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  1. css servers dont exist anymore lmao haven't for a while
  2. Holy shit you're still around... Remember the golden days? 

  3. so is this what trove was based off?
  4. quick update, stickied this for now. might work on making a new thread to compile the actual recipes, since this one also has discussion/feedback on them to make it cleaner at looking at recipes.
  5. Chrono


    +1 it's been over 3 years.
  6. Chrono


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    I was scrolling through my humblebundle key library, and realized I have a copy of Overwatch that is in there that expires December 31 of this year! Here's a free copy for whoever wins! (i know its a dead game but yolo)
  7. Chrono

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    hey man hope all is well, keep on cookin
  8. bonk isn't saying he is going to check. he's saying 2 hour short is fine for this app since that is a doable amount in one good JB session (really a good session of JB will get you a few more too if it gets lit af)
  9. Muted on discord. -1
  10. im down, when im not scheduled for work wednesday lmao