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  1. Forest


    +1 because I secretly love him. Forreal though, my input is super moot because I'm inactive af so probably don't count this
  2. ??????????? Agreed. Upgraded recently from HTC (RIP) to Huawei by picking up the Mate 20 Pro- and I can say with certainty that I have 0 regrets. Only grievance is with EMUI, but just slapped Nova Launcher on this bad boy and let me tell you, I'm never looking back.
  3. Jolly Ranchers bruhhhhh. Perfect amount of sweet and tarty goodness. Nothing quite like rotting your teeth out!
  4. Forest

    Oldfags throwback

    Boy was I a keener.
  5. I work for the devil itself (Electronic Arts) on FIFA for a wage that is laughable. BUT, I don't work directly for EA, but rather for a contracting company (VMC, Volt, Keywords Studios, w/e the hell it's called nowadays)... That is hired under EA. That technicality means you cannot roast me alive for the atrocities brought upon by EA. Side note: ^This
  6. The joke is on everyone. Comments haven't worked [let alone been a thing] on the forums since the long forgotten days of old
  7. Somebody give this man a medal. Sheer poetry right there.
  8. Do you really have to ask? That isn't something you should be looking for feedback on friend. You either are, or aren't interested in that sort of thing- shouldn't really go out of your way to ask someone if you should or shouldn't 'identify' yourself in any particular way ?
  9. I'm Forest. On again, off again with Xeno Gamers most of the time- sometimes I'll be on servers but more often than not I'll just be on forums lurking. Fun fact: contrary to popular belief, I am not British
  10. Still haven't gotten the Don't Starve Together game...

    1. Precious


      i used to play that game all the time yo

    2. Forest


      @Xander I've been busy. I just sent it now though, congrats again on the lucky draw ?