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  1. LeToucan


    I went ahead and extended that ban to your old main account as well.
  2. Jailbreak Implemented better detection of fake [WARDEN] tags. Warn users that it will not be tolerated if detected Moderators, if you see someone create another group to get around this. First kick them, then ban. They will have already obtained the first warning the first time they try to use the original fake [WARDEN] tag.
  3. We'll look into it, thanks for letting us know.
  4. Jailbreak Remade RTD New RTDs Axe Wrench Hammer Snowballs Long Fall Boots Moon Boots Lottery Robbery Modified RTDs Heavy Armor Now starts with less armor, so after taking damage, the armor will break. Invisibility Fades to invisible Once fully invisible, lasts 7 seconds (Lowered from 10) Weapons are visible Shadow is visible Grenades Gives random grenades instead of fixed set Price temporarily lowered to $500 in game cash to allow everyone to test. Added command sm_rtdchances that lets you see rtd chances.
  5. I added the flashlight plugin @Lithium idk what you did but mapchooser isn't listening to sm_mapvote_include (Set to 5, only 3 is displayed) or to sm_mapvote_dontchange (set to 1 but doesn't display)
  6. To put a little perspective on how these "silent promotions" work, here's how the promotion / demotion process works for higher ups. It varies a bit from division to division, but it's in general the same. A thread/discussion is created for promotions and demotions All prospective (Both members that have applied and not applied) staff are discussed thoroughly All higher ups of the division get input All community managers/Aegean can see all discussion Feedback must be valid, and is under scrutiny of all higher ups, including CMs/CLs (CSGO exclusive?) Goes through chat logs to see how they interact when staff is not available Use GameME to see activity on servers Higher ups come to a unanimous decision After discussion, approval goes to CMs We almost never disagree upon decisions, I honestly cant remember the last time we rejected someone If the prospective staff hasn't applied, they should be contacted to see if they would accept the position To my knowledge, this hasn't always been followed, but we will certainly follow up with higher ups to ensure that this happens In addition, +1/-1 on a staff application is not entirely representative of if someone will be promoted. We appreciate your feedback, but someone who receives all +1s is not guaranteed to get staff, just as someone who receives majority -1s is not guaranteed to not get staff. Everything is always taken on a case by case basis. Getting "Chummy" with higher ups is not necessarily a way to get staff (see @Jaydow CSGO Division Manager position). I can safely say that there's nothing more annoying than someone asking for staff, and they almost never get promoted any time soon. Obviously, getting to know higher ups is going to get you promoted quicker, as they'll know you better. Honestly, that's life, anyone who's been working before knows that the better relationship you have with your boss, you're probably going to get promoted quicker. This also assumes that you deserve to be promoted, as I've gotten to know people better and realized "Wow, I'll never promote that guy" before, even when I like them as a person. As for bad staff, staff are held to a high standard. Of course, you learn through mistakes, and our staff are people too. But for example, toxicity and abuse will never be tolerated, and its quiet easy to remove staff that don't deserve powers. Anyone can post a staff abuse thread, and demotions can occur without a staff abuse thread. I've found that many times that people don't want another person to be staff hasn't actually been due to if the person does or doesn't deserve staff, but more personal vendettas against one another. Edit: I'll also be moving this to General, as this applies to all divisions
  7. LeToucan


    You must have 12 hours minimum to apply for member. Please re-apply once you qualify.
  8. In the future, please post last ct suggestions to this thread
  9. LeToucan


    You must have a minimum of 12 hours to apply. Feel free to re-apply once you reach 12 hours.
  10. We will talk to him about it, and if it happens again he'll also get a ban. The other person who got banned had already received a ban for it before and received warnings after that ban as well.
  11. Jailbreak You can no longer spam over round change to get Warden. Fixed spectator chat printing twice. Fixed Warden icon not disappearing under certain conditions. Rebel LRs now give the T armor. Freedays will now occur if no one takes warden at the start of the round Warden is now passed after a T gets LR. Fix Russian Roulette and Gun Toss occasionally giving extra reserve ammo
  12. You must have a minimum of 50 posts on the forums in order to apply.
  13. The credit distributor already gives credits to anyone who's not in spectator, supports TF2, CSS, CSGO for sure, and any other source game that has spectator as team 1. There's already numerous anti-AFK plugins that can be used, no real need to re-invent the wheel.
  14. Can you PM me the details? I'll take a look into it this weekend.