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  1. -1 way too immature and I haven't seen any improvement since i've known you and what time is this you've left, like the 5th? I rest my case on the maturity
  2. congrats to those promoted and a big congratulations to @Donakonda , after so long of trying to get staff you finally got it i'm so proud of you man also rip @Kypari
  3. my #1 fav series when i was a kid (and still one of my fav series) is Timesplitters other games I like was mario sunshine, mario kart double dash, wrath unleashed, halo, gta 4 I can't think of much others at the moment but i know there was a ton more games I loved and still do
  4. Congratulations to those promoted! @Ms.Spooks especially u for getting admin after so long of being a mod And sad to see so many of you stepped down, but I hope you guys all play every now and then and stay in contact through discord and such
  5. didn't even realise this thread was a thing Bonfireqt level 25 I would be like level 37 or something if I didn't make a new account but this one is my main now I play on na even though i'm eu aswell
  6. I think community nights should be 1 - 2 times a month, any more than that and I think people would stop turning up because it's so often for gmod I think the best gamemodes to play on would be something like prop hunt or ttt I'm not sure if jackbox would fare to well for a cm because there's only about 8 slots for actual players and other people just have to watch as a part of the crowd so i'm not sure how well it'd go yes please
  7. This was the right thing to do, you shouldn't let a gaming community hurt your mental health and stress you out to the point of feeling sick to your stomach. Gonna miss you as staff man.
  8. +1 to getting rid of fatmanning being in the vc when there's like 5 people in it then getting fatmanned out after waiting a while for people to join just feels really shitty and honestly just wastes the people who're getting fattmanned outs time first come first served is 100% better
  9. not gonna post my fav jojo openings cause they've already been posted (crazy noisy bizarre town and bloody stream)
  10. I haven't tried much ice cream but I love vanilla so much I don't see any others topping it for me
  11. +1 not only do I hear about alot of people crashing on this map and needing to go out of their way to fix something to connect to our server because the maps download is buggy, the map itself is just a shitshow it's either going to be one of two things, people roleplaying in the krusty krab ordering krabby patties while multiple people start killing them or a unfun camp that's more than likely going to be impossible to push with an uber and forces you to need a good rtd roll like godmode or something killing the friendlies is funny but when it's the camp with like 4 sentries and 2 pyros or something it will definitely make people leave the server or just be bored out of their mind to the point their time on the server just wasn't pleasant
  12. -1 there's not only those two ways to counter the snipers, you can just swim in the water and the snipers usually don't see you since they're fixated on the enemy spawn for themselves to not get sniped and there's also the vaccinator which makes it basically impossible to die to the snipers while countering them fully if you play right and I don't think the map kills population, from what I've noticed every time we've ever went on there not too many people leave, sure some people complain about the map but there's not really a huge amount of people that leave, at least in my experience playing on it one thing that is annoying however is the supply cabin in the house, which is finicky to win the fight over and can be very frustrating the map does have its flaws, but almost every map does and I don't think the flaws are so bad to call for it being removed in my opinion
  13. Oh yeah forgot to say in my original post, but congratulations @Ms.Spooks and @SegFault !!
  14. I don't understand why you would give someone who cheated on our servers staff literally weeks after he did it also why was a ban for x-ray only a week, it's cheating and should be a perm I wouldn't trust the person playing on the server legit, never mind not abusing staff powers (idk what power mods get but still) I was thinking about starting to play minecraft but if people are only going to get a week ban for cheating and then have the ability to get staff a few weeks afterward it just doesn't make people want to play the server I don't know dingo myself so I don't know if he'd abuse staff powers or not but cheating defiantly raises red flags