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  1. Congratulations @hongkongatron and @ABlueSkittle123!
  2. Even if it is done 'professionally', not everyone wants to hear it. The conversations our players have are more important than someone blasting music over the mic out of nowhere. Staff aren't able to client-side mute users as hongkongatron mentioned in the server earlier today, so we would be forced to listen to it while other players would have the freedom to mute the user playing the music if they didn't want to hear it. However, if a vote is made and it passes I don't see anything wrong with them playing their music. With that being said, I'm going to have to give a heavy -1 to this.
  3. Turns out he's still a member, never stepped down from member.
  4. +1 really chill and mature, nice to be around. A:7 M:9
  5. +1 Has definitely shown a lot of improvement in behavior and attitude towards other users on the server since the previous application.
  6. +1 has done a lot of great things for this community and is more than qualified.
  7. A legend returns! Missed ya Scootaloo! Hope you're doing well.
  8. You can’t convert a demo file to a video file, you need to record the demo with some sort of screen recording program such as OBS. Open Broadcaster Software | OBS OBSPROJECT.COM OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming...
  9. I think you solved your mystery.