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  1. Chrono

    The Smash Ultimate FC Megathread

  2. Chrono

    Stepping down

  3. Chrono


    I spent a lot of time in servers with other names I have seen you a lot and seen how you act. Don't think of people who give you a -1 as "I better tell them that they're wrong" whether that is what you think or not doesn't matter, in some cases in life you may actually be right. Just take it as something to think about since that is the way you are perceived. If someone perceives you that way, what are you doing that causes that perception? It's all in the effort for self betterment.
  4. Chrono


    -1 "IDK why you hate me, I've never played with a Chrono" -scottni to me in discord because my discord name is my forum name and i use a different steam name. this was like 2 weeks ago. Basically from what I observe when I am on (albeit not much the last week or so, holiday time at work... the mouse and all...) you are typically very relaxed and just like to be a cancerous warden (+1 for that, that is the only type of wardening I support.) but whenever someone you don't like is on, or someone is doing something you deem annoying or don't like, people on other servers can hear you going on about it and tell what is happening. No need to resort to namecalling users on the servers, the DK Randys are what keep the servers hoppin. Mellow out my duder, also you assume if people say something negative about you/to you that they hate you. not the case. just calling what I had seen when I gave you my thoughts on you in disc at the time of that quote.
  5. Chrono


  6. Chrono

    Is everyone ready for Christmas

    throw a rager
  7. Chrono

    Promotions and Demotions #212

    you weren't even cyber bullied in this promo demo thread yet
  8. Chrono

    Fun Fact of Yourself

    one of my coworkers is an avid study of martial arts and things like that, and he said "If you haven't taken any sort of contact sport like boxing or mma seriously since you were basically born, you will not go anywhere in that. you will have guys that did take it seriously from the moment they could stand on the mat by themself lay you out immediately." but give it your best shot I work for Disneyland (california) in a restaurant where if the servers leave the doors open going out to give food to the guests too long, we would all get fired for how loud we are and the stupid shit we are always saying. picture 10 people on the line yelling obscenities at the rate gordon ramsay does. that and talking about sex/dry fucking/other overtly sexualized things. we cook steak chicken and fish too, all of which are referred to as your meat.
  9. Chrono


    i miss you boo boo
  10. Chrono

    What's your favorite drink?

    alcohol: Classic lime margarita on the rocks, A quality gold tequila on the rocks, or an IPA preferably Stone IPA (the OG not the "go to") non alcohol: dr. pepper @Pepper
  11. Chrono

    Discord - Leveling Bot (Tatsumaki)

    personally i find all these bots rather boring and unoriginal
  12. Chrono

    Destiny 2 Clan!

    or you can just not suck
  13. Chrono

    Discord - Leveling Bot (Tatsumaki)

    You don't need a poll, the input from community can be seen in their responses from the OP. please closerino @virr
  14. Chrono

    Replace RPG Surf with TTT

    your second thread as evidence literally is saying replace it with a kz server not TTT you idiot. KZ or die