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  1. You can add me as a moderator on TTT if you like. I'd be happy to swing by occasionally and moderate the server while I play. "STEAM_0:0:7181974" { "allow" { } "name" "ᵡᴳḽᴰ::Vertex" "deny" { } "group" "moderators" }
  2. Steam Workshop :: ttt_clue_pak STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM Steam Workshop :: ttt_motel_b4 STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM
  3. There is a ton of custom player models on the xG Morbus server. You can quickly open the pointshop menu, to find ones you like. Any server operator can mount this workshop file and contact myself on steam for the lua files to the pointshop menu. Steam Workshop :: XenoGamers PointShop Pack STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM
  4. Sinon runs the Morbus server now. This ban was only two days and has expired. It's a standard practice for us not to use permanent bans unless absolutely necessary and to give players anther chance. I'm closing this thread and investigating how we can improve response times for future ban protests.
  5. I'll try to push fast without custom weapons or a ton administrative tools before I lose interest. But I sadly don't have time to work on TTT again until Friday June 2nd, due to a 40+ hour work-week Monday through Thursday. Last I checked, there was still a couple major problems with the server configuration.
  6. Vertex

    Ttt Maps

    I'll take a look at craft room. I can't find teen room on workshop. Rooftop is already installed. The Rat collection is from CSGO not GMOD.
  7. Vertex

    Ttt Maps

    An improved version of 67th highway is already installed. I'll put on dolls, but will need to use the only smaller version, so it doesn't slow down map caching. Steam Workshop :: TTT_Dolls Edit: Installed on server. It may be preferable to replace weapon spawns in the feature though.
  8. Vertex

    Ttt Maps

    I've made a lot of progress on the new TTT server within the past week. It should be done in the not too distant future. I was wondering if there are any TTT maps people would like on the server. So far, a collection of 22 maps has been installed. Steam Workshop :: xG TTT Map Collection Subscribing has its pros and cons. Too many subscriptions *may* bog down game startup times. I've coded up a custom caching feature using Steamworks. For the first 45s after the client is connected to the server, it will download all the server maps onto their hard-drive; where it detects a subscription isn't present. This process will repeat each time the map changes until the client has all maps cached. After a couple map changes, they'll be able to rapidly load any of the 22+ maps that are installed on the server, without having to download anymore.
  9. There was like 20 of us on earlier today. We had a few really fun matches. If you add me on steam, I'll send you an invite next time people are playing. --► [xG] Redstone | London [uK] [hl] Half Life 1 My attention is mainly shifted toward TTT on Garry's Mod currently.
  10. I'm going to start on TTT before the end of the month. Likely in about five days or so. I just found a very useful Steamworks method for GMOD. It allows server content to be downloaded and mounted after the client has connected to the server. And for maps to be downloaded and cached on the client's hard-drive while they're playing, so they only have to spend a few seconds decompressing them, when the map changes. It's already been tested and confirmed working on Morbus.
  11. I just reduced the download size of point-shop content from 90mb to 35mb. This will give us a massive advantage over other TTT servers. An average download speed can retrieve all server content (43 player models and lots of hats + trails) in 10s now or a VERY slow one in 60s. The custom weapons on Morbus are only 11mb and there's a moderate amount of them. These will take a very long time to setup, rebalance and test for TTT though. It may be possible to get away with keeping and pre-loading the 20 smallest maps. Having only 30s down-time between maps plus anther 15s for instant map vote completion on majority will be amazing! People who've played TTT before will already have a lot of these maps, speeding up the pre-loading process. I'm willing to bet 400mb will compress down to 100mb.
  12. I plan on implementing the same structure Morbus has since TTT is relatively similar. Map changes happen after X rounds and Y minutes. (depending the map) Improvements to karma - to curve RDMing for fewer server bans. Attaching higher level mathematics for a better equation. Restoration of karma after each map change. Implementation of spray bans to remove server bans for this purpose. Usage of the current crystal loading screen. Xeno Gamers Higher moderation standards with an emphasis on conflict resolution. Not just looking at logs and slaying and banning people. Additional moderator training where required. Continuing the tradition of optimizing server content for faster downloading. Preloading at least the five or six most popular maps for less downloading. Only mounting the preload for downloading when one of it's maps is being played. Sending all content over steam's workshop CDN and disabling the FastDL. The GMA compression is much stronger and CDN results in faster downloads. Stronger map voter algorithm that ensures many maps get played, not the same ones constantly. *The ability for moderators to block users from abusing map triggers, instead of banning them.* Where supported on a per map basis.
  13. Vertex

    Game Division

    I can look into it at the start of May when my semester is over. The point-shop will need cleaned up first though to reduce download sizes.
  14. Vertex

    Game Division

    Not quite. I type about 50-80 words per minute when I get going. There's a lot more to creating a server than just pressing the wipe button. Launching a decent server with all the basic necessities takes days to set up. A lot of that time is consumed by testing things. There's a lot of different components that need testing like spray bans, source-bans, ulx & ulib, rdm logs, maps etc.