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  1. BonfireCentipede

    Lynn - Team Fortress 2

    +1 seen them on for a while recently and they're nice a: 8 m:7
  2. BonfireCentipede

    Should I become a furry

    Only become a furry if you like furry stuff and wanna be associated with people who are furries otherwise don't bother with it
  3. BonfireCentipede

    Which one is the best game?

    Personally for me tf2 because you don't need to try to be able to do good on it but to do good on csgo you need to aim, controll spray etc tf2 is just way more chill as a game to play casually csgo gets more love from devs and actually has an esports scene so it's better in that regard but my heart stays with tf2
  4. BonfireCentipede

    Turn pan into the market gardener

    After requests from alot of people to turn the pan into the market gardener so any class can market garden, mostly demoman This would turn the pan which is a meme weapon, into a bigger meme weapon also if any class gets knocked into the air and manages to actually hit someone they deserve the crit honestly It's so hard to get knocked into the air intentionally by a rocket aswell as hit someone on the way down This wouldn't make the pan a direct upgrade however, the pan would get the -20% swing speed so it'd be worse than stock since to get the crit it would require a explosive to get it
  5. BonfireCentipede

    Minecraft is looking for staff!

    Build me more floating islands pls
  6. BonfireCentipede

    Remove no spawncamping teles rule

    So on pokemon trade there's a rule where you are not allowed to spawncamp spawns that have a teleport, and I think having this rule is pretty weird because we have a working spawn protect on pokemon now (this rule means if the exit to spawn is a teleport it means you cannot kill people who come out of it straight away) I don't know why we should treat spawncamping differently on tgh and pokemon, it's really confusing that we allow it on one server then kick and ban people for doing it on another
  7. BonfireCentipede

    1v1 Tournament

    hell yea i'm down with joining (even though i'll get stomped)
  8. BonfireCentipede

    On "Invisible Promotions"

    Staff apps are only to let higherups know you're interested in getting staff and for constructive criticism for the person applying for staff I do think it's a good idea to need a staff application to get mod for the communities feedback but you have to take into account the requirements to make a staff application is pretty hard to get getting 50 forum posts without spamming the forums takes alot of time and also needing staff apps for mods makes people under 14 unable to get staff aswell So in my opinion what we do now with invisible promotions is good but I would only say a system in which you need to make an application to get mod is better as long as the rules get touched up a bit to make the requirements less hard to get, but as the rules currently are it's too hard for people to make an application
  9. BonfireCentipede

    Maplestory 2

    Oh yeah forgot to mention, I play on us-east
  10. BonfireCentipede

    Maplestory 2

    Need to work on getting a new cape next dungeon reset and doing some trophy stuff
  11. BonfireCentipede


  12. BonfireCentipede

    Bring back old rtd/friendly

    that was in the old rtd and was even better than what it currently is
  13. BonfireCentipede

    Bring back old rtd/friendly

    Ah I wasn't aware this was fixed, thought you could still do it. I'm 95% sure that you were not able to heal friendles on the old plugin, not too sure about healing people behind enemies in friendly though. Never noticed it before so I don't think that was a thing either. Keeping new rtd on ff2 would be fine I think since friendly isn't on there and effects being unfun to fight against as a normal player isn't bad on there as a boss imo.
  14. BonfireCentipede

    Bring back old rtd/friendly

    I have seen multiple people, myself included say they don't like the new rtd The new effects aren't great, the bad effects either don't make a difference, are just an inconvenience or just suck and making some of the rtd less long for some reason like 10 seconds long forced taunt for some reason? Strong recoil makes it so aiming makes your screen blast around and you can't see anything, the slope one (forgot the name) makes it so it takes a very long time to walk up the smallest of slopes, outline basically never really effects you that bad unless you're playing spy And some of the new effects are just overpowered and not fun to fight against, I can get that you'll need a good rtd to break a camp or something but the amount of good effects that can do that is pretty bad compared to the old rtd of having like two (crits, team crits, fire breath, godmode, powerplay) Now a argument for this is being able to just remove a ton of the new effects, but at that point why should we keep the new rtd and force ourselves to keep the new friendly mode aswell? And because of the new rtd not working with old friendly mode, it brings me to my point which pushed me to the point of actually making this vote instead of having a dislike for the new effects. The new friendly plugin Now because of this new friendly plugin there's two main things wrong with it which old friendly did not The bug where you can look like a normal player but be in friendly mode, this can make it look like a person would be able to be killed but you just waste ammo on them until you realise they're friendly And the bigger problem; Being able to heal players who are in friendly mode, this makes it so you can build uber off of a person who is invincible and should not be able to healed and if they're in the way you'll heal them instead of the target you want, and if the person in friendly is an enemy you won't be able to heal the person that's behind the person in friendly. Friendly mode should not effect gameplay in any shape, way or form. even if you think it's a minor effect on it. Thought I should mention, good job to @Caleb956 for trying to basically make the friendly mode work, but as it stands I think we should just revert back to the old plugins that had very little wrong with them, the only problem that I can think of is friendly players being able to block rockets but that is unfixable for any plugin as far as i'm aware. In conclusion, the new rtd system has resulted in us having to update other plugins, resulting in more issues as the new rtd system alone is not enjoyed by the majority of players (from what I've seen and heard, no statistics as of now). I think we need to revert back to what we used to have, old plugins, old rtd, etc. Thoughts?
  15. BonfireCentipede

    CS:GO 10 man with only TF2 Players

    I didn't get tagged I'd like to join in if there's still room for more to join