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  1. @Bumpy bans for racism etc, are taken from chat logs with the actual user that was putting racial slurs in chat being banned, so your "I didn't do it" wouldn't be accurate when on admin panel has your name/way for us to ID next to your chat log.
  2. Chrono


    only to you, poopoo head.
  3. I'm not seeing any ban on your steamid. What does it tell you when you try to join the server?
  4. Chrono


    -1 being active isn't a justification for being staff, multiple instances of immaturity IMO about basically any time someone does something dumb by either joining in or trying to start a "fuck them" bandwagon to ban etc. I don't think you would rationally moderate discord imho
  5. Chrono


    The server doesn't auto ban for racism. That means an admin who was watching the server saw racist stuff typed in chat (N word etc which by you saying describing your avatar means you dropped the N word about dark skinned player character), and they banned you. Why would they waste their time taking screenshots of every time someone puts the N word or other racist things in chat? We trust our staff to use their discretion, and to ban properly otherwise we wouldn't promote them especially for something like racism.
  6. Chrono


    Sent it back to member protest, as this kind of thing is exactly why member protest is an option. and that is what the poster put it under, member protest doesn't always necessarily result in a ban, but is indeed able to have a ban come of it. and as this is more of a sensitive manner, is more appropriate here.
  7. The only plugins on it are the modifiers to change the drop rates, and /remove