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  1. Division Discord In-Game Name THRILLHOUSE! Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/houseofthrills/ Position Moderator Time Active on Servers A lot Information I want to meme warn jadow /s I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  2. Still waiting for ban on jadow

    1. Jadow


      maybe it'll happen if you get a kill

  3. Thrillhouse


    The Great State of Sexas wishes you a speedy recovery
  4. This is the main reason why I dont agree with a ban at this time. Yeah, he behaves like an edgy, angsty raging teenage shithead, but there are members who've been given a second (dare I say third) chance. Official warnings should be dispensed from now on and not only verbal.
  5. Its pretty obvious the kid has some anger management issues but I dont think banning him is the right thing to do AT THIS TIME.
  6. ban bumpy

  7. ban bumpy

  8. @hongkongatron @Jadow Can we make it happen? Anyone interested, post here. If not, go back to not being able to get CSGO 10manners going lul
  9. Hello again, fellow Mordhau Gamers. As of yesterday, I closed out the US West server and rented a US East server that now has 20 slots available so that our European brothers in arms can hack n slash with us! Please disregard the original IP I posted. This is the new IP for the US East server: See you on the battlefield, nerds
  10. They didnt offer any US Central servers through the rental service I used =(
  11. Yeah idk what's up with the ping. The server is US west and I'm US West and even I was getting over 100 ping. I'll look into migrating the server to US East.
  12. Hey gamers, I rented a small 12 slot server so we can have some epic boxing matches and duels. Heres the IP if y'all wanna check it out I havent been able to find the server via the server browser, but you can connect using console. Open console and type "Open" followed by the IP:
  13. I would definitely be interested in helping with running the server. I would also be willing to help cover the cost of a server (be it 48/64 Frontline or a smaller duels server). I personally feel like Frontline is the way to go at the moment because its incredibly fun and very casual. I think you can't go wrong with either a 48 or 64 slot server but if I had to choose, I would go with 48 slot.
  14. ITS A GLANDULAR PROBLEM!!!! Hurry back daddy.
  15. Tomahawk Ribeye, Med Rare
  16. K fine. All shoe games. All shoe bandits get banned from xG and have to pay restitution.
  17. I feel like shoe games are what keep people from playing, so for the sake of CN's, no shoe games.
  18. Thrillhouse

    Mordeau Server

    I agree that maybe getting a server at the moment might not be a good idea. Give it a month and reevaluate.
  19. Mordhau Division Leader here. If you don't have Mordhau, then you're lame.