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  1. Thorax_


    While I agree that Box does portray a slightly toxic personality at times, it hardly compares to the amount of sheer intolerable toxicity you display on a regular basis. Maybe once in a while you should try to listen to the things that come out of your own mouth as you would be surprised as to how much you have just described yourself as well. I was in the server today for 10 minutes and you were the only one doing the shit-talking 99% of the time. As always, no one is going to take action based off of word alone. You need valid proof for any action to be remotely considered.
  2. Thorax_

    Finish the Story

    Legend has it, his mysterious disappearance was to protect the coveted dark theme from the eyes of mortals...
  3. If someone is breaking the rules on the server, you can notify the division staff on our Discord server by pinging "@Garry’s Mod Staff". Alternatively, if you can collect proof; you can submit a ban request and appropriate action will be taken if necessary.
  4. “In order to become a member of xG, the applicant must meet the following requirements: You must be at least 13 years old. Not already a member of a different clan. Have minimum 12 hours on our servers (Subject to change at a later date) “ Multi-clanning has never been allowed here.
  5. Thorax_


    -1 You made the same offense numerous times despite many direct warnings/mutes. I feel it is way too soon to be released from a permanent ban.
  6. surf_overlook_v2 Surf_Overlook_v2 [Team Fortress 2] [Maps] GAMEBANANA.COM Arena like surf_entrance + linear with perks at the end to help fight whatever in arena.... A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Map in the Surf...
  7. -1 Anyone who refuses to admit their wrong-doing doesn’t deserve a second chance.
  8. Thorax_


    +1 Did great as an admin in TF2, will do great here.
  9. Thorax_


    +1 active and mature