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  1. Thorax_

    Goldfish - Counter-Strike

    +1 Goldfish is nothing but trouble, he clearly doesn’t want to change and is doing it just to do it. He does not benefit the community at all and just ruins the experience for everyone. It would be better if he wasn’t able to interact with the community. @Lottamos Stop making up your own rules and follow the rules we have in place. You’re just digging yourself a deeper grave.
  2. Thorax_

    lolisme - Discord

    +1 Everything that needs to be said has already been said.
  3. Thorax_


  4. Thorax_

    Expopread - Team Fortress 2

    Just a quick note, you’re responsible for your account. If your sibling/friend gets on your account and breaks the rules on our server you will face the consequences. The “it was my sibling/friend” excuse doesn’t fly here. No vouch as I have only seen you 2 times.
  5. Thorax_

    Remove no spawncamping teles rule

    If the rule is non-existent on TGH, why does it exist on Pokemon? +1
  6. Thorax_


    If you have a problem you need to give detail behind it instead of making a shitpost insulting the community and expect anyone to know what you have an issue with.
  7. Alright dude, it’s up and I’m embarrassed 

    1. Forest


      Now that truly is owning it, I applaud you for your devotion to getting unbanned, I really do, 100% genuine.

  8. Yes, I will be doing an unban challenge sorry for not putting it in the Ban Appeal.

  9. Thorax_


    -1 You we’re banned a total of 6 times, all for pretty much the exact same thing. You say that you’ve changed after only one month of being permed but I find that extremely hard to believe considering you got banned for a month only to just come back and get yourself permed. I will however +1 if you do an unban challenge, otherwise that’s a hard no from me. Sorry.
  10. Thorax_

    Its Halloween, Weenies!

    My condolences to you and everyone else who had to experience that horror.
  11. Thorax_

    Flash Halloween Giveaway

    Steam Community STEAMCOMMUNITY.COM
  12. Thorax_


  13. Thorax_

    Promotions and Demotions #209

    Congrats @Topaz and @RealChance!
  14. Thorax_

    Accidentally donated anonymously

    It’s all good. Just provide a screenshot of your receipt to the higher-ups and they will add your perks.