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  1. Perm banned today, for asking what will happen if I dos the server. Huh, that was interesting. Oh and for typing out xG: M Tim I think? His IP, and his friends info. Btw, Are you and WIll still friends Tim?
  2. DarkNova


    to be fair, I meant, I got a lot of players to be interactive and tried to keep them populated, that was what Chief and I had initially decided when we got powers before chrono was DL and thats what we tried to focus on is player interaction and maintaining population
  3. DarkNova


    Don't know.. I think I was a pretty good Div Leader before I left :)
  4. DarkNova

    im old now

    I'm switching careers to Medicine, particularly Trauma/ ER Surgeon. 4 years of med school, 3 Years of residency, 3 years of clinical and probably 2 more with Specialization.
  5. DarkNova

    im old now

    If this adds to any consolation, just to let you know, I have 10 more years in school left and I'm 21.. at least your youth isn't being spent studying.
  6. I would start from the classics like Trigun and Hunter x Hunter. Even Gundam Wing was kick ass. Fate/Stay Night/ Fate Zero is one of my favorites as its good. Favorite from the current: FMA Brotherhood, Gundam Wing, Fate/Stay Night, HxH, Attack on Titan, TTGL. CHECK OUT Sword Art Online as well if you haven't seen so yet.
  7. Trigun, Attack on Titan, Nabari No Ou, Hunter x Hunter, Gurren Lagann, Requiem for Phantom. All of these are good, good plot and an interesting watch. I can keep going, but better to choose 1 simply rather than having too many and become indecisive. I would probably start off with Trigun or Hunter x Hunter, heck might as well all of them,they're just simply too good.
  8. These stupid comments that aren't relevant to the topic are the reason why CS:GO and threads like this get ignored.
  9. Sigh.. @@Forest You should probably consult with the Division Manager and the Ex-Division Leader (@@Chrono) of CS:GO to see who is a viable candidate for said powers in TF2; You will most likely avoid a huge conundrum of fallacy's that may result in a inevitable and obscure decrescence in denizens.
  10. DarkNova


    TeamFourStar Dragon Ball Z Abridged; parody of Dragon Ball series.
  11. I'll say this again, I said it before but it went ignored.. Granted I haven't been on in ages, I would love to come back to full xG JB servers. I just hope JB see's brighter days for this community again.
  12. >Hostage situation >Fires four gunshots a whopping thirty feet from the scene. Yeah that's going to calm everything down and make it safe. I'm sure the captor isn't tense at all after hearing four gunshots right down the street. Yeah i'm sure it made the situation worse, but he made the situation worse at hand. I'm sure you wouldn't be stupid enough to ask cops in a hostage situation if there's a black cop or blaring loud music and having your dog around barking and trying to attack the cops; It's called hindering.
  13. Man.. I'm gonna get down voted for this but, taken the circumstances of the situation, the owner of the dog was an idiot. The police were in a hostage situation and swat teams had arrived at the scene. The owner of the vehicle had loud music on and started being obnoxious and being a hindrance, which is a really bad thing in a hostage situation. When he was questioned, the owner put the dog in his car but had let the window open, emphasis on this WINDOW OPEN. The dog took the opportunity to protect its owner by being a threat to police officers during an arrest in a HOSTILE situation. I've read so much on this that the police are cruel, sure they had tasers, and batons, but alluding to Rhododendron he would have been put down. Sure they could have used to another means to take the dog out but the police and any other service always focus on their safety, their partners safety and then others (friends are cops, i've asked them all, same answer). They were protecting themselves and their partners in this situation. Sure it's a sad thing that the dog got shot up, maybe 2-3 times too many, but when people are blissfully ignorant to the actual situation on hand it's quite exasperating. Before people go on saying "Fuck the Police" do your research and find both sides of the story before coming to a conclusion on how you feel about the issue.