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  1. Good stuff my guy! Keep up the great work! Go Brewers!
  2. A lot of the homies are gone, some that are left game in the cozyboys channel on discord, the other main homies have their own private discord (king j, trif, smoker, billy). and some of us still just game, along with some of the newer old guys you had around before you left.
  3. Congrats! #1 fan right here! I'll be at every game I can in my usual seats, if not I'll be staying tuned for updates!
  4. sup, CSS got deleted a long time ago. csgo servers dead AF but pop once in a while. feel free to hop in discord, we do populations and 10 mans on occasion as well as just gaming cristo vanished a few years back, he's doing ok. but had a lot of personal life shit go on and just never came back. last i spoke with him was a year ago, but i've met his brother IRL since we live close he said he was doing ok.
  5. World series bound. I feel it.
  6. I'd always support an old friend, hopefully you can come back stronger after that loss to make it to playoffs.
  7. sad time man, how about now?
  8. If you were previously a member, what was your forum name or old name you went by?
  9. is this still relevant considering the current times?
  10. Old School Pasta Carbonara Boil a handful of pasta While pasta is cooking, chop up bacon into roughly 1/2 to 1 inch pieces and pan cook on medium high heat. After bacon is cooked 85% of the way strain excess grease (leave some for cooking veggies) add mushrooms and whatever other vegetables you want to cook into the pan and cook them out. When all veggies and bacon are cooked out remove from heat, add pasta and 3 egg yolks, and 3-5 tablespoons butter and mix to incorporate. Add Parmesan cheese, and pepper (taste and check for salt. Bacon should make plenty of salt for it.) mix and eat. makes 2 large portions
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