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  1. The joke is on everyone. Comments haven't worked [let alone been a thing] on the forums since the long forgotten days of old
  2. Somebody give this man a medal. Sheer poetry right there.
  3. Do you really have to ask? That isn't something you should be looking for feedback on friend. You either are, or aren't interested in that sort of thing- shouldn't really go out of your way to ask someone if you should or shouldn't 'identify' yourself in any particular way
  4. I'm Forest. On again, off again with Xeno Gamers most of the time- sometimes I'll be on servers but more often than not I'll just be on forums lurking. Fun fact: contrary to popular belief, I am not British
  5. Still haven't gotten the Don't Starve Together game...

    1. Precious


      i used to play that game all the time yo

    2. Forest


      @Xander I've been busy. I just sent it now though, congrats again on the lucky draw 🙂

  6. I second this notion. Deposited 3/4 of my credits when the bank system was a thing- I demand compensation or I'm going to HR.
  7. Is there going to be an xG-designated Santa doing x-mas trivia for delicious CS:GO skins this year too?? I'm confident that we've been good girls/boys this year! EDIT: o bby it's up
  8. Same opinion as posted in another thread regarding a situation where a Player [mass] freekilled (aforementioned post for reference ). While it's worth noting that the first provided image does present a semi-visible case where the accused is actually caught firing on a T in their cell (third image as well, but barely discernible); but without any physical context aside from word-of-mouth it's difficult to determine whether or not it was justified (eg. was the T caught rebelling, breaking vent, etc) from the perspective of someone who did not personally witness it. As is the case in the other thread [linked above], I strongly recommend that if a punishment is being considered, that it only be limited to a CT ban and not a Server ban unless there is a direct correlation with our rules that state that the user should be perm'd from the server (eg. mass freekill and disconnect).
  9. Personally don't think the evidence is substantial enough to back the claim (no one's fault, just a fact- made a thread re:gathering evidence for reference), not including word of mouth. However, I'm also the type to follow the whole "innocent until proven guilty" deal so I'm not too keen on taking anyone's word for it, regardless of the number of people backing a claim. Reason being that there have been multiple instances in the past where groups of Players would work against one other Player to dish out an excessive punishment (not that this is the case, but the principle still remains) with a lack of evidence. A minor example would be banning someone for flaming with chatlogs provided as evidence, but only providing the accused's logs specifically with no context- they could have been provoked to act out; but I digress. With that all said, is there any reason that the proposed punishment is a Server/IP ban and not a permanent CT ban? Did the accused disconnect immediately following the mass freekill? If not, I don't see why this degree of punishment is necessary, griefing or otherwise unless there is a direct correlation to our rules that state as much.
  10. For future reference, and only assuming this wasn't the case; you may want to hit up the CLs before creating any sort of group/clan/server or what-have-you to represent Xeno Gamers in whatever manner. This applies to everyone in general, not you specifically. Not to discourage anyone from doing this as that is not what I'm getting at, just courteous to let the CLs know that there is an interest in creating any affiliation or endorsements made to/for Xeno Gamers. It could also avoid any headaches in the future should something happen or whatever, n'ah mean? Plus it gives their sign-off on treating it as "official" as opposed to an unofficial thing, so-to-speak. - Fun Police (aka Forest)