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  1. TBOHB


    yeah but he was cool. and he didnt come off as a whiny child. evading punishment could be leaving the server before and admin issues punishment. it could also be that you hacked on your alt account (which in your previous ban protest thread, you stated you used an alt), then came back on your main account which is considered evading punishment.
  2. TBOHB


    if you do one of the unban challenges my comment won't matter, but in the case that you don't: -1 we are (usually and supposed to be) super against cheaters/hackers in this community. hacking is one thing, but to evade punishment as well is a yikes from me. Also hacking is not a joke. its not funny. it never is funny.
  3. +1 saw him last night. from what i know hes been going on the servers for a bit and hes pretty chill. didnt cause any trouble. A:8 M:9
  4. when profile music

  5. ded community

  6. you don't need to revoke you're membership to leave. having the member role doesn't tie you down lol. you can keep being a member, just not an active one
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    its already done tho
  8. TBOHB

    share your tattoos!

    lmao i apologize for shit quality of photo. its hard to get a picture of it. but there it is.