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  1. What is the cutoff level that kicks veterans from the server? All of my friends are below 20 (I think), so if I can get them to play without me, that would be preferred.
  2. I'm level 72 in Nuclear Dawn, and I love this game. I finally got friends of mine to play with me, and lo and behold, there's a popular NA server! Steam Community :: Screenshot :: The only server I can play on... But when I try to join it, it kicks me, saying that I'm too high a level. :( Nuclear Dawn is a dead game; we shouldn't have servers kicking the players who were most loyal to Nuclear Dawn. If you want to stop veterans from turning off rookies to the game, force them to only play one class, like Support Medic/Engineer or Stealth Assassin/Saboteur. I know this was done in an attempt to get more players playing Nuclear Dawn, but all it's done is isolate the existing playerbase. The only other ND server I can play on is this [NDix], and this server has a great many quirks of its own. Please consider removing the veteran kick from the rookie server, thank you.