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  1. i've never seen a shit post quite like asking for a trash map to come back
  2. Chrono


    You, and anyone else have been given ample time to post any reasonable modicum of proof, as such this thread is going to be closed. In the future, refrain from posting meme/joke/unsubstantiated member protests. These are serious, and posting more in a rage without anything will result in punishment. -closed
  3. No. for an actual explanation of your reason I’m saying no, you’re staff first of all, and should know better than to break rules. Secondly your “meme warnings” we actually went over with you in staff chat and thoroughly explained why they weren’t meme warnings and you refuse to understand that you can’t go around posting the n word just because. I can care less if someone baits you. You’re supposed to be staff. Be better. Third, even after being THOROUGHLY explained about all the times you fucked around and fucked up and got called out for it, you continue doing it all the time, to the point that I’m straight up tired of giving warnings. You clearly don’t listen to them.
  4. Balsamic Fig Pork: 1 Pork Loin 1 Shallot finely diced 3 Tbsp Balsamic Fig Butter (from sprouts) [sub in balsamic jam] 1/4 Cup water (with amount for chicken bouillon dissolved in, let it get to room temp) Chicken Bouillon (small amount it's basically chicken base/stock dried. dissolved into the water) 1 Tbsp honey 2 Tbsp Balsamic Vinegar 3 Tbsp Butter Salt Pepper Season liberally with salt and pepper the pork loin and sear in a hot skillet over high heat on all sides. Transfer to a sheet and bake at 425 until cooked through (use a thermometer. should take roughly 8-12 minutes) In the same skillet that pork was seared in, heat a small amount of oil and saute the shallots until translucent Stir in the water, chicken bouillon, fig butter, balsamic vinegar, and honey. allow to reduce until thick and sauce like then add butter and turn off heat. stirring to fully incorporate. Let pork rest 5 minutes before cutting, then slice and serve with sauce. 1 Bag of mixed (or all red) small potatoes 1 Package cream cheese (8 oz) Heavy Cream Salt Pepper Wash and slice potatoes into 1/4 pieces and put into a pot covering entirely in cold water. Bring water to a low boil, until potatoes are just barely fork tender. Drain water and add cream cheese and a splash of heavy cream. using a hand potato masher, mash until potatoes cream cheese and heavy cream are fully mixed. (add more heavy cream until consistency is nice.) salt and pepper to taste.
  5. Get unbanned first before making member submissions. Then show that you are improved as a not toxic individual.
  6. literally none of those tagged people are "OG member"
  7. Join the Xeno Gamers Official Discord Server! DISCORD.GG Check out the Xeno Gamers Official community on Discord - hang out with 721 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat. It's not very well posted on the forums... but here is our static link (we lost boosting for the fancy link)
  8. your last protest (1 year and 1 day ago) had no official response, but your ban reason was that you are a ya_done alt which still stands for your ban. @virr would know more about the situation.
  9. Chrono


    Give a little more coherent detail on your personal reason for a +1, not just a quick copy/paste response. Responses like these are why there is a huge misconception (even with staff members!) that any form of application (ban, staff, abuse) is just a popularity/hate bandwagon contest where the most +1 or -1 is the choice decided. All applications are reviewed thoroughly, and legitimate responses are taken into consideration during the decision process among "higher-ups". Thanks for coming to my TED Talk
  10. I agree. Lock it after my post.
  11. haha xd! cool dude! come play with us! xDDD!!!