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  1. Only for a week though. I will be going on vacation July 18 - July 25 during which time I will not be able to play TF2 or any game for that matter. I will however, be able to talk on Discord and Steam as I will have my phone with me. Just thought I should let you guys know so it's not weird when I sorta disappear. Anyways, happy gaming!
  2. tree_


    It may seem like that because I posted a lot in a short amount of time, but I only either created my own topics or replied to topics that still had relevance.
  3. tree_

    So we have a free server...

    I think xG should try a balloon race server. I feel like it would be popular
  4. tree_

    What Mouse do you use?

    Most Logitech mice do. In fact in my opinion Logitech makes the best gaming mice.
  5. tree_

    I am Leaving! (Again...)

    I hope you have a fun time Skittle!
  6. tree_

    Looking for a new Mouse

    I would recommend the Logitech G502. It's wired, super comfortable, has great tracking, has a customizable weight, custom RGB lighting, and lasts a super long time.
  7. tree_

    What type of headphones do you use?

    I've heard mixed opinions on the blue ice mic, is it any good? HyperX Cloud 2 is good. I just tried them out today!
  8. tree_


    I do I just rarely use it. Like you and I said, it's something I'm slowly working on improving.
  9. tree_

    Most Nostalgic Video Game?

    Kirby Air Ride
  10. tree_

    Can we remove MrNutty12?

    Don't bother trying, Caleb956. We've already found the perfect defensive counter.
  11. tree_


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name xG^tree Identity STEAM_0:1:54017102 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 4 days 6 hours Information I joined xG almost a month in a half ago and got member as soon as I could. I fell in love with this community. I love everything about the xG servers. Because of that, I want to give back to the community that has already given me so many great friends early on along with many more friends to come. I feel the best way to give back and contribute to the community is to become staff. I want to be the person that players can seek when they require assistance. I want to be the guy that anyone can talk to no matter what. One problem I feel I can improve on is using my microphone in-game. I really think I don't use it as much as I should be. I believe that becoming staff will not only motivate me to start using my microphone more, but it will help me improve my social skills, which, since I'm not super outgoing, will help improve as well. I don't want to become staff just to punish rule breakers, I want to become staff so I can not only help myself grow, but more importantly the community. I truly feel that this community has a spot for everyone and if I can help people come to love the community as much as I have, then I truly will feel like I have accomplished the goal I have set for myself ever since I came to be passionate for xG.
  12. tree_

    The Formal Introduction Of RB3805

    It's awesome to learn more about you! I see you on TGH often and you're a really cool dude! Congrats on member btw!
  13. tree_

    Can we remove MrNutty12?

    I mean, you're not wrong...
  14. tree_


    I don't play on trade nearly as much as surf, but when I do come onto pokemon trade you're there being a friendly and cool dude. +1 for member.
  15. tree_

    Can we remove MrNutty12?

    Yes. It will get so smelly to the point where we will all die. It will become a plague. We need to remove MrNutty12 and Caleb956 immediately before it's too late.