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  1. DepressedNeonNepp

    Last comment wins

  2. DepressedNeonNepp


    Bit deep for me saying I'm gonna be less of an asshole on the servers
  3. DepressedNeonNepp


    Tbh that's just a meme to me at this point lol
  4. DepressedNeonNepp


    I've been going though tough times recently... mostly with depression and such. I've been getting better slowly but there was alot of stress on me when I was spamming forums and being toxic. I genuinely feel terrible about how I acted.
  5. DepressedNeonNepp


    I literally go around asking for downvotes what did you expect
  6. DepressedNeonNepp


    I'm not saying I've had a change of heart or anything just gonna try to not be as much of a piece of shit lol (I don't blame you if you hate me for making this lmao)
  7. DepressedNeonNepp

    The CS:GO division is banned.

    Edit: look I know I sounded like a dumbass please don't hurt me just tell me how to delete
  8. DepressedNeonNepp

    Looking for girlfriend

    Why is he asking us for a gf
  9. DepressedNeonNepp

    Give me downvotes

    Give me down votes so I can keep my precious position noone like that squeaker goldfish anyways
  10. DepressedNeonNepp

    Stepping down

    Holy shit... Ok then. Best on your travels
  11. DepressedNeonNepp

    Destiny 2 Clan!

    Wait question: anyone here play on Xbox one? (Destiny 2 not in general)
  12. DepressedNeonNepp

    Destiny 2 Clan!

    That's a shame. I'll be sure to join though!
  13. DepressedNeonNepp

    Destiny 2 Clan!

    @QueenOfHearts I saw this while checking threads and wanna be reminded; does the platform matter or can you crossplay This is the only thing I'm posting about for a while don't spam me in discord saying I'm back
  14. DepressedNeonNepp

    Final goodbye

    @Topaz use everything I said I said I didn't think the actual community was shitty but people in it can be.
  15. DepressedNeonNepp

    Final goodbye

    Reminds me of someone