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  1. So, how many upvotes do you need to take the quiz for a moderator? At the moment I'm at +6 and one is indeed an admin.
  2. I dont understand why he isn't in xG yet. He's a fun player, knows the rules, is loved by most (except for me). Would be a great addition. +1
  3. Great player, knows the rules, is good with the people and even tries to enforce them even though hes not a mod. Yet. +1
  4. I can no longer stand by when there is no mod or admin on the server, or TS while people are just freekilling, breaking rules and when chaos is just breaking lose. So, in order to stop this I have decided to put in this submission to become a mod. To start off I'm Grim. I've logged over 50 hours in CS:GO on xG servers in the past 5 days, and know the rules like the back of my hand. Including to that, I've logged many hours on previous CS:S servers way back in the day. I try to enforce the rules with as much power I have (even though I really don't have "power" besides the xG tag) and I'll inform people in on the rules if they do not know them. For play in the game itself, I'm a very strict warden and by now many people know this. I have no tolerance for disobeying orders or rule breakers. But, if you follow my orders I'll of course reward you. If I make mistakes myself, I'll catch them and apologize, and if they are serious enough I'll even slay myself. As a Terrorist, this is a whole other story. I still follow the rules and MOTD, but as for the warden's orders, we'll just say there won't be any orders from him after I'm done. If you've read this far I'd like to thank you for going over my submission. I'm a very honest, and fun player and I would like to really clean up this server so that rules are followed all the time. I'm usually on from as early as to 5am EST and as late as 2am EST. I'm mainly on from 5am - 10am and 5pm - 2am. Again, thank you for going over my submission. A little extra down here, the only reason I haven't donated yet is because the only option is "10,000 credits" and there is no donating to the CS:GO servers from what I've seen. And the picture is of a xG grilled cheese. EDIT: I know I haven't been in xG long at all, but that does not hinder my ability to be a great mod and do good + clean up the JB server.
  5. To be perfectly honest, I've never saw you on and I'm on as early as 5am EST and log off as late as 2am EST.
  6. I honestly don't know why everyone is saying "I haven't seen him on." I personally see Nova on constantly (thought they may be because I'm on all the time haha.) Anyways, he's a fun player, he knows the rules and tries to enforce them even if he isn't an admin. +1 For me.
  7. I mean, I'm not a leader or anything like that but just a suggestion, you should definitely have openings for different timezones of the day not for exactly 24.7 but so that there is an admin on most times a day.
  8. Alright, so I've been on this server for quite some time and I've noticed something. A lack of admins. Now I've heard there is "5" admins but the thing is, they are all on at the same time and not on at times when they are needed. For example right now it's 12:30am EST, 30+ players and it's havoc and we need admins to fix shit right up. This is just a post informing the clan that we need more admins in JB servers that are on during the morning and at night. For example I wake up at 5am EST and start playing around.. 8am and there will be 11 players just free killing eachother with no admin to stop them until 12pm. Or on weekday nights such as right now (well early morning) we need admins because people are freekilling and breaking rules and alas there are none. Please do something about this. CS:GO
  9. The name is Grim, or Jake to start off thank you for taking the time to review my application. I've come here from Counter Strike:Source and would play on the jailbreak servers quite often, so I know my way around the block. I just recently got back into Counter Strike and plan on playing quite often, as I've been on very early in the morning, and very late at night. I'm a Jailbreak player, and a pretty damn good one as well if I do say so myself. I know the rules, help other players who don't know the rules understand them, and I'm on the server very early in the morning and very late at night. Also, I'm very friendly (unless you're an asshole) and try to do my best to make the Jailbreak server the best it can be regardless of being an admin or not.