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    Sniper actually is one of the 4 (or 5) classes that takes skill
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    +1 pretty cool and talkative dude.
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    favorite food

    grilled cheese with bacon
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    Aside from the fact that his mic is hot garbage, he's pretty cool. +1
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    What things freak you out the most?

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    I'll miss you too cookie. Hopefully we can hang out some more during the weekends or something.
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    Ban straight people

    Well how would you have a girlfriend if you're gay
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    Ban straight people

    Doesn't that mean you'll be banned? Unless you're a gay girl idk though.
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    This far from the end.

    I'll stay in xG but like I said I won't but too active which is a bummer for me but oh well school's here.
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    This far from the end.

    sorry i messed up the title. Supposed to be "This is far from the end"
  11. I want to keep this short so I don't take up too much of your time but I don't think that'll be the outcome. Unfortunately, school has once again started back up. This, of course, means that I will no longer to play TF2 nearly as often as I would like because school comes first for me. I have a large amount of constant-commitment classes that I can sadly never take a break from. I also play two sports outside of school which makes time management even more difficult. So even if I thought I had time for video games, that just isn't the case. I might hop on a couple times during the weekends for short spurts of time but I anticipate it won't be more than a couple of hours. And because of that, my in-game activity will drop immensely. I wanna thank everyone that welcomed me with open hands and warm hearts when I first joined Xeno Gamers around 5 months ago. You guys were the reason I looked forward to hopping onto the servers each day. Specifically though, I wanna give some shout outs to the people that really made me fall in love with XG. @SegFault Man. Seggie. Where do I start? You were the first person to really talk to me and invite into this community. Before I met you I used to be a shy, quiet dude in chat but with you around me and motivating me to do better each day I improved drastically at using my microphone in-game. You were the real reason I wanted to become a staff member. I looked and still continue to look up to you each and every day thinking how I can better improve myself to be more like you. Hopefully one day we can meet for real and actually hang out instead of just me beating you to the end of jump maps ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I guess we'll see in the future. Don't ever change Seg. @Owlknight_ OwlQueen. OwlKing. OwlPrince. I can't appreciate you enough. You're always a real joy to be around. Not only that, but you were always there when I needed you. Thanks for always being the best birb. @Arnude I know I never mentioned it but you were always awesome company. You're so chill and easygoing it's so effortless to have a good time when you're around. And there are two people who's forums names I don't know so if you could direct them to this post that'd be great. Cookie<3. Ugh you're so cool it's like you're so much fun to talk to about unusuals were gonna waste our money on and stuff just like never stop being you thanks. Krampus. You're just awesome. Not much else to say other than you're an awesome person and a load of fun to be around. Anyways, that's that. Now to the part I've been contemplating writing. As some of you may know, I applied for mod. I'm sad to say that I would like the higherups to close my application due to the fact that if I am accepted, there is no way I'd be able to keep up my biweekly hours up. But besides that, I want to thank the TF2 higherups for considering me as a mod. It was a goal I set ever since I joined the community and to know that the people in charge maybe wanted me on their team is a feeling like no other. I am forever grateful for that feeling. And because my hours will drop so drastically, I would also like the higherups to remove my membership from XG as I will not be an accurate representation of what it means to be a member. A member should be first and foremost active and I just won't have that quality. As a member I want new players to recognize me their first few times joining the servers. If I am not active, I cannot be the best role model I can be towards new players on the servers. And once again, I just wanna thank you to everyone that helped my five months here a load of fun and memories. (Sorry if this was all over the place I'm not good at this sentimental stuff.)
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    It's Time To Go.

    Precious I know I've clicked baited in the past but this my friend in too much
  13. I use the Razer Huntsman Elite. I'd love to hear what you guys use!
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    Not only does he not cause any problems but he's also incredibly active on surf, tgh, and pokemon. +1 A:9 M:9
  15. tree_

    Please help! What do i pick!?

    Me personally, I would buy a really good microphone. However, if I had some money left over I would probably buy only a few keys just to give me a little jump start with trading. Try to work your way up to an unusual with trading. Don't waste your money on buying one now. Because in the future if you want to sell it, the price may drop dramatically and you'd lose a large amount of profit. At least that's my advice because that's exactly what happened to me. And of course, if it does drop in price, at least you can say you didn't waste your money on an expensive unusual at the time but you only spent a few dollars on keys.