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  1. TBOHB


    bruh just inhale
  2. when is profile music coming back
  3. I'm really happy with the hong kong cone. I don't really plan on trading them. If anything, I'll give the ones I don't want to my friends who don't have any unusuals or didn't get any out of the "event". As for what I think will happen, probably nothing at this point. The moment the community realized this mistake, the economy became unsalvageable. In my opinion, no amount of damage control will be able to fix what happened. What they might end up doing is make all of the "fake unusuals" untradeable and unmarketable. That is honestly the best way to solve the issue in my opinion.
  4. +1 I've seen a lot of it as it happened. He is very toxic and always finds a way to argue something and will be offended if you disagree with him, and goes on a rant on how he is right or how you are being toxic.
  5. but why? There have been like 3 other threads that have something to do with "help make tf2 better", myself included.
  6. gravedigging reeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. congrats @ABlueSkittle123 and @hongkongatron
  8. mondays amirite?
  9. can we kill this thread?
  10. yeah bois I did it again. Now to not screw it up this time.