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  1. Hello, because this is a true libertarian democracy we do not require voter ID. Please vote, thank you.
  2. Peeble

    Unban Lq

    Mass freekilling once or twice or maybe a few more times for shits and giggles = holocaust, got it.
  3. Peeble


    Why oh why are you dead CS:GO :(
  4. Peeble

    Gun Game

    Got it, thanks for the clarification.
  5. Peeble

    Gun Game

    @@Chrono Sorry, still a bit confused. So Brian was planning to turn the server into zombie escape, but because he's taking a break for a while you're turning it into gun game. Is that correct?
  6. Peeble

    Gun Game

    A little bit confused so maybe you can clarify, is this related to the vote for what to replace the GG server with? Surf won that vote, so why is a GG server happening before a surf server?
  7. So to be clear, this thread confirms that if you have LCT powers you can kill everything that moves even if you have CTs still alive? I'm gonna have fun tonight.
  9. trolling/people who don't know rules shouldn't be alive and playing
  10. Just let me be passive agressive in peace without dragging Justin Bieber quotes into this!
  11. Yes, and nowhere did I say discussion wouldn't be allowed, I just (re)stated that our opinions wouldn't matter.