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  1. Forest


    Alleged hacking to view invisible spies back in 2015 according to our records. For shame!
  2. Forest

    CS:GO Jailbreak Populate!

  3. Happy Holidays!

  4. Forest

    Finish the Story

    In MS Paint you nerds. Fixed
  5. Forest

    Finish the Story

    One sentence per post unless you're a loser.
  6. Does this mean you were finally released from prison? What's good my dude!
  7. Assuming that picture works for anyone (didn't for me), @hongkongatron/@DiaperHyperWolf it appears that this penitent lad donated $10.00 (May 10), and thus should be absolved of his crimes His soul hath been cleansed and he has been reborn EDIT: Disregard, noticed this was already actioned on via Status Message
  8. Forest


    .. Huh. So, that's what it's like being on the receiving end of a "TL;DR" post Jokes aside, I certainly can't speak for the current higher-ups, but I can only assume what is likely the biggest reason behind degrading activity on their part: life. Needless to say, growing up sucks. What's worse is that growing apart from something sucks even harder, in this case Xeno Gamers. Majority of the time there just isn't enough daylight or energy left in the day to meet the expectations of the community. I speak simply as someone who was in this position as an ex-CL (Co-Leader), and can attest to the fact that it isn't easy. I understand that it can be frustrating to have "inactive" higher-ups, and it is more than justified to demand why no one is seeking replacements; but in order to have a replacement, you need to find someone who cares enough to put in the time and effort to improve things or to really make a difference. This means finding folks that take an active interest in engaging with the community as a whole, who will be in it for the long haul (and who won't bail within months). Finding a replacement is not as easy as it seems, especially for a position that is volunteer work that rewards nothing but a sense of accomplishment. Additionally, it is worth noting that the backbone of any gaming community is not its higher-ups; rather, the groups of players that make up the community itself. Rather than waiting on anyone to do something about it, try a pro-active approach- I have made this point in the past and I will do it again: a member of the community is only as small as they make themselves out to be. Have an idea for an event? Just do it. Need something bigger than a thread to garner attention? Ask a higher-up to post an announcement or event in the Steam Group, I guarantee that they will not shoot it down (within reason) and would be happy to get the ball rolling. I cannot count how many times I have seen suggestions or recommendations in threads, only for them to fall flat because of the expectation that higher-ups will simply take it and own it. It is not enough to suggest something and to leave it at that, not if you truly want something to change. Members of the community need to take initiative, just as much as any higher-up would. I guess what I am trying to say is that it's easy to point fingers at those in charge to make a difference and to clean everything up, but if you truly are a dedicated member of the community and genuinely care about how things are done, then you could be doing so much more than merely posting a thread to point out flaws and moving on. A community consists of a group of members who share a common interest, even a common goal. In this case, it's to improve. So then I ask: if it's a community with a common goal, why do those improvements have to come from the higher-ups? Who is to say that they can't come from your average Joe within the community? But I digress, this is just my 2-cents, take it with a grain of salt. Change starts with the community, and the community is everyone. Not just the higher-ups.
  9. Happy Holidays xG!

  10. Absolutely not (god I hope people view this in Light mode)