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  1. Thorax_


    What are your previous discord aliases?
  2. V New Game Giveaway! Anyone can enter! V


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    Division Minecraft In-Game Name Thorax__ Identity STEAM_0:1:123793325 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers Towny V3's Duration Information Moderation Experience: I was a Moderator/Admin of the TF2 division for about 3 1/2 years. I was a Minecraft Mod/Admin in the past up until the recent refresh for the new team. I'd like to return back to the Minecraft staff roster now that the division is being revived the right way. I would love to help out again in this division in any way that I can. I hope you will consider! x3 Thanks, Thorax__ (aka TheSupremePatriot). I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  4. Nope, Selfie Sunday is still in the lead with over 500 replies.
  5. +1 has shown a lot of improvement.
  6. Congratulations @hongkongatron and @ABlueSkittle123!
  7. Even if it is done 'professionally', not everyone wants to hear it. The conversations our players have are more important than someone blasting music over the mic out of nowhere. Staff aren't able to client-side mute users as hongkongatron mentioned in the server earlier today, so we would be forced to listen to it while other players would have the freedom to mute the user playing the music if they didn't want to hear it. However, if a vote is made and it passes I don't see anything wrong with them playing their music. With that being said, I'm going to have to give a heavy -1 to this.
  8. Turns out he's still a member, never stepped down from member.
  9. +1 really chill and mature, nice to be around. A:7 M:9