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  1. real post: 0. I have no personal qualm with soulcircle/ben. He is active but activity shouldn't be the biggest contributor towards selecting someone for staff. I will say however that he has a tendency to get temperamental rather quickly, and also to talk over others whenever he feels like/his voice is more important. in the case of temperament being brought up to him in casual conversation, while giving a specific example, the response was that he was in a bad place at that time. not that i'm saying he was or wasn't, but that if you know (which at the time you had said you were in a bad place and shouldn't be on) then you need to learn how to take those steps back and cool off. also this "bad place" was a span of more than just 1 example, it was a period of time. as for talking over others it is a constant thing and you need to learn to listen more than just spouting things on your mind As for rules, you have a tendency to spaz out and yell over mic for literally no reason spamming. on top of that you spaz out yelling obscenities and on occassion known to be racial remarks. that's not something I would condone as a discord mod imo. learn to not spaz as much and or keep spaz to a non rule breaking style and you should be fine there. Activity: not actually active in the grand scheme. currently yes active. a few months ago, yes active. the interim, a message or 2 every few days. I would personally rather a consistently active and messaging discord mod than someone who is on for a week then gone for 2 months.
  2. This is literally a meme, and you are not actually applying for discord mod in this thread, if you want to actually apply for it make a new one that isn't a meme post. -closed.
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    already dl lmao, ok retard
  4. +1 a gigantic memer on the daily and is usually a walking living meme, however when it comes to staff he is serious about things. while he is immature in a sense when he normally games and chats, he can get serious and has the maturity to handle situations.
  5. Chrono

    Jail break

    hop on during a weekend to populate. with holidays and all the staff being older nowadays instead of young children, especially for higher ups we all have family and work for holidays.
  6. css servers dont exist anymore lmao haven't for a while
  7. Holy shit you're still around... Remember the golden days? 

  8. so is this what trove was based off?
  9. quick update, stickied this for now. might work on making a new thread to compile the actual recipes, since this one also has discussion/feedback on them to make it cleaner at looking at recipes.
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    +1 it's been over 3 years.
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    I was scrolling through my humblebundle key library, and realized I have a copy of Overwatch that is in there that expires December 31 of this year! Here's a free copy for whoever wins! (i know its a dead game but yolo)
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    Checking In

    hey man hope all is well, keep on cookin