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  1. +1 I've seen a lot of it as it happened. He is very toxic and always finds a way to argue something and will be offended if you disagree with him, and goes on a rant on how he is right or how you are being toxic.
  2. but why? There have been like 3 other threads that have something to do with "help make tf2 better", myself included.
  3. congrats @ABlueSkittle123 and @hongkongatron
  4. mondays amirite?
  5. can we kill this thread?
  6. yeah bois I did it again. Now to not screw it up this time.
  7. +1 Pretty active and friendly towards others. A:7 M:8
  8. Its obvious that you can't handle being a decent human so why should you get unbanned? Even with all of the warnings you've had?
  9. Why not. Been looking to get better at siege but I hate solo queing.
  10. There was really no problem with the 14 hour requirement either. Just be on for 1 hour a day every day minimum and you'll be fine. I would say that not having an hour requirement really kills the drive of staff members. I know we talked about this a few weeks ago but how about make it a requirement that each staff member has to join an official population event at least once a month? It would not only drive them to be active but also potentially boost the server population.