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  1. surf_overlook_v2 Surf_Overlook_v2 [Team Fortress 2] [Maps] GAMEBANANA.COM Arena like surf_entrance + linear with perks at the end to help fight whatever in arena.... A Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Map in the Surf...
  2. -1 Anyone who refuses to admit their wrong-doing doesn’t deserve a second chance.
  3. Thorax_


    +1 Did great as an admin in TF2, will do great here.
  4. Thorax_


    +1 active and mature
  5. +1 I see no issue in another chance unless another side is introduced; especially with how long ago it was.
  6. +1 This type of behavior is absolutely disgusting.
  7. If you get accepted; you will have the ability to apply for staff if that interests you and you’re vouches/opinions have more ‘weight’ when it comes to changes in the community as well as member/staff applications. You also get to wear the [xG] tag if you choose to do so to rep the community.
  8. Thorax_


    @Mint Please respond on the first protest thread you made. I asked you a question on there.
  9. Thorax_


    I haven’t answered because I shouldn’t have to. Figure it out yourself. I have access to the image but I’m not going to post it for very obvious reasons.