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  1. Chrono


    you're literally still technically a member. you never officially left from way back when. we dont remove member for massive inactivity. please close
  2. Chrono

    Remove #shitposting from discord

    remove the shit from shitposting like the people that post spider porn, brony shit, furry shit, weeb shit, and we gucci.
  3. Chrono

    Minecraft Server

    multi-world. I miss the old multi-world days where you didnt have to have people bitching about it being factions or it being towny, because you had both, same server same account you just went through a portal and boom there it is. same ip same account, you go through 1 portal and it loads your multi-world inventory etc., you go through the other it loads your factions inventory. (Note: I don't play minecraft a lot, I tryhard and get far in insert mode/modpack here for a few weeks and then i pretty much give it up so take my opinion with a grain of salt.) fun modpacks are always good, a bunch of us burned through FTB Infinity Evolved but pretty much all worked together, something similar but not the exact same pack would be cool to have where it is more open to all of xg, and you can have factions (actual use to all our destructive weapons/magic and OP armor). none of that towny everyone friendly bullshit in these modpacks, they are meant for having epic bases with laser defense and all out war.
  4. Chrono

    Promotions and Demotions #209

    Help, @Jaydow is being cyber bullied.
  5. Chrono

    Take this liberals

    if you're just posting cancer, use #shitposting in discord
  6. Chrono

    Suggestions Thread

    He didn't save it under the JB git?
  7. Chrono


    -1 does worse than goldfish aka mos in 10 mans.
  8. Chrono


  9. Chrono

    Taking a break

    saw the title and thought it was another neonnep thread about taking a break from xg and shit
  10. Chrono


    it's called a door, and unless you can paint the walls to look nice when you make everything inside buildings, you would lose that open feeling you get when you play the map. it would be ugly.
  11. Chrono

    Best aspects of a JB map

    Are you implying electric razor is a bad map? how dare you, and you consider yourself a css OG??
  12. Chrono

    Slime Rancher

    tbh i got this on a sale from humble at one point and was like ill play this its a dank meme. turned out to be pretty interesting and interactive. not very far in it when i stopped but like you said it is a fun game to just hop on every once in a while and farm some porings.
  13. Chrono

    Using Credits for other things?(JB)

    this is actually a pretty cool idea, it's like an rtd but you roll it for someone of your choosing, and it's all dank memes. also throw in some copy/pastas that are now dank memes themselves/scrim memes. make it cost like 100 credits, and have the dunce cap/text have higher probability that way it isnt always stupid op fucking someone else over to justify the cheaper cost.
  14. Chrono

    CS:GO 10 man with only TF2 Players

    be there and be square.
  15. Chrono

    Report Scammers

    @DepressedNeonNepp This is the non-relevant shitposting that we were talking about that you "left for good for reals, jk im taking a 2 week break from xg, jk im here 1.5 days later". everyone knows about scam accts that add you from nowhere. this thread is to report about people who are trading through forums or discord in xG or on the servers to report them with evidence. your post has basically no relevance to that.