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  1. TBOHB

    Xenogamers in 2024

    hello i am also a former xenogamer people have grown up at this point. as much as i'd love to revive this community again and play for hours on tgh, i really dont have time to be active anymore if the servers were still populated. in the time since xg has died for me, i've graduated high school, went to and dropped out of college, started working full time, bought a house, took on my first house payment, and turned 22. some people have probably gone on and started their own families at this point. i dont have as much history with this community as a lot of other people do but being part of something like this has really shaped me and helped me grow as a person. i even still talk to a lot of people i have met here on the daily. but i think the days of forming big online communities like this are over. when was the last time you went to the tf2 server browser and looked for a trade server that wasnt FirePowered or a server that runs 24/7 trade_plaza. Or the last time you booted up CS and didnt go straight to comp ranking. people generally dont flock to these kinds of servers these days. i yearn for the old days i really do. it was a time i was much happier and a time i could say i enjoyed existing. but ive come to terms that its probably never coming back.
  2. i do believe that I will win this contest.
  3. video-1653422120.mp4 i want to go back to the silly days of going on tgh/poketrade/surf on a friday after school and having a fun time with community members.
  4. redditsave.com_what_a_nice_car-k8uw9zbgry681.mp4
  5. TBOHB


    +1 has mic oomfie