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  1. Chrono


    hello there fellow old friend. glad to see you on the other side of this shin dig alive.
  2. +1 I only drink and moderate so you should be good. He's fine, he knows what he is doing and isn't afraid to ask questions to clarify on what he isn't sure about. The dude is on pretty consistently and keeps a very level head.
  3. complete garbage at scrim, but hes nice and fun to play with. +1
  4. ok good, you work at the in n out i don't go to. i go to the other ones around me for all different reasons. but not that far
  5. +1 for admin, oldfag been around so long and knows the rules very well, doesn't break them. Cali grown, rides around in public transportation all day. FR though, he knows what he's doing on the server and is on frequent enough to justify admin. I really don't normally post on staff apps (without it being a meme) unless I feel very strongly about it. All thrill would need to do is learn how the staff commands work which frankly a brain dead chimpanzee could do. he has the know how of the server and the common sense to maintain it with integrity.
  6. neutral. "I wasn't there for when he got banned, so I don't know the situation other than what was spoken about previously. My only interaction with anything relevant to his ban was what I posted on his "goodbye" thread regarding his immediate previous situation/outburst. I don't really have an opinion either way on pear, he's funny to hang around and talk with sometimes and other times it makes you want to cut your ears off but that's just him. I tend to ignore most of the things he says because typically it would be him talking mad shit and I don't really get butthurt by shit talking unless it gets personal. I had previously warned him before that his actions and how he behaves on discord and servers do warrant a ban and that he has gotten a lot of leniency considering I was the one who would always be around when he was since we would play at pretty similar times and typically all the shit he did/said would be in voice with people who thought it was funny. I do believe that some form of ban is justified/required and don't think he will fully grasp the scope that his actions even on the internet have consequences unless he has to wait out some form of punishment. I don't know what made Virr decide to make his ban "indefinite, he can protest it later just not now" but that's his decision and all I've done since is attempt to keep people like Char and Red from being on the servers and attempting to rile up a shitstorm by spamming on the servers about it and getting loud and aggressive using names like "fuck Virr" (the #justice4pear part of their names was fine as without the actual voice spam and angry loud remarks constantly it was just a silent peaceful protest.)" in reference to @Tatost and a private conversation that took place shortly after the ban. To me it seems pear has gotten significantly better with his attitude and taking things personally, as well as not having received messages in a long time saying "NIGGER!", and I'm usually all for a second chance on people if they feel like they have changed but go into it full well knowing the thin ice they are on especially when freshly coming back. We've had our share of people given 2nd 3rd and even 9th chances in xg, which isn't knocking them, or the ones giving them so many chances as they are all valued members with good input and helped in forming xg to what it is/was. that being said, I haven't heard much about pear recently other than he got into a situation with @Duke and that they were arguing for a while and now duke is relatively ignoring him. Remember that your actions have consequences, and in the end you are the one to live with those consequences, not those that enact punishment(s) for breaking rules, and as always if you feel depressed or potentially more, that there are always ways out there to seek proper medical and psychological help for free.
  7. Chrono

    Oldfags throwback

    I'm a little miffed I didn't post on yours. might have been while I was working that summer. or taking summer classes, because that was definitely after I broke up with my evil ex.
  8. holy shit @Thrillhouse we need to move to new york now, he's too close to us. Thrill is actually in LA and drives a bus there, I'm right next to you. Give me a rough estimate of how far you are from The Block (it's called The Outlets at Orange now). and please tell me you don't work at the in n out on ball and state college.
  9. I work at disney as a cook in a table service restaurant (fancy sit down to you plebs who don't speak restaurant) @Roywhere do you live? because if I see you working at my in n out i will probably die irl
  10. Chrono


    I'm confused... Which one is the "thug" who plays apex and which one is not?
  11. Xs. just got it because my OG 6 died on me. full charge battery would last 2 hours of just chilling and like 6 hours of airplane. it also would be finnicky with cables and not charge. same cables that didnt charge 6 work fine on xs. and my phone lasts while at work