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  1. @hongkongatron @Jadow Can we make it happen? Anyone interested, post here. If not, go back to not being able to get CSGO 10manners going lul
  2. Warcraft 3 Reforged
  3. Hello again, fellow Mordhau Gamers. As of yesterday, I closed out the US West server and rented a US East server that now has 20 slots available so that our European brothers in arms can hack n slash with us! Please disregard the original IP I posted. This is the new IP for the US East server: See you on the battlefield, nerds
  4. They didnt offer any US Central servers through the rental service I used =(
  5. Yeah idk what's up with the ping. The server is US west and I'm US West and even I was getting over 100 ping. I'll look into migrating the server to US East.
  6. Hey gamers, I rented a small 12 slot server so we can have some epic boxing matches and duels. Heres the IP if y'all wanna check it out I havent been able to find the server via the server browser, but you can connect using console. Open console and type "Open" followed by the IP:
  7. I would definitely be interested in helping with running the server. I would also be willing to help cover the cost of a server (be it 48/64 Frontline or a smaller duels server). I personally feel like Frontline is the way to go at the moment because its incredibly fun and very casual. I think you can't go wrong with either a 48 or 64 slot server but if I had to choose, I would go with 48 slot.
  8. ITS A GLANDULAR PROBLEM!!!! Hurry back daddy.
  9. Tomahawk Ribeye, Med Rare
  10. K fine. All shoe games. All shoe bandits get banned from xG and have to pay restitution.
  11. I feel like shoe games are what keep people from playing, so for the sake of CN's, no shoe games.
  12. Thrillhouse

    Mordeau Server

    I agree that maybe getting a server at the moment might not be a good idea. Give it a month and reevaluate.
  13. Mordhau Division Leader here. If you don't have Mordhau, then you're lame.
  14. -1 For incredibly high amounts of toxicity/spamming admin chat. Pretty much what Chrono said is spot on. A: 8 M: 3