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    Hello everyone! As some of you might have noticed, we have a new owner! @Bumpy have acquired the rights to the XenoGamers brand and we will now be known as XenoBumpies™ (or xB, for short)

    While it might take a little bit for us to fully transition out of the dead, cold and jewish carcass that is @Rhododendrons clan and into a bright new future, we can always dream of what that future holds for us. Here is a sneak peek of some changes that you can expect to happen:

    • Promotions and Demotions will be renamed to "Bumpies and Dumpies"
    • xB will be hosting a minecraft server. It will be a gamemode never seem before called "factions". More details coming soon!
    • xB will also feature a portal division, where staff have the option to roleplay as turrets with various camos! @Lithium has volunteered to be a test subject for you to shoot at.
    • Your daily "Bumpy Bumpy" intake will increase by 300%
    • The Pokécord discord bot will be replaced by R8cord, where you can collect your favorite r8 skins in several different conditions.
    • CS:GO 10 Mans will now be 8 mans because 8.
    • The website and all our branding will of course change to xB and XenoBumpies.com.
    • The TF2 divison will be replaced by a Stardew Valley division. TF2 was chosen because they share similar themes and xB's tf2 servers are on average as interesting as a day of afk fishing in Stardew.
    • Jokers render was leaked.
    • Cows are stupid, so they will be banned from the servers.
    • Bumpy Bumpy.

    These are just some of the changes we have planned with our new owner. We're very hopeful for the future and hope you will join us as we reach our true potential as a clan. Thanks ?

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