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    Thrillhouse reacted to virr for an article, Introducing GMod CvR!   
    Hey everyone!

    For the last couple of months, we have been collaborating behind the scenes with @QueenOfHearts in order to bring a new gmod division!
    CvR or Combine vs Rebels is a light RP heavy TDM focused game mode focused around the world of Half Life. Join either the Rebels or the Combine and join and advance through one of the many divisions and sub-divisions, and maybe even become a CO. Their brand new 32 server is launching on the 24th (today!) at 6pm EST!
    The CvR division will be ran slightly differently from our current divisions, but is still under the xG community umbrella. Since this is a bit of a different type of server than we usually host, they will for example have their own sections in forums and their own discords in order to make management easier. Expect a lot of new faces around the community and make sure to be welcoming!
    If you happen to be interested or have any questions, you can always ask here or pop in the CvR discord, which can be found here.
    Welcome to all the new people joining the community, and make sure to check them out if you're interested! Have a great weekend ❤️
  2. Eggplant
    Thrillhouse reacted to Aegean for an article, XenoGamers Monthly June 2019   
    What’s New?
    GMOD - Three new servers are being launched! To test the first two out of three, the servers being Murder, Ultimate Chimera Hunt, and PropHunt/Hide and Seek, Murder and UCH are being put into one event. These servers are all equipped with their own unique scoreboards & playershops, and in addition to that, there will be more content being added to all of the GMod servers in the coming months. Any further questions, thoughts, or suggestions are encouraged and will be addressed. Read below for more information on the first GMod Community Night.
    Mordhau dueling server is now available thanks to @Thrillhouse! 20 slots, and we will be testing Mordhau as weeks go on to incorporate possibly more slots or other servers.  Server address is: Click here for more info!
    Discord is getting some updates in the form of new role colors, perks for nitro boosters, and potentially some staff roster updates. People who decide to support xG with a nitro boost can enjoy a fancy, separated role, and full rgb for their name. We will make an announcement as soon as our server is available to boost!
    CS:GO population events to be announced soon! 
    Rafffles will be once per month from now on at least, open to all members! Expect to see one very soon! Contests will be considered for monetary prizes (steam gift card for example) plus titles. Stay tuned! Community Nights
    For the first of two Community Nights for the launch of their 3 respective servers, Murder and Ultimate Chimera Hunt (multimode in the future) will be packed into one Community Night to start off to test them, with a Prophunt/Hide and Seek duomode event in the future.
    GMod Community Nights will be more commonplace, rather than it being a special occasion for the launch of any given server. Potential non-cn events are possible for the future if the interest is there.
    The xG Golf It Night, after having turned into an R8 only 10Man was enjoyable and immediately attracted players. It can be expected to see more 10man stipulation nights.
    Final Comments
    Hope you all enjoy this format, we will be posting a new one the first of every month! Thank you all for being here and being a part of our community, and I'm excited for what's to come!
    ~Happy Gaming!
  3. Eggplant
    Thrillhouse reacted to virr for an article, Bumpy Bumpy   
    Hello everyone! As some of you might have noticed, we have a new owner! @Bumpy have acquired the rights to the XenoGamers brand and we will now be known as XenoBumpies™ (or xB, for short)
    While it might take a little bit for us to fully transition out of the dead, cold and jewish carcass that is @Rhododendrons clan and into a bright new future, we can always dream of what that future holds for us. Here is a sneak peek of some changes that you can expect to happen:
    Promotions and Demotions will be renamed to "Bumpies and Dumpies" xB will be hosting a minecraft server. It will be a gamemode never seem before called "factions". More details coming soon! xB will also feature a portal division, where staff have the option to roleplay as turrets with various camos! @Lithium has volunteered to be a test subject for you to shoot at. Your daily "Bumpy Bumpy" intake will increase by 300% The Pokécord discord bot will be replaced by R8cord, where you can collect your favorite r8 skins in several different conditions. CS:GO 10 Mans will now be 8 mans because 8. The website and all our branding will of course change to xB and XenoBumpies.com. The TF2 divison will be replaced by a Stardew Valley division. TF2 was chosen because they share similar themes and xB's tf2 servers are on average as interesting as a day of afk fishing in Stardew. Jokers render was leaked. Cows are stupid, so they will be banned from the servers. Bumpy Bumpy. These are just some of the changes we have planned with our new owner. We're very hopeful for the future and hope you will join us as we reach our true potential as a clan. Thanks ?