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  1. Bone

    Gamemode Rotation Thread

    It's once again time for another GR Gamemode vote! https://www.strawpoll.me/15558766
  2. Bone

    Remove Machine Slapping from FF2

    If Machine Slapping is removed, we might as well remove the entire PlayPoints plugin. The majority of the powerups have either been removed or nerfed to a point where they're useless. If anything, we just need a replacement for what is an old, buggy, unsupported plugin
  3. Bone

    Promotions and Demotions #196

    About damn time @Krampus
  4. Bone

    Bhop on Deathrun 2: Hop Again

    So I made a short video demonstrating how the plugin could work in game: *Note: I know it's not a 100% accurate representation due to not having a Death to operate the traps You may notice that it doesn't take much time at all to build up speed, which removes any concerns that not everyone can do it and that people will waste time building speed for 12 hours. If this is instead an issue, there's a cvar that causes speed only to be gained from more curved hops. The same cvar can be used to allow speed to be gained on straighter hops, but that would make it far too easy. I'd also like to point out that even at full acceleration, it still took 2 jumps to get across the spikes after the bridge. So building up speed to magically skip traps won't happen. Also, if speed is a concern, the cap can simply be set to 400. This allows Death's base speed to be unchanged and still give Runners an extra 100 Hammer units per second on successive hops. The plugin also makes air strafing easier (this can also be changed), so it makes juking much more accessible.
  5. Bone

    Music Suggestions?

    You may already listen to the bands I'm about to list, but I'm posting them here anyway since they're kinda related to a few you posted: Disturbed FFDP Red Pantera Trivium And like Bonk said Killswitch Engage
  6. Bone

    Bhop on Deathrun 2: Hop Again

    So if someone doesn't use rage in FF2 when they know how, does it make it their fault if they lose or are the players just too good? If they choose not to use an advantage given to them, that's their choice. You hit the button when someone goes into the trap... It's not changing this gamemode's basic mechanics by adding an extra feature.
  7. Bone

    Sera and Blaster wedding video

    In today's headlines: "Local Boston man marries wolf thing in illegitimate and illegal wedding"
  8. Bone

    Bhop on Deathrun 2: Hop Again

    The speed players would be able to reach isn't comparable to that of Surf's, for example. I honestly don't see people being able to zoom so quick through traps that Death isn't able to see them. Hell, with the gamemode as slow as it is now, people can still rush Death if they aren't paying attention, but you would blame the Runner's "damn fast power walking" on that or the Death? Plus the majority of maps have boosters or other ways of getting Death to traps before Runners can, and boosting the Death's base speed would also remedy that pretty quickly. Players trying to build up a hop at a trap doesn't seem like a con to me. If anything it's equal to what we get now, people jumping in and out of range of a trap until Death caves and uses it. Plus Bhop wouldn't help on every trap. dr_horrors is a good example. Low ceilings, slim hallways, and even traps you have to crouch through, and dr_horrors is played a lot. The plugin is both, actually. The ability to autohop is enabled/disabled serverwide through a CVAR
  9. Earlier on the DR server, I brought up the subject of adding Bhop to our Deathrun server, like I did a months ago in this thread here: This thread here First, let's go over the Bhop Plugin in question, which is this plugin here: Fysics Control The plugin allows quite a bit of customizing, including a max speed cap. For more info, a Scout's normal speed is 400. Our Deathrun plugin also allows the Death's base walk speed to be altered (current I believe is 400). Secondly, I'd like to go over why I think adding Bhop would be a good idea: It adds another aspect to the gameplay other than "Run in/run out". It makes what would normally be impassable traps passable, traps that are originally unfair. It would also give the Runners a bit of a confidence boost, since they have more of a chance of bypassing a trap. This would speed up rounds quite a bit instead of Runners standing at a trap they're too scared to try and beat for 20 minutes. Finally, I'd like address issues that may cause people to feel strongly against Bhop being added: "Adding Bhop makes the Runners way too fast!". Simply add a speed cap either at, or slightly lower than Death's base speed. "Death's reaction time isn't good enough!". Most traps are instant, with a fairly large area of effect. Plus a lot of maps have choke points, curves, or uneven terrain which makes having a consistent hop a lot harder. "Bhoppers will jump the entire map in a single bound/will be moving at mach 5!". In order to keep up speed, you have to keep a consistent hop. The settings in the plugin can make it more or less forgiving on the timing as well as how much of a strafe is needed to even gain speed. Also, speed caps. I feel adding Bhop could help make our server more original when compared to other servers, and could help keep it populated/popular among players. We could also have a trial run for a short period of time to test it. If it's not fitting to the server, so be it, we simply remove it and move on. I'm not saying we absolutely need to add or lest our servers die a horrible and slow death, but it should at least considered. As always, post any of your concerns or how you'd feel about Bhop being added, whether you're for or against the idea.
  10. Bone

    Im out

    xG just got a little less Turkish You're always welcome back if you change your mind. Take it easy, man.
  11. Bone

    Do you like fortnite?

    Fortnite? more like Fartnite hahaha... ehhh... But yeah, I like Fortnight. Not many chances to use the term in everyday use though. What am I, Abraham Lincoln?
  12. Bone

    FF2 Boss/Music Request

    Just a quick addition to the opening post, here's the current list of bosses on the server: Demopan Ninja Spy GentleSpy Saxton Hale Headless Horseless Horsemann Jr. Christian Brutal Sniper Vagineer Easter Bunny Gaara Captain Falcon Gabe Newell Hatsune Miku Adolf Hitler Handsome Jack Human Sentry Buster The Joker Luigi Mario 64 Pacman Phoenix Wright Skeleton-Mann Gray Alien Wario Waluigi Garfield Blitzkrieg Darth Vader Sonic.exe Chuck Norris Goofy Bowser Triceratops The Knight James Bond Sgt. Painis The Terminator Buzz Lightyear MLG Sniper One Punch Man Gangplank Ass Pancakes Zerstorer Micheal Rosen Sewer Medic Radigan Conagher The Administrator The Rocket Cuddly Heavy Heavydile Bloodrider Breadspy
  13. Bone

    Gamemode Rotation Thread

    For the first time in GR history, we've ended with a tie: Due to this, I flipped a coin (well, a virtual one) to see which gamemode would be the victor. After assigning Bhop to Heads and MGE to tails, here were the results: 3 consecutive Tails. MGE will stay on GR for another month! Remember to suggest various gamemodes or specific map types for the next vote
  14. Bone

    Nintendo Switch Friend Codes

    Since nobody else has posted here yet, I'll add mine since I recently discovered where to find it: SW-2098-8157-5120 I don't have any real multiplayer games yet, but I will... I think?
  15. Bone

    I'm leaving for the military

    All my fellow skeletons are leaving me But I hope it all turns out good for you, my dude. Just watch out for sharks with lasers on their heads