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  1. tree_

    Random Crits on Surf

    remove random crits it's no fun when you get obliterated by one just try to secure kills on enemy gamers the fair way. +1
  2. tree_

    Jump Maps Requests

    jump_minecraftia jump_cool jump_annex jump_soar jump_aperture jump_baqu If I think of more of my favorites I'll edit the post.
  3. tree_

    Remove jump_academy

    -1 I completely agree with Skittle here. Jump academy is a good way for new jumpers to learn the ropes of jumping without having too much of a challenge. And sure there may be dedicated jump academy servers however if XG has one it could possibly lead new jumpers into the rest of the community.
  4. tree_

    Teacher Rank for jump

    I know jump like just got made and we don't know how popular it will be but nonetheless I think having a teacher rank for qualified jumpers would be a nice addition to help new jumpers coming onto the xg jump server for the first time really want to come back to hang out. Not only will people want to come back to xg but they will also want to improve at jumping and that is a big plus in my book.
  5. tree_

    Remove Random Crits?

    remove all crits period
  6. tree_

    Halloween Costumes?

    well yeah but it's kinda a hassle because you don't get the satisfaction of trick-or-treating.
  7. tree_

    Halloween Costumes?

    Im on candy duty this year I can't be anything
  8. tree_


    As for being blunt to people, I can see how you think that. I think you just happen to catch me on my low points but I will definitely work on improving that overall and trying to not be as negative per say. As for spamming Lenny faces. I can sort of agree with you there on something I have to work on. I don't think I really ever "spammed" Lenny binds but I do think I used them more than the average player. Definitely something I'll work on getter better at though. And as for being immature, yeah I agree with you there. I can be really immature at times he howeverver for the most part I think I'm getting better. Thanks for the feedback Kypari! I personally think I've been getting better at opening up to new people and not just being a troll. Like you said it's just taken time and might take a little more time until I'm a social butterfly per say. Nonetheless thanks for your input Seggie!
  9. tree_


    I actually have been gagged once for complaining about being killed but in my defense I was having a bad day. Doesn't make up for my actions though. I learned from my mistake.
  10. tree_


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name tree Identity STEAM_0:1:54017102 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 7d 19h Information So uh, hi. I'm applying again because I've come to realize that the workload that the courses have "guaranteed" aren't really living up to the expectations so far. I just finished one of my two sports as well so I have much more free time than I did previously. I have the same motivations I had before when wanting to become staff. If you want a little bit more detail I'll link my first staff application and you can go read that but I'm not gonna get into it. The overarching theme with my motivations are that I want to help the community grow and improve as a whole. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  11. tree_

    Idea: “10” (12+) Man Scrims for TF2

    I like that idea. Although I wouldn't get to play much it'd still be fun being able to kick Seggies booty in tf2 over and over again whenever I got online. No seriously though that'd be a lotta fun I have a lotta ideas of how it could be organized.
  12. tree_


    Great dude. Extremely helpful. Knows the rules like the back of his hand. Talkative. I can't think of anything that could possible cause me to -1 you. Overarching theme here is that he deserves mod. Can't really vouch on activity since I don't play as much as I used to but I will say his maturity is 10-10 Most definitely a +1 from me. I hope you get mod Skittle
  13. tree_

    New server time!

    I would personally love an mge server. It would make 1v1 my noobie friends a lot easier since we could just by like hey join mge instead of something complicated such as hey join my server or lemme invite you. Honestly though I would still be happy with a jump server
  14. tree_


    Sniper actually is one of the 4 (or 5) classes that takes skill
  15. tree_


    +1 pretty cool and talkative dude.