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  1. hiya guys how's it goin
  2. Can i get some details on what happened to emricap?
    1. Bone


      What do you mean? I saw him on Surf earlier
    2. Thorax_


      What happened?
  3. My girl says i'm perfect she just loves them perfect persons perfectly personally i think she is perfectly perfect
  4. They be goin to sleep at night i don't ever stop, different city every night they still on the block
  5. They be goin to sleep at night, i don't ever stop
  6. alf is a generally bad person on the server, he spreads negativity and that's now what i believe this community is about. He is extremely toxic and has past records of spawn killing and over all being one of the worst people that has come onto the server. +1 for the ban of alf
  7. Harmabe is that type of guy that comes on a lot just like me, he's really funny and fun to play with. +1 A:9 M:8
  8. Good guy, really cool and has nice loadouts +1 A:8 M:9
  9. I am now a member! thank you to everyone that helped! :D
  10. Pretty sick, sucks a lot but at least i get to spend my time surfing
    1. Thorax_


      Hope you feel better!
  11. Trying to sign up for xG guys, would love some help
  12. In-Game Name: Grandpa Wolz Active Division: Team Fortress 2 Previously a Member in xG: No Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:121027974 Banned: No Active on Teamspeak: No Time Active on Servers: 5 months Age: 15 Reasons for Joining: I wanna join because i love the xG community and would like to become even more intwined in it. I play daily and love everyone that comes onto the servers.