 09:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:12 PM ---------- textual evidence is also there
  2. refer to the My Ban appeal thread please
  3. its not like i can freeshoot anyways theres no way im gonna be unbanned from CT and i always follow the rules and enforce them, especially when every Admin in the Clan decides to leave JB Server simultaneously, and im left trying to enforce the rules, but remain powerless to do so and everyone breaks the rules like my friend Raven who everyone started bitching too and could because like i said before, where are the admins! how am i supposed to prove to you that i enforce rules? if none of you are ever online at the time im on.
  4. id love to be in Xg:R because im banned from ct anyways :P
  5. Omg raven!!!!!!!!! Welcome to xg its such a blessing to have you here!!!!!!!
  6. .... Silence should have advertisements on the site for free Money!
  7. for the most part i have never freekilled but i have freeshot at peoples feet as a sort of warning shot. and i was banned for doing this, can i get unbanned
  8. You all have seen me on JBs and know that i enforce the rules, i know when a CT breaks the rules and i can even tell him which one and the consequences. please if you think i would be a good admin rate up all those in favor write a comment saying I support you or I do not support you
  9. Have you solved the Referral problem Silence? it's about creating a fake account to give a master referral points, such as i would have done, but would have ruined my chances of gaining Administrator lol Solution: IP lock registration once someone has signed up from a specific address, and that lock carries over to where ever that registrar goes, such as going to another building to create a new account and refer themselves.
  10. well i think its good because that way at the beginning Ts could drop the only chance of hope they have, plus who gives their prisoners knives -.-
  11. topic^ there are a list of things that can and could be added to jailbreak to make it much more entertaining. such as: -Gore, (Detachable limbs) bodies do not dissapear and blood paint does not disapear. -Maps being much more compressed, (terrorist often die trying to reach a destination because it's to far away.) -Npc such as those that keep T's out of specific areas like those found in Vip areas for Disco -Ts should start out with some sort of weaponry other than a knife, or make the knife a throwing knife.(safer for CTs because Ts can dispose of their knife.) -Mute Ts instantly as soon as a CT starts talking (anyone abusing this rule can and should be Teambanned.) -Killing a CT does not make you red, (no longer the case.) (The Death of a CT or T should not be displayed in the top right corner.) -Dead players can (possess objects.)(this example is found in games like Garys Mod, game mode- Trouble in terrorist town, in which dead players possess an object by making it move or jump or roll,(this helps the live players find the terrorist.)) This option should be considered as an indirect alternative to Ghosting which is almost always done because often times Admins aren't in the game to, !mute @dead. -Mature voices being heavily enforced, *Children as wardens often abuse their power.* done!
  12. SykotikAngel


    lol it's kinda true but whos gonna go through all the trouble to record :p
  13. SykotikAngel

    Warday Rule..

    or CTs can only shoo Ts if they are in possesion of any weapon within the designated warzone. Duckii:o
  14. whos that dude as ur picture? lol