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  1. What headphones do you guys use when you're out and about listening to music and not getting that ? I like the Nura Nuraphones. The personalization and immersion feature are the reason why they are my favorite.
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    Good work, mate.
  3. How to be unfunny tutorial! Still works in 2019!
  4. As soon as I joined this community, I got inspired to do something. To get in shape! Proud to say I'm finally comfortable enough with my body to show myself to all of you lovely people! Also it isn't a selfie but it's a picture of me so I think it'll do!
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  6. Because I'm unaware about other division's rules, I'm making this discussion in the TF2 section of the forums. As you may or may not know, the word faggot is allowed on xG's TF2 servers. The word originated in the early 16th century and is often used in a derogatory way to refer to a homosexual man. The word nigger, commonly referred to as the n-word is also used in a derogatorily way. It can be used to identify an African American person. It originated in the 1800s as an adaptation to the Spanish word negro, a word developed by the term niger which means black. The n-word, is not allowed in xG's TF2 servers, unlike the word faggot, which is allowed. With that history out of the way, I'd like to ask my question: Why is one slur allowed but another one isn't? I'll leave it at that. I've added a poll that you can submit your thoughts. If you wish to voice your opinion in more depth you're welcome to. I'm more than happy to have a discussion about this topic. (as you can see by this post)
  7. remove random crits it's no fun when you get obliterated by one just try to secure kills on enemy gamers the fair way. +1
  8. jump_minecraftia jump_cool jump_annex jump_soar jump_aperture jump_baqu If I think of more of my favorites I'll edit the post.
  9. -1 I completely agree with Skittle here. Jump academy is a good way for new jumpers to learn the ropes of jumping without having too much of a challenge. And sure there may be dedicated jump academy servers however if XG has one it could possibly lead new jumpers into the rest of the community.
  10. I know jump like just got made and we don't know how popular it will be but nonetheless I think having a teacher rank for qualified jumpers would be a nice addition to help new jumpers coming onto the xg jump server for the first time really want to come back to hang out. Not only will people want to come back to xg but they will also want to improve at jumping and that is a big plus in my book.
  11. remove all crits period
  12. well yeah but it's kinda a hassle because you don't get the satisfaction of trick-or-treating.
  13. Im on candy duty this year I can't be anything