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  1. Chrono

    share your tattoos!

    You know how they say never get matching tattoos with a gf/wife? Well technically this was a tattoo part of a group of friends that we all were going to get different sharks based on our personalities. This was when I was just friends with my GF, and we all agreed. come time to get the tattoo and I had been with my GF for a little over a year and a half. We decided on a date to get them and the other 3 people all chickened out after we already made the appointment (luckily the artist was a friend of hers so he was fine with it we just hung out).
  2. if its not a full grown in/thick coating beard/stache then disney makes you shave.
  3. "not 1 or 2, but 3" lists 2 servers ooga booga where the 3rd at?
  4. the terrorist vs the uk furry weeb 1v1 high ping duels. also you can convince others to get a free vpn and connect from somewhere like you and duel you at equally shit ping
  5. Chrono


    who gave this man the yikes hard? @linguini ?
  6. Bright Suns fellow traveler!
  7. we take hate crimes like that very seriously here.
  8. Chrono

    Discord #colors

    what @ScottNi said. black is a discord mod exclusive. also make a color picker UI on forums with a working bot that links forum accounts.
  9. same. sweet potato is life
  10. style: mongolian bbq or kbbq where they cook in front of you or you cook yourself. ethnicity: italian, the usuals. specific food item: home style fried rice or home style fried chicken favorite single item in food: potato. so versatile.
  11. just because you don't know the person doesn't mean it is the same person making accounts to +1 himself, dm/dl can see if they are the same person. they would say something.
  12. if a shoe bandit wins, they get a clean slate on their shoe debt. all others get a fancy stack of credits or an honorable role of being a golf it CN champion since golf it is a regular cn contender.