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  1. HeyGuys , I wanna give suggestions for improvement of the new scoreboard. @Stickz @DoctorGringo @Makr6e6 @CharDraesia Main problem with the scoreboard atm is that it is difficult at times to see the names of people due to the transparency of it. For example: Depending on certain textures and objects, when you press tab, it can be hard to see the scoreboard at times. I would suggest making an option in the f3 menu to control the transparency of it or to add a semitransparent black block behind the scoreboard. I would also like to suggest adding on the number of infections or alien kills that a person got, on the scoreboard. Adding in how many times they have rdmed would also be good. I would also like to suggest something that would help to facilitate the small amount of Logic game that is in Morbus. In tense games vs good Brood, I on human side, in addition to using the scoreboard options for marking someone as brood or suspicious or friendly, will assign a mnemonic (for example, I will assign each group as group A or B or C, and those members, for example in group A, will all be marked as A in my thoughts. this could also be done with numbers. ) to each group. This helps in situations where if I feel like theres a brood in the midst of a group of humans, for example 2 humans (1 innocent, 1 suspicious ) and I encounter the body of the innocent later on, this would tell me that both of them are broods. Another example would be if there were 3 humans (2 hurt humans + 1 suspicious) and I were to see the 2 humans as a part of another group, with the 3rd nowhere to be found, I would be under the assumption that he is a brood. If I killed him, and game did not end, then it could point to those 2 humans potentially being broods. (depending on weather or not the 2 humans had a medkit on them.) Here is an example of the addition of the concept on the scoreboard. If you wanted to balance it, so that humans could not have access to too much information, then you can only assign one number at a time to a human (so the 39 example would be null). You could also make this numbers option something that could be enabled via the f3 menu. Could also make it so that through the f3 menu you decide if you want numbers, or Letters instead (ABCDEFGHI) TL:DR this addition would make it so that an individual human is able to keep track of each human group and then deduce who is the Brood from the information given to and processed by the player. I would also call for the addition of a text mute button, so that you can mute the text of a person who barrages you over text, but still be able to hear what they say in game. Or, you can mute the voice of a person when they mic spam, but still be able to see what they type over text. Also note, when there are a large amount of players on, it becomes impossible to see the voice mute button. (as seen in the first screen shot on this post.) I would recommend adding a X slider so that we can navigate over to the other side of the score board when there are too many people on, or fix the score board so that this doesn't happen.
  2. I think this would be a fine change. Newbie players go about itemizing for a lights out situation (when the lights havent even been touched yet!) and will often get glowsticks, even dropping medkits (which are far better!) for glowsticks. I think making so that it doesn't give off light would make itemization more interesting, and the flashlight a more meaningful thing. I think if you wanted to make it interesting/add more depth, there is this odd glitch that happens where if you drop a glowstick at the right timing/frame in your jump, you get propelled forwards. This is easier with the grav glowsticks. Increase the number of grav sticks to 6-8, and this would give good human players something to abuse to give them more movement.
  3. Steam Community :: Guide :: A PROFESSIONAL’S GUIDE TO MORBUS 1.5.6a, Gamma Update 2.1 AND 1.5.7/8 Hi guys, I'd like to announce the release of the first in depth guide to morbus. Any thoughts comments and criticisms appreciated.
  4. Alright, I think I prefer this version of chemicallabs. solves the problems where you cant rlly differentiate between the two sections of the map. My only major problem at this point is the arming file (looking at it, theres only 4 medkits and 1 frag grenade) But I would be willing to work on that if theres support for this map. My favorite parts of the map have to be the colored strips differentiating between the sides of the map, the middle part of the map, and the black mesa texture in the lab. I also liked that you kept the dark spots from the old map. Some nitpicks I hope you take into consideration for the next version of the map. ATM the only way to differentiate between the area in between piss and light switch or shower and light switch is to look at the boxes or look at the signs or see if the lab room is there or not. I suggest changing one of the green strips to be Yellow or some other color if possible. Consider extending the Green/yellow strips to the area from eating to lights, or beds to lights. Solves the problem of being to unable to tell between the two sides of the map, and people can just tell new people to the map "follow the green line to Showers". You could also move the 'clear wall' texture to be the texture for the hallway that goes from eating/beds to the center of the map. Put in a way to differentiate between the 2 light switch rooms. Mb have a diff generator model for one of the rooms. 2 small peeves, I personally prefer the old texture and skybox the map before this had for the swarm spawn. Felt more alieny before than now. The more important issue, there should be a way to tell between the 2 openings in the ground which one is which, like make one of the openings have a diff color or texture (like a rusty texture or something.) I think I can under stand the usage of the concrete texture in between the showers and eating/piss and beds/showers, its a 'back' area of the map thats dark and can be considered a more dangerous part of the map. I personally think that you should use the red/blue strip textures inbetween the need locations, and move the concrete texture to the hallways that goes from eating/beds to the center of the map. (the concrete texture that's in the hallways that are the alternate path from the needs to the light switch are fine to stay tho, I think those areas are the best usage of the concrete wall texture) Not pictured, but I'd personally recommend the removal of the blue shelfs around this back area. I would also HEAVILY recommend the removal of the brood screams that are around the map in these vents. detracts from the gameplay than it does add to it. I told you this before, But I'd like these vents to stay personally, I could add extra medkit/gernades/supplies to these types of areas, and humans/broods could use a nade to flush out these supplies, or if the jump upgrade was buffed one day to reach into these vents, broods could get that and jump into the vents to get the supplies.
  5. I agree, which is why I dont think the swarms should be able to access every single area with vents, like the recent trend thats been happening in morbus maps. I think that swarm movement around the map should be limited, they arent the faction that are supposed to be winning the game, that should go to the brood. I also think that some traps, like for example the bedroom doors, should stay intact. Making the lasers at food just block for a certain amount of time would be great for the map. However, the 'secret areas' should just go. They just ruin fairly played rounds of morbus, Much like the secret room in facility. I do not think that would be butchering the map into another one, I think that the map would still have many of its characteristic's left intact, its long hallways, the room with its many rafters, the showers would still be there, the 1 light switch, The layout is just about the same, but with more options. I think were the overwatch area to be added, it would be a valid replacement to the armory , be a memorable set peice, and be more cohesive with gameplay. Newer players are often the ones that enjoy this map the most, and they are the one group that cares the least about changes (I'd say that the newer players would benefit the most from these changes, as they do not know about the 'secret' areas, and often times they will die to traps alot. The pathway to Need locations are also very well marked, keep them well marked and they will still horde to this map!). People will vote for isolation just b/c theres an Alien's game with Isolation in the name. I believe that the people that vote for spaceship choose it b/c it says in the name its set in a spaceship.
  6. A decent majority of the player base also doesn't know how to play Brood or thinks that broods are weak :p Heres Brother Frank's thoughts on the changes/map. > AP Art History: Improvements And Map Rework Suggestion Of Mor_spaceship tell me what you think Brother Frank: So far I'm agreeing on most of what you said, especially on moving the beds and removing the death trap replacing it with a weapons cache. Brother Frank: However it shouldn't have too good of stuff as its meant to be the shower room. Brother Frank: The armory on the spaceship map makes sense where it is and I feel that should be the only main place for equipment. AP Art History: Makes sense AP Art History: noted Brother Frank: As for removing the long tunnels humans like to camp in, I disagree with that. Brother Frank: Its honestly just a delaying tactic that only works when players on the server are new. Brother Frank: If the ship has lost that many people to the point where someone is actually hiding in those spots, he's dead anyway. Brother Frank: But I do get that its a delaying tactic, so I'm torn on whether those spots should be removed or not. AP Art History: Eh, I disagree, I've seen many a game where 2-3 humans get into the passages and just camp with a heavy machine gun AP Art History: + medkits Brother Frank: I can see where you're going with that, but they will eventually run out of ammo/die to bouncy spit. Brother Frank: Or a brood can leap up and get behind them. Brother Frank: with a grenade or something like that. AP Art History: they can turn around and take care of that tho Brother Frank: Of course, this is assuming your brood is smart. AP Art History: like iniorder to get leap Brother Frank: Which, as we both know, isn't always a thing. AP Art History: i need at least 3 lvls in order to get accsess to the upgrade path for leap Brother Frank: I'll concede and agree that the removal of those spots is for the best when it comes to that map. Brother Frank: It'll help the map overall. AP Art History: but thats like 4 lvls total, its like if i go defence brood, i have to make sure that no one gets to that spot, which may not be always possible Brother Frank: Yeah I understand what you're saying. Brother Frank: Its for the best to remove it. Brother Frank: Back to the armory, I think the 1 main pathway should stay the same. Brother Frank: However Brother Frank: add a few vents leading to it from the swarm spawn room. Brother Frank: This will make it harder for humans to camp and also give aliens more of a chance should they have a lot of guys there. AP Art History: noted Brother Frank: Of course, the same grenade strat fixes all those issues. Brother Frank: But again, not every brood knows to do that. Brother Frank: As for the rest of the changes, I agree with them all but the changes to where the food area is located. Brother Frank: I do hope the mapmakers take a look at that, as I think the map is definitely in need of a rework. Brother Frank: A big change to the ladders leading up to the bathrooms & beds is also in order. Brother Frank: Correct me if I'm wrong, but do you not have any suggestions for the showers? Brother Frank: I could just not be seeing it. AP Art History: I think i added it to the start of the screen shots Brother Frank: Ah yeah I'm blind Brother Frank: I read over it, looked farther down, and called myself stupid. AP Art History: ahahah Brother Frank: Yeah fuck those ladders man. AP Art History: indeed Brother Frank: 100% in favor of a ramp. I kinda disagree with his points on adding vents to the armory, as I think that the map shouldn't be so reliant on swarms to win the map game, as compared with Broods, but I think its a somewhat valid idea. TY brother Frank.
  7. Hi guys, I am aware of the difficulties behind mapping, and I respect everything that mappers do, especially when its a quality product. I wanna talk about some changes to space ship, if it were to be done, would make the map better and reflect better on the gamemode known as Morbus. I have included some ROFLMAO pictures for use of inspiration/visualization of the suggested changes. The problems with Spaceship is its circular nature. There are only 2 ways to get to any specific need, but in reality the 2nd choice is often going to be an illusion of choice, with it being a very long way around. (example, if I want to go to showers, and the shortest path to showers is blocked by swarms, I'm going to have to take a very long way around.) Movement of swarms is also limited, there being only 2 ways to get out of the spawn, and the distances to many areas being long. There is also the mind infuriating 'secret path ways' (pathway from shower to eating, and the pathway from eating to the halls that go to showers) where humans can get into these pathways and just camp for the whole duration of the game. The armory has this massive amount of weapons AND medkits in the same room. Showers is also an area with only one entrance, and late game scenarios often end up with humans camping showers, while swarms try to spit them down. The traps that this map has also gives a head ache to server staff, them having to find out who pressed the button and weather or not they were human or alien. Some of these traps just feel 'BS' to play vs. This is the map that has many problems but has been relatively untouched for years, while other maps with minimal problems have been changed and given a new coat of paint. SUGGESTIONS: Remove the secret passages that humans can camp. Re-texture the whole map. Very ugly map and textures. Change/remove the traps. For example, The ramp leading up to bedrooms shouldn't Fling people out of it. Should either be removed or changed so that it just blocks people. Keep the swarm spawn the same! If you want to prevent spawn camping, add a 2nd level above the spawn, and make a circular opening in the ceiling from which swarms can drop down. (add a pool of water at the center of the spawn) I personally think that it should be a hallmark/restraint of the map, where swarms come from the central area, rather than adding vents leading to other areas around the map. Heres the meat of the suggestions: Move the ladder to the room that directs people to eating and bathrooms, and move the showers so that is overhead to it. In the now empty room, add a ramp going up to a new room connecting to showers. (kind of like this http://i.imgur.com/Fg6wNP4.jpg) This gives way to 2 entrances to showers instead of having to go up and down a ladder, and introduces a new direction from which humans have to defend the shower location. Adding a area to get weapons from would also be recommended, or another suggestion would be to put the weapons cache on the bottom of the ramp room. Move bedrooms to a different hallway, extend it a little bit and add 2 entrances to it. Keeping in spirit of the old bedrooms, these entrances would be able to be force locked. Diagonal pathway should be added so that player have a 2nd option to move across a section of a map. Remove the armory. Can be added in with something else latter. Move and extend the bathrooms, so that its longer, and has 2 entrances. Example: Horrible mockup, but I hope it gets the point across. This suggestion isnt all important, but move the eating Need, and remove the room. Considerations that might not rlly be important, but adding a supply closet/cache would be cool, and making it so that that the hallway connects to the need more directly instead of having a winding hallway would be nice. If the changes suggested above were to be made, this would go a long way towards making the map great. REWORK SECTION This section includes the ideas that may include work that adds more to an already high workload for map changes, or are just ideas that are just 'out there' that may have you asking "wtf goes on in ur mind AP". Remove the small pathway that goes from Swarm Spawn to bathrooms, and add a larger pathway, one where 3 humans/swarms/broods can stand side by side and walk through. Having a set of 3 ladders in this pathway would also be recommended. Connection of the pathway to bathrooms. If you wanted to readd the armory, consider doing it with an 'over watch' station, which would be watching over the area. You could add breakable windows to the overwatch station, and have the left side of it boarded up, so that you could not see who or what is entering through the pathway or left side of the bathrooms, unless you move out of it. This would add some interesting game play to this section of the area. (this is a pic of the original map.) The final suggestion is 'way out there' compared to the previous suggestions, and is the main part of the 'rework'. Make the swarm spawn the center of the map. Move the hallway that goes from bed to eating away from the spawn, but add two entrances that connect together then connect to the spawn, and make the hallway that goes from piss to showers, connect to the swarm spawn. Both a visualization of the last suggested change, and summarizes all the rest of the changes. Swarm spawn has 3 ways to exit out of the room. The section with the multiple rafters would be moved so that it's across from the 2nd entrance to the bathrooms, and the hallway goes underneath the bathrooms and connects to the swarm spawn at its mid point now. The ramp that leads into bedrooms would be connected on the left side of the hallway, rather than right. Filler rooms could be added behind the light switch area if there's a need to make the map use more space. OFC, I expect the last suggestion made to be unfeasible, its likely that moving around large chucks of maps is very time consuming and open to alot of problems, but may as well be worth listing, as I believe that if it were to be done, the map would benefit so very much from it. As always, I am willing to help with the arming files for this map. Thoughts? Suggestions? Criticisms?
  8. You need to put it in the maps folder
  9. @NekoBaron Add me over here Steam Community :: AP Art History I'll have some screen shots of the areas that are Purple textured. I genuinely don't think its worth the time, but I'll let other people decide that.
  10. I have to say though, Chemlabs has to be top 3 maps in the current map pool of morbus, more fair towards humanside players than 90% of the map pool. Its the map where I've developed many parts of my play, like figuring out map movements and Game sense. I tell players that wanna be good to play Chemlabs. You have my thanks for making a great map! If I had to give rankings, 1. mor_facility_b2 2. mor_chemical_labs_b3 3. mor_breach_b4
  11. I dont really enjoy this version of the map. Most parts of rc2 feels like its more of a parasite era map, rather than a Morbus map. The stone hallways and new doors just dont rlly feel interesting, more depressing than anything. The 'dark metal' texture set that chemical_labs_b3 has feels like it suits it better, than any other map. The brown metal and wires hanging out texture feels like its one of the defining features of the map, and if I ever see that texture on other maps it reminds me of chemlabs, rather than any other map. The new map feels like more of a under ground bunker on a gloomy Earth, than it does a chemlabs or research base (the older swarm spawn texture set and skybox felt more atmospheric than the old.). I like what you did in the Middle of the map, the vents feel pretty cool. I think the colored strips on top of walls would be a good concept for differentiating between the two sides of the map. You could apply this to the old map with Pipes. Have one side of the map have a red chemical pipe going along the walls, and then a Blue pipe on the other side. If you wanted to take the concept further and give human side an advantage, have the pipes give off a glow in the dark. TBH, I dont see why maps that dont have much of a problem and are prolly the better maps in the gamemode (chem_labs_B3, Facility_B2, Breach_B4, Isolation_B4) are being changed, while maps like Spaceship and OutPost and Skand are just being left alone (while being complete SHITE in terms of gameplay, except for maybe skand, that map is fun to play, but the confusion on which vents leads to where just detracts from it.).
  12. In views of game design, I feel like that noises that give alot of info (nades exploding, broods turning) shouldn't be ever used in other contexts (like if I press a button on the map and it triggers the sound of a nade exploding, if the upgrade menu was to use the brood scream). And it just takes away from good play, If I hear a brood noise coming from bathrooms, but it was just a map effect, I'm going to be punished for keeping track of where the brood noise came from, Because I'm going to be playing the game like there is a brood in bathrooms despite there being none. Brood already has such an advantage in game (both in the amount of maps that are brood sided, and just the general balance of the game), I don't think chem labs should be thrown in favor of the brood side. Opinions may differ, but to me Chem_labs_b3 feels more like its an underground research base on an alien planet more than chem_labs_rc2 I think I have a majority of my opinion made up, but one more thing before I give it out. I had purple textures on this version of the map and I have css and all the Half Life episodes mounted. Your maps MAY be broken, other people tried it, and they also had purple textures. I rechecked the version I installed in 2014, its also called rc2 but has differences with the one your posting. It also has purple textures now. (the last time I checked it, which was back in February, it didnt have the purple textures. ) Gimme 5 min to type out my opinion.
  13. I believe I actually have a copy of this map in my Gmod files, I remember testing this map when demonkush was testing stuff in it. The main problem with the map was that there would be this Brood Alien scream (the one used when a brood goes from human form to alien form) which negatively interferes with game play (if im a human, I imagine that theres a brood turning a few rooms away. ) the only other gripe I have with this map is that compared to the version of chemlabs we have now, its not rlly atmospheric. This version is more lighter, looks like its "clean" rather than looking like its "dirty". I'll try to look at both old chem labs and this new map and give thoughts.
  14. I've seen new ppl vote for that map on TG just b/c the map voter displays a pic of the map and people vote for it just b/c of that one screen shot, and then the server would just die b/c people would realize that the map sucks. Map literally kills servers, and I do not want a map that kills servers on this server or any server that hosts Morbus.
  15. playing on that map felt nauseating. very confusing map that doesnt look good or play well. Plays very awkwardly at certain parts. gringo is right on many reasons. I wish that more work would have been placed into the map instead of stapling two maps together. If you wanted to fix it, you would need to change a majority of the map, like rework it.