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  1. I'm leaving these forums forever. Don't try to contact me or reason in the comments I'm logging off forever and blocking everyone from these servers. Never expect me coming back. Never expect to see me again. Never expect to come in contact with me again.
  2. Hey guys, it's me the person you never hear from much anymore. I just want to know if it would be fine if I could make a new account for a fresh start, I don't want any newer people automatically thinking I'm a piece of shit whenever they look at my profile. I won't do if you guys aren't cool with it and I completely understand.
  3. Anyone else find it odd that there's a website dedicated to how hanako from katawa should is the best girl in the game? Idk might just be me.i guess...

    1. Goblins


      Bacon best girl

  4. Hey there gamers

  5. Yeah I love portal 2 I would love to play it with someone other than myself because I'm lonely
  6. Wait fuck. Auto correct said email instead of dms. Shiiit
  7. Guys I know it's odd of me of all people to say this, but take this to email please. I know I've pretty much destroyed threads because I was too prideful to stop arguing but please just handle this privately. Thank you.
  8. Wasn't planning on continuing I'm unsubscribing to this btw bye
  9. She should probably help in the tiniest bit but tbh I've started feeling worse
  10. #mytherapisthasnthelpedmeatallinthemonthshesbeencounselingme
  11. Sorry but if you couldn't tell I can't trust anyone let alone an unwelcoming gaming community with what I feel on a daily basis. But here I'll give you guys some information of what it's like. 1. Wake up wanna kms 2. Go to school constantly depressed for no reason, therefore I can't fix it 3. Go home play a random video game or use discord 4. Go to bed, can't sleep for 5 hours (I head up to bed at 9pm) wake up the next morning same exact thing. Anyways, that's just the surface level and about the only things I think I can trust you with.
  12. Haha funny joke bringing up something that I want to be forgotten won't be forgotten haha hilarious you guys have such a sense of humor. There's a reason to why I left the discord, which was to avoid what this thread is about, and because I barely even play tf2 let alone xG anymore
  13. "terrible people" is a bit too far dont ,you think?
  14. Saying to not be a dick to people won't solve the problem of the harassment. How about unlike all other problems you actually do something to deal with it. I'm not trying to be a dick, but seriously. Something like this has no place in xG.