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  1. Thorax_


    I was only aware that both posted spoilers around the same time. I was not fully aware of any extra details pertaining to the issue. I revoke my vouch and will remain neutral.
  2. Thorax_


    -1 Red was told to wait a month to try protesting again, I feel the same should apply to you.
  3. Thorax_

    xG Gamer Revival

    I can’t choose just one, I would bring back @Tirisgarde @Ohstopyou @Scootaloo @Parasect.
  4. Miss you dude, hope you come back sometime. :c

    1. Tatost



    2. Tekk


      Just don't click on any fishy links LOL

  5. Congrats on your new job! I work at AMZL_US as a Sortation Associate. I am transferring to a full time position very soon and will be a Picker, which I have been told involves picking items from the carts that the AR Robots bring to you.
  6. 0 As far as your behavior goes on discord from what I’ve seen, you definitely have shown improvement, but there is still room for more. I’d love to see you become member, when the time is right. Nonetheless, Good Luck!
  7. A long time ago (like 8-10+ years ago) I went by Pikachu1639 (because Pikachu obviously) then I became supremechloe, I wasn’t very creative so I just chose “chloe” which is one of my cats names. A few years later I switched it to TheSupremePatriot, keeping the supreme part and adding my high school mascot. Now, I go by Thorax... I think you can guess where that comes from.
  8. +1 active, friendly and mature. Would be a great addition to the community. A:8 M:6