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  1. Chrono

    I'm famous bois

    right now, dm_rust, scout only 360 no scopes off the top
  2. Chrono

    I'm famous bois

    i'm offended you said he shouldn't be offended. 1v1 me on scrim.
  3. Chrono

    I'm famous bois

    what the tf2 kid said link or die you filthy oldfag whore
  4. Chrono


    -1 does not fit the requirements for this division
  5. i only make pizza on a special occassion now, it's a lot of work to make a proper homemade pizza with a good tasting dough. the kind of dough i make has a lot more sugar than most and i get the bitter from the sauce/meat toppings so my dough is a lot harder to roll out properly without tearing it. albi3333's family owns a pizza place. :^)
  6. looks like a lasagna cut into a triangle tbh. you can see where you had trouble with the dough squishing back into its thiccc shape, you have to be firm enough that it doesn't just crunch back into a ball immediately but gentle enough you wont "bruise" it bye making it rip/break or flatten out and lose its air. how long did you let the dough rise for? other than that it looks like you either didnt have enough cheese or you cut it while it was still fresh from the oven and the cheese oozed off. cuz all im seeing is sauce
  7. Chrono

    Cancer Manual

    I support cancer by my wardens on server, not on these forums bucko.
  8. 0 please refresh up on the rules, while on earlier you were supporting everything that the warden was saying about rules when he was blatantly wrong and I kept questioning him while hiding my admin from him. said warden ended up with a ct ban and you were supportive of his case.
  9. To add to the unique case but about the other example who is also given numerous chances to adjust attitude. When someone posted a meme in discord without even mentioning him, he reacted with a response of "stop fucking making fun of me it's obnoxious" and as a joke I just copy pasted the meme, which was the first time I saw it in discord ever and last I saw mention of this was when he himself posted it on forums months ago, his immediate response to me was "get over it and leave me alone you fucking cunt". relatively unprovoked posting a meme for that kind of a response and when I switched immediately over to a serious mode of chatting and explaining that his response is not OK and against our rules continued to lash out. Ye who are of the talk in this know who you are and I personally feel as though you ignored everything I tried to guide you with, and unfortunately with that behavior and responses it doesn't do anything to help change your perception or appearance. I fully support not harassing individuals or groups in the community, but don't bandwagon on a thread thinking that means that your behavior is acceptable or tolerated and that it will immediately change the communities view of you, like I said at the time of this incident, changing perception takes time and work. If someone was to post a meme and you react with a response like that then what have you honestly done about your attitude? In short, I agree with rabid and bonk, about not harassing but keep it real here and look at the examples provided of individuals who you can do nothing but talk to in a calm professional way and their responses are yelling and using uncalled for foul language/insults.
  10. some people need slapped around like the filthy whores they are.
  11. johngait42 is supposed to be assistant to the dl of CSGO not MC, we're planning on implementing cows into jailbreak and having our prisoner work force tend to them.
  12. he said tf2 was boring, not 10mans boys. it's still lit, shotgun man is on the case