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  1. deth man

  2. Long time no see xG. It's been a year or more (idfk) and wanted to see how shits been. Are the TF2 servers still alive or any TF2 friends still around? I assume jailbreak is officially dead but haven't seen any of the servers in awhile.
  3. Shwaty like a melody in my head

  4. Dethman

    Oh Honey

    Haven't read a single thing in this thread but i'm assuming this is relevant http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXnpfNzU_ro
  5. Dethman

    Oh Honey

    Getting angry over minecraft lol
  6. lol hi, back from the dead
  7. I am not bitching out this time, I am leaving xG for good. I have had many good times on the servers and teamspeak but now i don't get that same enjoyment i once had. I will come on once in awhile since i can never get away from this damn clan. Thanks for all the memories xG, it has been fun. ~Dethman
  8. Congrats to all who were promoted.
  9. This isn't a joke/meme thread this time. I am stepping down from my admin position due to my extreme inactivity. The servers need admins that can be on and stay on consistently. No admins that just scrape the minimum requirements to stay staff. Maybe someday when i get my activity up and get motivation to play tf2 more, I can be staff again. But for now, it has been fun. @Vexx @Sesh @Bello @mrnutty12
  10. for anyone who doubts this is real, here is a photo of my laptop screen and my new monitor. like my setup pls yes
  11. Ironically I stood up so I can calm myself before I threw the mouse at it.
  12. I was playing some cs:go comp and went to stand up and my laptop fell. Cracking the screen to the point of being unusable. Needless to say I am going to best buy tommorow to see if it can be repaired. Just letting you all know I will be inactive. Due to this. If you need, I will have photo evidence to provide to show I am not bullshitting. @Bello @Vexx @Sesh @mrnutty12