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  1. DepressedNeonNepp

    Final goodbye

    @Topaz use everything I said I said I didn't think the actual community was shitty but people in it can be.
  2. DepressedNeonNepp

    Final goodbye

    Reminds me of someone
  3. DepressedNeonNepp

    Final goodbye

    Just because you spent a long time on it doesn't mean it's good And I never said it was shitty I said people in it are shitty
  4. DepressedNeonNepp

    Final goodbye

    @ABlueSkittle123 wasn't your fault. Don't apologise
  5. DepressedNeonNepp

    Final goodbye

    I haven't spammed forms since my first time doing it. Get some fucking evidence before pulling that shit on me. As I said I'm NOT coming back.
  6. DepressedNeonNepp

    Final goodbye

    Hate me all you want but this I swear is my last thread. I've tried to work on myself but it clearly isn't good enough for any of you. You say you welcome back with open arms but since I've come back all I've been meet with is toxicity and constant hate for what I did over a month ago. I worked on myself for this community, to the point of getting out of a relationship because I tought it was stressing me out, but you don't care about my efforts. All you did was shit on them. I have tried so hard to become a better person for all of you, toxic or not, but you didn't care. You have.me shit for what I did over a month ago. You don't have things stay in the past but you keep them here, which is why I think I'm hated. Seriously, I feel bad for anyone who got or gets into the position I'm in, trying to be better but not being allowed to, bringing out the worst in them like I did. @FrostyBoiGrim you were always great friend and always cared about me staying. Your a great person and no one cares to know you to see that. @-Diphikult you were the best friend I could ever ask for. You were always there when I needed you and we're a great person in general. You helped me through so much and I will always respect you for that. Goodbye everyone. and Chance , I called you something terrible for you doing your job and I'm truly sorry for that. I truly like.few.people in this community and am.never coming back. I'm logging out of this account and never coming back, I'm going venturing for another community. Goodbye. I'm might respond to comments but probably not, because I know most of them will be giving me shit and telling me I'll come crawling back. Dannypicacho, I might have been toxic towards you but I never really hated you.
  7. Sorry, I made a mistake, it wasn't seg, it was nutty:


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    2. DepressedNeonNepp


      Did I? Fuck I didn't I actually might be simotanieously high rn

    3. SegFault


      He didn't kick you for no reason, he kicked you for not following a basic rule that you should have known long long ago

    4. mrnutty12


      it wasn't even me who kicked you tho .-.

  8. DepressedNeonNepp


    Seg wasn't on the server lmao
  9. DepressedNeonNepp


    In-Game Name DepressedNeonNepp Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member Yes Identity STEAM_0:0:233269417 Age 13 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 5 days Reason for Joining Well I resigned to leave for fog (Fortress of Gamers) which I soon found out was shutting down at the end of the month. So I figured I would work on myself to come back here and that's exactly what I did. If I was toxic when you may have ran into me, im sincerely sorry. I would like to come back and work on myself even more while im back here at xG.
  10. DepressedNeonNepp

    Favorite thing about xG

    Um... I can't really say I have a favorite because I think most if it is fine. Maybe tf2 surf?
  11. DepressedNeonNepp


    The arachnid archinist
  12. DepressedNeonNepp

    Remove #shitposting from discord

    +1 I really agree with this because I used to be very active on this channel (for unknown reasons) and all I saw was 1. Disgusting memes or 2. Pony, anime, furry etc porn. People on their are toxic and generally made me less active on discord all together because I started to see what the people were like and I wouldn't allow that in my discord. I understand that we probably wouldn't agree on most things but on this I definitely do.
  13. DepressedNeonNepp


  14. DepressedNeonNepp

    New rule

    Tbh I don't think it would be that hard to remember at all so I don't see how it could be an inconvenience it easier or harder
  15. DepressedNeonNepp

    New rule

    So I was playing on surf_prelude_b3p and was shooting out of spawn (to try and tpose) and got kicked. This is pretty ridiculous considering this isn't even an arena map and I couldn't shoot a player I could damage. I think we should change he rule a little bit and change it to maps where you can only damage enemy players. That's all this just got me angry and I thought it was stupid and said that and they said to go on the forums so I did.