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  1. Tekage

    plowcord625 - Team Fortress 2

    Unfortunately, you must be at least 13 to apply for member. Sorry about this, bud. I think you'd be a great member. Please apply as soon as you turn 13, but for now you may wear the [xG-REP] tag, if you would like.
  2. Tekage

    xG Charity Fundraiser

    Hey everyone! @Aegean and I are hosting a charity raffle for a chronic illness called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E); a life changing disability that turns simple everyday tasks into a marathon. M.E leaves a person constantly fatigued and in devastating pain. Some days, you'll be lying in bed all day, barely able to move, limbs feeling like they're twisting in ways they shouldn't. On a good day, you can walk to the kitchen and back, but that will be all you can do for the day. Unfortunately, my girlfriend suffers with this illness quite severely and is wheelchair bound, can barely attend social events and struggles to make her way to school. There is currently no cure. Despite all of this, she always has the brightest smile on her face and always stays positive, no matter how difficult coping with this horrible illness can be. She has a passive passion for art and is a fantastic musician that will bring tears to the eyes of even the manliest. As a bunch of people who donated do not wish to take a part in the raffle, we will donate the raffle prize amounts to the charity as well, and invest in more giveaways in xG throughout 2019! *Edited by Aegean* The charity in question is called the M.E Association, which aids people suffering with this chronic illness by providing support, raising awareness and researching into one day finding a cure. ME Association WWW.MEASSOCIATION.ORG.UK If you would like to donate, please click on the link above and donate. After donating please message me with a screenshot or post the receipt in this thread so we can figure out the total amount of money raised! Thank you everyone!
  3. Tekage

    xG Charity Fundraiser

    Thank you both @Thorax_! Just a heads up, this is no longer a raffle as a result of popular demand to donate the raffle prize money to the charity instead, meaning that there has been an extra $120 donated
  4. Tekage

    xG Charity Fundraiser

    A special thank you to: @SegFault @Sylux @Dannypicacho @Caribou Who haven't posted their donations here. So far, we have managed to raised just over £200 for charity, with still just under a month to go before the fundraiser is officially over! Thank you, everyone. Let's see how far we can make it!
  5. Tekage


    Semper is a good lad who I know would do a great job. My only concern is how long they'll stay staff, especially considering what has been explained in this post. I see no harm in promoting them; even if they decide it's not for them after a week +1
  6. Tekage

    TF2 Loadout Sharing!

    I'd like to get a Searing Plasma Pyromancer's Mask, but that £120 is way too steep for me. Here's it with Searing Plasma, too:
  7. Tekage

    What's your favorite drink?

    Budweiser is way better don't @ me
  8. Tekage

    What's your favorite drink?

    Americans are so strict about their drinking laws. Round here, you'll always have a bunch of 14 year olds with cheap massive bottles of cider all drinking in a public park Not to mention if you ask me, being young is being able to make mistakes so you can learn from it, rather than completely straying away. Gotta live a little
  9. Tekage

    What's your favorite drink?

    In the UK you can drink and buy alcohol at 18
  10. Tekage

    Which one is the best game?

    They're both great in their own way. TF2 is a lot more casual, CSGO feels a lot more competitive. I don't really like to play competitively too much; I just like to have fun and do stupid shit, which is why I prefer TF2. But I can 100% see the appeal in CS if you're the competitive type of person. CS is fun every now and then for me, but I find it to be a bit too serious and not really relaxing because you need to always be on your toes.
  11. Tekage

    Should I become a furry

    Just be yourself. If you don't think it's for you, then don't. You don't have to force yourself to be something because it's popular around you.
  12. Tekage

    What's your spirit animal?

    You sound like one of those girls on social media that say "don't get on my bad side; I'm a psycho >:)" I like Pandas
  13. Tekage

    xG Charity Fundraiser

    As a result of all donators so far just wanting to donate rather than be entered into the raffle, we have decided that the original prize money will now be donated to the charity. We hope this isn't an inconvenience to anybody who intended to enter the raffle in the future. We have come to this decision with the consent of all donators so far; we wouldn't get rid of the prize without consulting them first. Should you donate, please let me know how much you have donated so we can count up how much we have raised. Post your receipts here or pm me them on Discord or Steam, please. Thanks again, everyone!
  14. Tekage

    xG Charity Fundraiser

    That is the correct link be sure to screenshot your receipt so I can enter you into the raffle
  15. Tekage

    xG Charity Fundraiser

    Change of plan @virr please remove that link to the website on my post. Website looks seriously dodgy in hindsight. If you have already donated to that website raffle, please let me know. Please donate directly to the M.E Association and screencapture how much you have sent. You will be entered into the raffle.
  16. Tekage

    Is everyone ready for Christmas

    I'm working Christmas Eve/Christmas Day from 8pm-4am but apart from that I'm pretty excited. Hoping to get this thing for a guitar called an Ebow. Sounds haunting and I love it!
  17. Tekage

    What's your favorite drink?

    It's pretty good with coke, but I've gradually started using less and less until I can just drink it straight on the rocks
  18. Tekage

    What's your favorite drink?

    Bartender here! Favourite alcoholic drinks are Double Amaretto and Coke and a Double Fireball and Coke, but only with a little bit of coke. Amaretto is a sweet Italian liqueur flavoured with bitter almonds, though the brand I drink tastes like Battenberg. Battenberg cake WWW.BBCGOODFOOD.COM Sarah Cook's traditional Battenberg cake is a delicious project for an afternoon in the kitchen Fireball is Cinnamon whiskey. Non Alcoholic drinks? Never heard of it.
  19. Tekage

    Xander - Team Fortress 2

    He's a good lad with a bad history. We've all seen fantastic improvements and I'd be more than happy to vouch for you. +1 A:9 M: 7
  20. Tekage

    TF2 Operation: Populate v2

    I am more than happy to host some population events, if necessary. Right now is a bit awkward since I've gotta do the morning cleaning at work for the next two weeks, meaning I can't stay on late at all. But once that is over, I'm more than happy to host events.
  21. Tekage

    Does tf2 div turn you into a furry?

    Honestly if one thing is luring me towards moving to the CS:GO div it's being associated with furries because of TF2
  22. Tekage

    Zobesi - Team Fortress 2

    Just to clarify, applying for member does not give you moderator, admin or any staff position. Being a member means you are officially part of the community, represent our clan with the tag and have a chance to be given moderator in each promo demo. There are multiple different perks to being member too, such as being able to vouch for other players to become member, apply for staff and be considered for staff. Here is a link to the staff application guide. PLEASE read through the guidelines as we've had so many people apply without being eligible for staff
  23. Tekage

    CHALLANGE Post ALL your attachments

    Most of mine are just screenshots from arguing with Rabid like 4 years ago. Holy fuck. mass.dempanda.demshotgun.dem
  24. Tekage

    Want To Get Unbanned?

    Dude holy shit @shwash is literally the best person ever love you boo ❤
  25. Tekage


    Let me just start off by saying I'm pretty upset to see this. I consider Red a pretty good friend but I feel as though I must give my non-biased thoughts on this topic. Here are the chatlogs as some things have been missed (Kypari is posting this too but it depends on who finishes their post first ) : As seen in this evidence, there was definitely an attempt to stop Red and Red continued. I must elaborate on what Bonk has said and say that in situations like these, it doesn't matter if you think what was said wasn't offensive, but if the receiver is made uncomfortable on our servers then it becomes an issue. I can't express that enough. For example, as much as I disagree with the offensiveness of this, there is a situation where a player called Hype constantly got called smelly and he got upset by it. Even though I and many others think it's ridiculous, if we're attacking someone with something that is clearly upsetting someone, then you're in the wrong. Also, regarding you saying that their ban being a straight up perm being unfair, I understand. However, if we were to ban someone for a month for disrespect and then later ban them for a day for doing the exact same thing, the whole banning system is meaningless. If the ban reason for Red had been, for example, exploiting, the ban would go back to 1h > 1 day >1 week > 1 month > perm. Different reasons for bans, in most cases, are not related. I think the problem here is knowing when to stop. Of course, you expected a kick, but unfortunately things are a bit more complicated here and repeat offenders don't get a kick. The name changing to avoid gag, in my opinion, was the nail in the coffin. In conclusion, ban was justified. Precious followed the system and I hate to say this but all staff members would've done the exact same thing. I hate to see you banned though man, so I'm just gonna link you the unban challenge thread. All the best, mate. (be the first to do the scooby doo challenge)